2018 So Far: My Top 5 Favourites!

13th July 2018

Hey everyone!

Well 2018 has absolutely flown by. It’s pretty insane that we’re already a whole half through the year but it’s been a pretty crazy and rewarding one so far. I thought I’d do a little round up of some of my favourite things throughout the first half of the year. It’ll be something to look back at when Christmas rolls around too to see if I’m still feeling the love for them. Yes, I did just say the C word in July. I’m actually already a tad excited for it as I’ve come to the conclusion I’m much more of a cold weather lover than a sun soaker. Either way, I’m trying to make the best of the brighter weather while it’s around. Onto my favourites, it’s going to be a bit of everything really. Things to do with blogging, makeup, fashion, food etc. Hope you enjoy!


Top 5 Favourite Bloggers

Okay let me start by saying there are so so so many bloggers that I have a lot of love for. Honestly so many that if I listed them all, it’d take up this entire post. I appreciate all the support and love I’ve received more than you’ll ever know so please do not feel disheartened if I haven’t put you on here. I STILL LOVE YOU. Making friends and general chit chat is such a huge part of what makes blogging so enjoyable for me. These are the top people I feel have gone out of their way to message me on a more personal level or make my experience of the blogging community just that little bit sweeter. (Also, this isn’t including the bloggers I know in real life as they know how much I love them).
1. Alice Hobbis

Alice is quite literally me personality-wise just living in a different city. I mean we even have the same name. She is super beautiful, kind and is pretty fabulous at dealing with my meltdowns. And I get to meet her very, very soon so be prepared for some Al & Al spam. What a babe, be sure to check her out for some fabulous beauty posts!

2. Gaby Banner

So fabulously funny, gorgeous and down to earth! Gaby is always asking how I am and I feel like we’d be such fabulous friends if we knew each other in real life (hopefully one day!). Her blog mainly focuses on fashion but you also have the wedding planning, reviews and brutally honest and hilarious life posts. Go give her a follow!

3. Andi Matzen

Andi was one of the first bloggers I got properly talking to and I still love her to bits. It’s been so lovely to see her grow over the past year or so, on her blog and in a personal sense. She’s a lovely lady! Her dating posts have been some of my favourite ever and her beauty reviews are fabulously honest too! Check Andi out for some Tinder reality goodness.

4. Liz Brannan

Although we don’t have the same illness, I feel like Liz knows just what to say when I’ve had a bad day with mine. It’s also really refreshing to see someone (especially a woman) not afraid to be passionate about something different – volcanoes! She always leaves really lovely comments and replies – go have a nose at her blog if you’re into travel, geography and lifestyle posts!

5. Jade Marie

Jade and I do not remember how we managed to come across each other but we’re both very glad we did! She’s for sure one of the most supportive bloggers out there, is constantly cheering me on and I love how open she is about her mental health. Give her blog a read if you’re into self-care, relatable lifestyle and mental health posts.

5+1. (sorry cheated a little here) Siobhan Gale

Siobhan is so, so encouraging and supportive. She inspires me with her dedication to veganism and just seems like an all round lovely and adorable person! Her food always looks incredible and has really made me want to eventually transfer to a vegan lifestyle once I’m recovered. You NEED to check her blog out if you’re a food lover, vegan or not!

Top 5 Favourite Blogs

Again, please do not be offended if you’re not on this list as there are so many insane blogs around. These have just really stuck in my mind and are ones that I regularly get excited to visit for various reasons that I will list!

1. Glowsteady
SOPHIES BLOG. I don’t know whether it’s the dedicated foodie and beauty lover in me or what but I am so drawn towards it. Her recipes are constantly drool-inducing and beauty posts are also just as interesting. She’s always coming up with original and brilliant ideas for posts and including such aesthetically pleasing photos.
2. Mermaid Moon Child
I came across Hayleys blog when we both became brand ambassadors for Bomb Cosmetics and honestly wondered how on earth I was ever going to create content as fabulous as hers! It’s been so nice to grow together over the past year and I still love her stuff just as much as I did a year ago. Always so colourful and fabulous!
3. The Diary Of Ellie

Honestly Ellies blog is adorable and I love coming to it for some easy reading on an array of topics (mostly beauty). She’s also been nominated for an award recently which is amazing! I love her creativity and how dedicated to her blog she is aswell as talking about some important subjects!


Emma is ALWAYS trying out products that I want to but am on the fence about. It makes it so much easier for me to come to her blog and find out whether to purchase or not! She’s super gorgeous, I adore her makeup looks and the layout of her blog is fabulous too!

5. Hello Bexa

Bexas blog is just so full of joy, pink and colour. It makes me so happy just to look at it let alone reading all the positive things she has to say too. I constantly look forward to her new uploads and seeing what fabulous indie brands or recipes she’s posting about this week!

Top 5 Favourites Of My Own Blog Posts

Gotta be your own cheerleader to some extent, haven’t you?

1. Boohoo – I’m still pinching myself that Boohoo wanted to collaborate with me.
2. Beauty-Full Birthday Gifts – The first proper blog post with my new camera lens, I adore these photographs.
3. High Street Sizing – This one got a lot of love because of how much people could relate to it.
4. My IBD Diagnosis Story Part 1/Part 2 – Sharing my story was a huge thing for me and the fact that so many people have already taken time out to read it means the world!

5. Swimwear Post – I was so scared to post this but I got such amazing feedback and so much love on it. It’s made me feel so much more comfortable about my body!


For the majority of my beauty favourites, I have actually uploaded a post on them. Instead of repeating myself, I will link the posts so you can have a more in-depth read on them. If I haven’t yet done a post, I will write a quick few sentences.
Top 5 Favourite Makeup Products

1. Revolution Concealer
2. Revolution Highlight Palette (post up Sunday, will link when uploaded!)
3. Revolution Eyeshadow Palette
4. Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick in shade “Bond Girl” (this is the first CTilbs product I’ve ever owned and I LOVE the formula aswell as the shade. I need more, pronto.)
5. Maybelline Lash Sensational
Top 5 Favourite Skincare Products

1. Emma Hardie Moringa Balm (Incredibly soothing, smells amazing and removes makeup like a dream)
2. Klairs Scrub
3. Lush Vanishing Cream (AMAZING cream and cruelty-free dupe for Kiehls Midnight Recovery Oil!)
4. Protocol Facial Gel

5. The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask


It’s been a little while since I did a fashion post because to be honest, I haven’t been feeling well enough to get out and shoot. Here are my favourites anyway and I hope to be putting together some awesome outfits to show you guys again, soon.

Top 5 Favourite Items Of Clothing

1. Gingham Superdry Dress
2. Girls Bite Back Leather Jacket from Nasty Gal
3. Black Tiki Print Mom Jeans from Monki
4. Yellow Rose & Polka Dot Skirt from Monki

5. Monochrome Check Skirt from LoveTooTrue

Top 5 Favourite Shoes

1. DMs x Lazy Oaf
2. Vans x Lazy Oaf
3. Pull & Bear Sandals
4. Bershka Black Buckle Shoes

5. Plain Black New Balance


Top 5 Favourite Foods

1. Chicken Burgers (I must eat at least 3 a week)
2. Halloumi Fries
3. Fibre One Peanut Butter Popcorn Bars
4. Falafel (preferably with hummus)

5. Cheesy Doritos. Don’t let them near me, the whole bag will disappear.

Top 5 Favourite Songs

1. Paramore – 26
2. Hall & Oates – You Make My Dreams
3. Brand New – The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot
4. Basement – Breathe

5. Dua Lipa – Homesick

I enjoy writing these posts every now and again as I feel like it helps people get to know you a lot better. It’s also great to show some appreciation to people who have really supported you or for blogs you generally love. Although I do wish I could’ve squished about 30 people into those sections!

To end on a positive note, what’s your favourite blog post that you’ve uploaded this year?

’Til Next Time,

17 responses to “2018 So Far: My Top 5 Favourites!”

  1. Ohhhh, loved your 2018 so far Favourites! Xx

  2. ruthinrevolt says:

    Oooh, I really enjoyed this! Totally agree with some of your picks for favourite bloggers and blogs. I’ll need to take a look at the ones I don’t already know about 🙂 Those Vans are so cute!! And
    1. Paramore – 26
    2. Hall & Oates – You Make My Dreams
    3. Brand New – The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot
    THAT is a strong top three!! Great choices. I’ve listened to 26 so much recently.

    Great post, lovely. 🙂

  3. This is such a lovely faves rounup of 2018 and i have the Vans x Lazy Oaf too and i looovee them! But thank you so so much for mentioning my blog, it means the world! I love that you’ve mentioned so many bloggers and blogs, it’s such a nice positive post x

  4. Urh tysm for including me and for the cute as hell comment about me. You’re so lovely! Totally made my day. Thank you and great post! ??xxx

    Siobhan ~ http://www.veganbabelife.co.uk

  5. Sophie says:

    I love the way you’ve broken this up into different subcategories. I loved your high street sizing post, definitely one of my favourite posts I’ve read so far this year. It’s such an honour to be included in this list with so many other amazing blogs and bloggers! Thank you!! The Emma Hardie cleanser is such a long time favourite of mine too x


  6. Awww thank you so much for the shout out lovely!! I loved this post and laughed when I read about the falafel as it reminded me of a chat we had about a restaurant I knew you’d love in Bali ? also – DM Lazy Oafs are the bloody best and my fave shoes I’ve seen you wear! And my fave post of this year has got to be How to feel like a bad ass bitch ?❤️❤️ Gaby xx

  7. Liz Brannan says:

    Aww Alice thank you so much for including me on this list – I can’t belive it! I loved this post and most of things you included! Charlotte tilbury lipsticks are the best – I want more as well! Hope the rest of 2018 is bright for you ❤️
    Liz xx

  8. Bexa says:

    I loved reading your favourites so far Alice! Your shoe collection is absolutely awesome, the Vans x Lazy Oaf are the cutest! ? Thank you so much for including me along with so many fantastic bloggers, you are so kind and supportive. I agree with your favourite posts too, you totally rocked the Boohoo dress and looked stunning in your holiday swimswear post too. Go girl! Keep being awesome! ? xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

  9. Clem Loves says:

    Love this post and I love your 2018 favourites so far. I’m now going to check out your favourite bloggers and blogs. ???
    Clem xx

  10. terriheckley says:

    Love these kind of posts! Going to check out your favourite songs now haha x

  11. Alice says:

    You are literally the sweetest ever for including me in this and I’m super excited for our Al and Al spam 🙂 You’re also absolutely slaying the flatlay game, I love that big A, I need one for myself! This is a really lovely post and I’ll definitely be checking out the blogs mentioned that I’m not already familiar with. I can’t wait to hear about your thoughts on the Revolution highlighting palette as I’m after a new palette, my Sleek one is hitting pan now. I really want to try The Body Shop’s Himalayan mask, I’ve had my eye on it for a while, might have to treat myself on payday. Glad you gave halloumi fries a mention, halloumi is bloody delicious x

    Alice // http://www.accordingtoalicex.com

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      ME TOO. It’s gonna be the best spam ever xo thanks girl, Becky got me it for my birthday! ? the palette is incredible honestly I don’t use anything else currently! It’s just so fab and diverse. Oh I’ve got soo many samples I’ll give you one! And hell bloody yeah it is! X

  12. lifeofshar says:

    enjoyed reading this and I love all the categories you included! I might have to do something similar (hehe). I agree with some of the bloggers you mentioned, they are amazing and as for the others, I will be checking them all out! A collab with BOOHOO? AMAZING!!! Also I love the revolution concealer too!! Your fashion and shoe picks are amazing and WOW i am so hungry now!! Great post! Think I am going to go and listen to Brand New now it has been a while, can’t wait to feel 15 again haha!! xx

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      Thanks Shar ☺️ go for it! They’re deffo worth checking out! Hehe I adored my Boohoo collaboration and I hope I get more like it soon ? enjoy your Brand New binge! xx

  13. I loved this post!! Loved reading about all your favourites, such a fun idea for a post.. and yesss to halloumi fries, how yummy are they? I will definitely have to check some of those bloggers out too, as I love the sound of their content 🙂

    Kate | http://www.katelovesx.co.uk

  14. helloaycan says:

    I honestly can’t believe how fast the year has gone so far I remember January lasting forever, and then it skipped through all the months. Crazy!! You’ve put together such a great list. I’m going to be checking out all the bloggers and links you’ve included. Also, I am a huge, huge fan of halloumi, never had halloumi fries. I know I’m missing out! Also (again), I am very envious of your shoe collection. SO amny beautiful shoes. My favourite post I’ve published this year is a little round up I did after my relaunch talking about what’s been going on, and also touching on the idea of starting a new business.

    Aycan // http://www.littlewhitesocks.com

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