My Anti-Bucket List!

18th April 2019

Hey everyone!

So as I’m starting to get a bit better, it’s made me start to think about the things I want to do with my life and the things I want to achieve. To be honest, there’s not much that I would say no to and it was quite difficult to compile this list as I’m definitely more of a ‘try everything once’ kind of person. I had a look at some bucket lists online and ended up weeding out these things. This isn’t to say I would flat out deny all of these things of course (some I definitely would) but these would for sure currently be the complete top of my anti-bucket list.

My Anti-Bucket List

Bungee Jumping

No thank you. Anything but bungee jumping. I’d love to go sky diving, caving, zip wiring etc. but bungee jumping gets a big fat no from me. Why would you want to bounce back up?! And what if the impact of it jolted your body and really hurt you? Imagine the headrush you’d get aswell, it kind of all just makes me feel a bit ill.

Running A Marathon

I’m sorry, I hate running. I always have and I always will. I’m happy to give the treadmill a go but I honestly refuse to even run for the bus. True story. There are plenty of other sports that I really enjoy so that’s fine but I’ve never got the appeal of running. A marathon would be awful, a long distance run surrounded by tons of people with cameras (anxiety alert) whilst you’re dripping with sweat and panting like a dog? Not for me.

Having A Traditional Hen Party/Going On A Party Holiday

I grouped these two together as they’re both literally my idea of hell and probably the most important on my anti-bucket list. L plates, blow up willies, a stripper and feather boas? I don’t want to sound like a bore but even the idea of it makes my chest feel tight. I just don’t really like ‘partying’ in the sense of the word. I love hanging out with my friends and dancing and having fun but I’m not a fan of binge drinking, drugs or some of the atmospheres I’ve experienced in clubs at all. I would flat out refuse to do either of these. (Not dragging anyone who does enjoy these, do your thing, just personally really not for me!)

anti-bucket list lifestyle image

Getting A Fancy/Expensive Car

Although absolutely tiny, my favourite car has always been a Nissan Figaro. I looked into getting one when I first passed my test but they weren’t reliable enough or within my tiny budget. As lovely as they are, a big fancy/flash car has never been a priority for me. If I had a lot of money to burn then it might be an option but you won’t catch me saving or missing out on other things for one. As long as a car isn’t super gross and it works, I’ll happily drive it.

Be On A Reality Show

It actually really surprises me that this was on a “popular” bucket list site. I don’t think anyone I directly know would like to go on a reality show, definitely not enough to apply/put it on their bucket list. The idea of never having any privacy or any real time alone really freaks me out as well as being stuck with the same people in close proximity for weeks.

Own Tiffany Jewellery

I’m sorry, I just find it really quite boring and samey. Is there really much difference between a Tiffany ring and a Pandora ring? I’m much more into quirky jewellery and have always lusted after jewellery from places like The Great Frog, Bloody Mary Metal and the goddess that is Tessa Metcalfe. Sometimes I think with huge designer brands, you’re paying for the name not for the actual product. I mean, I wouldn’t refuse Tiffany jewellery but it’s definitely boring enough to me to be on my anti-bucket list.

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Play A Full Golf Course

I just don’t see what is fun about golf whatsoever, I get bored going around a crazy golf course and that’s with minimal holes and all these things to entertain you. I’m not and never have been good at aim and I’m not a patient person either so it really isn’t the sport for me. There’s no way I could make it around a whole 18 holes without going a bit insane.

What would be on your anti-bucket list?

All photographs by Rebeca Elen: Blog/Facebook/Insta & Charlotte Lane Blog/Facebook/Insta

’Til Next Time,

6 responses to “My Anti-Bucket List!”

  1. I adore this post Alice! I’ve never actually seen it done before and think it’s super unique. I’d also say no thank you to bungee jumping, being on a reality show and golf (although i do like mini golf). However i do own tiffany jewellery but ive got other necklaces i much prefer, i cant wait to go on a drinking holiday and ive always wanted to own an expensive car!

  2. An anti-bucket list is SUCH a good idea! I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of these before. I’m with you on most of these tbh – I don’t fancy bungee jumping at ALL. No thanks. Although I’d never skydive either or throw myself off of anything high haha! Hen party… NOPE. I’m okay thanks. And I’m not mad about Tiffany jewellery either, it’s pretty but I don’t see the appeal. The only one here I’d like is the fancy car… I do love my cars!


  3. Soph Hearts says:

    Ooh this is such an interesting idea- I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to heights so I definitely wouldn’t be a fan of anything you mentioned in the first one! I have to admit that I’m kind of materialistic and do love my expensive cars and Tiffany jewellery, I don’t love Pandora but I feel like not enough people have Tiffany for me to not like it because of it being common haha.
    Soph – x

  4. This is such a fun twist on a classic post! I agree on so many of these, especially the running of a marathon. Never. Ever. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I’m SO glad you’ve done a post like this as I feel like so many people have the same things on their bucket list and with some of them, I’m just like WHY would you want to do that?! Obviously each to their own but I’d be way too terrified to do some things. completely agree with you on the bungee jumping. I’m 110% with you on running a marathon, that just ain’t me haha, running is the WORST. I’ve never really understood designer things and flashy cars either, I much prefer snapping up a bargain like I feel a way bigger sense of achievement that way if that makes any sense. I feel like everyone has the same Pandora stuff, Tiffany stuff and Vivienne Westwood as well – I much prefer some of the jewellery websites you’ve showed me before! I love the look of some of the handmade jewellery on places like Etsy as well, I’d rather have something original. Honestly I think skydiving would be on my anti bucket list, as much as I can imagine it feels absolutely amazing doing it, I genuinely think I would just freeze and physically not be able to.

    Alice xx

  6. Alice, I think you and I are kindred spirits as everything but the Tiffany jewellery point (I got a necklace for my
    18th birthday a fair few years ago that I still wear today so feel like I can’t say no to this, although Aaron and I did go in the store and were mortified at the prices) – anything with heights is a hard no from me, I hate boozing and was happy enough with my little hen party, being on reality TV sounds horrific, golf is an absolute snore fest and having a fancy car has never been my jam (I’ve only ever owned VW Polo’s and have kept them until they died, this one was new so it still has loads of years in it). Love this post idea 😂❤️❤️❤️

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