A Review Of A Sunday Pig Out At Pasture, Bristol!

5th May 2019

Hey everyone! 

So when I was really unwell, I couldn’t eat roast dinners. I think the large variety of different foods in one meal just sent my digestive system into overdrive and resulted in me being in unbearable pain. A roast is definitely one of my favourite meals as I’m a huge potato lover, a huge vegetable lover and I do enjoy a bit of meat, too. Especially if the meat is the perfect combination of juicy and crispy. Anyway, it’s not uncommon now for my mum, brother and I to have a Sunday roast every fortnight. Whether it be home cooked or out somewhere. 

A Bit More About Pasture

Pasture is, in their own words, “a celebration of fire-based cooking and incredible local ingredients”. The meat they prepare and serve is all handpicked by in-house butchers from south west farms and served delightfully in super tasty and modern ways. They pride themselves on being a fine dining establishment for everyone with passionate staff, attentive service and unforgettable food.

Sunday Roast At Pasture

My brother, Nick booked a table for the three of us about a month in advance. The original date we wanted was fully booked so we went for the Sunday after and they only had one time slot left – 3:30. And that was a month in advance, so we knew it must be good. This particular outing was Nicks gift to mum for Mothers Day so it was nice to get together and celebrate. 

On a Sunday, they offer 6 starters including “caramel pork belly” which sounds absolutely dreamy. We decided to give a first course a miss though as we were particularly taken by the dessert offerings and we didn’t think we could fit three courses in. As the Pasture prides itself on serving spectacular meat, they only have one vegetarian main course option on a Sunday (which I assume is vegan also as they don’t have another option but you’d have to ask).

As for Sunday meats, they offer châteaubriand which is the prized cut from a fillet of beef. It serves 2-4 people and you can choose which weight you’d like out of their days cuts and how you’d like to have it cooked! I’m definitely a medium person myself as I like it soft but no blood, please.

The other options were to have roast topside of beef, roast local pork loin or 6 hour shoulder of lamb or you could have a slice of all three and all the trimmings. I bet you can already guess what we all went for…

The food took around 25 minutes to arrive which was really brilliant for how busy it was. The roast potatoes came in a separate bowl, 9 between 3 of us but I can only ever manage 2 so my brother took one for the team and ate my left over one. The leek gratin also came in a separate dish, I really wasn’t sure what to expect from it but it was incredible. It reminded me of the insides of a cheese and onion pasty so it got a huge thumbs up from us all. 

The dinners were topped with what I thought were parsnip crisps but Mum and Nick weren’t so sure it was parsnip, either way they were incredibly tasty. Smashed swede, a pile of gorgeous greens and parsnips were hidden under the meat and Yorkshire pudding keeping them perfectly warm. After taking my first bite, I don’t think I spoke for a good 10 minutes while I attempted to wolf the rest down.

None of us could fault any of it, the vegetables were wonderfully seasoned, the meat was tender and tasty and the potatoes were buttery but perfectly crispy. My favourite meat was the lamb, Nicks the beef and Mums the pork so it proves they were all cooked so well. We have a favourite roast spot in Bristol that we’ve visited twice called “The Greenman” and we all agreed that Pasture was now a firm rival for best roast. Admittedly, I just couldn’t finish my meal as it was too much and I really wanted a dessert but Mum and Nick were sure to see to any of my leftovers.

Dessert At Pasture

After discussing whether to share one or not have one at all as we were all so stuffed, we ended up all getting one each, shocker. Nick and I classically went for the chocolate option of a chocolate brownie with chocolate sauce and white chocolate and honeycomb ice cream. Unfortunately the one that Mum had had her eye on online wasn’t on the menu. Instead of a white chocolate cheesecake, they had a cream liqueur cheesecake with pear and lavender on offer so she went for that. 

The brownie was decadent and topped with honeycomb pieces alongside the ice cream. I can’t begin to explain just how much I enjoyed it and I know Nick would agree as he ate all of his and then finished off mine, too. I had a taste of the cheesecake and it was so light and fluffy but managed to have a lot of taste to it at the same time. We couldn’t actually taste any lavender anywhere but it wasn’t an issue, it was lovely enough without.

Overall, I’d say Pasture was a massive success. We all thoroughly enjoyed everything we consumed and really want to return when we can. The food was definitely unforgettable and when talking about our meal, my mum always brings up how smiley and lovely our waiter Tom was, so the service was definitely fabulous, too. I really want to come back and try the a la carte menu now after such a wonderful experience!

Where is your favourite place to go for a Sunday roast?

‘Til Next Time,


10 responses to “A Review Of A Sunday Pig Out At Pasture, Bristol!”

  1. oh wow the food here looks delicious! The sunday roast looks like the perfect treat espically with those roast potaoes! I really like the look of those desserts too! Will have to go one day.

    Mel 🌙 | Moonlight Mel

  2. Katie says:

    Those Yorkshire puddings look so delicious!! Shame it’s no where near me!

    Katie xx

  3. It sounds like you had a really wonderful time! I’d love to check out their vegan menu, 🌸💜

    With love, Alisha Valerie x | http://www.alishavalerie.com

  4. OH MY GOD, why did I see this post! the food looks so gorgeous!!!

  5. Nancy says:

    The roast looks delicious! Wow, the place must be that good to have a booking that requires one month of lead time. It is great that you got to go out and enjoy some delicious food. Oooh, I know I would be fine with the chateaubriand – you get to taste a bit and share some meat with others. Everything looks delicious, from the main course TO THE DESSERT! You can never go wrong with brownies, hehe. Glad you enjoyed your time out there!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

  6. Shona Marie says:

    Oh My Gawd!! This looks an absoluely dream!! I love a Sunday dinner too… especially potatoes!

    Totally get why you had to book a month in advance for here.

    Shona Marie xo | Bellechic.blog

  7. glowsteady says:

    It sounds like you all had a lovely time! I can’t believe how far in advance they book up. It looks amazing. The desserts had me drooling x


  8. Ahh there’s nothing better than a family bonding Sunday roast! Aaron and I go to his parents every Sunday for a lovely roast cooked by his mum! If we’re not there, we usually head to a carvery in our town called the Broadway which is always delish – I’d love to try something a bit more fancy like this place though! ❤️❤️

  9. Eena says:

    Aw family time is the best time! I love how good these meals look! Glad you had a fantastic time!

    cabin twenty-four

  10. This sounds and looks so bloody yummy, I love how you can choose to have a bit of all the meats as I always find it hard to make a decision haha. I like how some elements of the meal are in the middle to help yourself to as well, that way if you’re not too keen on something then you don’t have to waste it. It’s great that they use locally sourced ingredients, I’m loving reading about smaller and local restaurants on your blog lately! It makes me want to dig around in Birmingham to see what we have on offer, I reckon there’s got to be some hidden gems. I’m not much of a chocolatey dessert person to be honest but that cheesecake sounds perfect for me, I’m not keen on lavender in food so I wouldn’t mind the lack of it. Pear flavour sounds delish and original!

    Alice xx

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