Beauty On A Budget: Primark Peach Blush Palette!

13th October 2017

Hey everyone!

Firstly, it’s been quite a while since I did a Beauty On a Budget post (my bad) but my motivation for makeup has been seriously slacking AGAIN recently as I just can’t stand to have it on my face when I’m feeling crap – I’m trying my best to get back into it. Not to mention I’ve been in serious awe over quite a few bath and halloween products so I’ve been itching to write/post about them.

You’ve probably seen this little beauty floating around recently alongside an eyeshadow palette which I really wanted to pick up too as it looks gorgeous but my local Primark only had ones that were broken or had massive finger nail marks dug out of (gross, why would you do that?!) so I had to unfortunately give that one a miss. They also have some lip glosses in the range and some cute little accessories like a beauty blender holder and a compact mirror but they just weren’t my thing and I didn’t want to buy them for the sake of it.

Although this range has only just come out I’d say this product is much more suited for Summer looks, the packaging is super adorable with a cheeky little face and hearts on the front and a little sign telling you to smell it – it actually does have quite a strong scent of peach to it but it also has an underlying sort of artificial, plastic kind of smell which I’m not so much a fan of.

Inside there are 3 different shades in heart shapes with cute faces pressed into them which I personally think is adorable. The highlight is called “peach twist” and is an orange toned shimmery gold, then next is a rougey-pink matte blush called “peachin’” which I’d recommend going lightly with as I can imagine it being quite strong if you dab too heavily and lastly, a pink subtle shimmer blush called “sweet peach” which would be lovely for every day wear.

All of the colours are surprisingly pigmented and I’m actually pretty in love with the highlighter specifically, I tend to usually go for more iridescent shades due to my paleness and the fact I like more of a noticeable rather than natural highlight. I can actually see this palette being a keeper in my makeup bag which is a huge statement as I’ll usually try out a product a few times and then shove it into my drawers to use “another time” (usually barely ever again).


I’d highly recommend picking this up if you get the chance. It’s cheap, compact, cute, the colours are pretty universal and it smells like peach! What more could you want, really?

Do you think you’ll pick up anything from the peach range or do you think it’s a bit late in the year for these shades?

’TIl next time,

46 responses to “Beauty On A Budget: Primark Peach Blush Palette!”

  1. Yasmin says:

    This palette looks so pretty! i have heard so much about their make up especially their foundation! Its probably a great buy for those quick fixes or when you errand days!

    May have to go and pick this up. xx

  2. Gemma says:

    I love the look of this palette but I would definitely agree with you on the fact that it’s very summery. I woulda thought this would have been released in Summer and not now! The whole feel of it screams Summer. I don’t think I would use it now because of that but I do definitely adore the colours, they don’t seem to be too much in your face either.

    Gemma |

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      Yeah me too, maybe they’re a bit behind on releasing it haha! They give a very subtle warm look, I love it! X

  3. Alice says:

    That palette is so cute, I adore the packaging! I must go and check out the rest of the Primark beauty range. That highlighter looks stunning on you! I’d love to try it out. I don’t really wear blush but I’d definitely get it for the highlighter x


    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      Everytime I go in Primark now I end up picking up something as they’ve always got new and intriguing stuff in! Thank you 🙂 I’d definitely pick it up just for the highlighter! X

  4. Emma says:

    Ah I love it when budget brands are good quality and are pigmented – I love the design on this and the colours look lovely too. Definitely worth the purchase! X

  5. Hannah says:

    How have I not seen this before, it is adorable?! I’m loving the little faces they are so cute, but I definitely agree on it looking like something for Summer, so the release is strange, but hey it’s cute so why not xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      I was skeptical on putting on the blog for the reason it’s super summery but I’ve seen it on so many people Instagrams so I thought why not, it was definitely worth picking up! Xx

  6. Zorica says:

    Love the packaging.
    Great post.

  7. Julia says:

    It looks amazing! How cute are the little faces? I have been looking for new blushes and highlight so why not give this one a try? And it smells of peaches! I’m sold. Thank you!

    Julia xx

  8. Heather says:

    Such an adorable palette – I’ll have to look out for it x

  9. Emily says:

    Primark make up game is so strong at the moment! Everytime I go in there I have to pick something up! I’ve not got this yet so defiantly need to try it can’t believe the palette smells of peaches even if it is a bit artificial ? what more could you want!

    Emily xxj

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      I know, I need to try their foundation too! It definitely wasn’t something I was expecting for the price! X

  10. Kayleigh Zara says:

    The palette is so cute haha the packaging is really adorable especially the smiling peaches haha so cute! It’s great they have some really good pigmentation considering it’s really affordable x

    Kayleigh Zara ?

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      It’s adorable isn’t it!? I’ve used it everyday I’ve applied makeup since buying it, definitely worth the £4! X

  11. Gemma says:

    I love the shades in this, plus the packaging is so cute!! x

  12. Chloe says:

    These blushes look so cute!! The packaging and the actual product is adorable!! Xx

  13. Leslie says:

    What a cute little palette! The blushes are so adorable and so is the packaging! I would love to give this a try!

  14. Emma Drury says:

    I LOVE Primark’s beauty section so much!!! It’s such a bargain and I’ve never been disappointed with the quality!
    Emma |

  15. I’ve heard so many amazing things about Primark’s beauty range recently, I really need to give it a try! The highlight is a gorgeous shade, and peach is one of my favourite smells.. ?

  16. Chessie says:

    oh my, look how cute this packaging is!!! ? You look stunning and I can’t believe how cheap it is! Thanks for the post xx

  17. Anu says:

    I love peachy blushes but definitely use them more in Spring/Summer. All the shades in this palette are so pretty and the palette itself look so cute :)x

    Anu | Based On blog | Bloglovin

  18. Taylor Jane says:

    I saw this in Primark the other day, I think the packaging is super cute but the shades aren’t really me! Lovely photos of the palette too xx

    Taylor Jane ox |

  19. Joyce Lau says:

    Why doesn’t my primark stock this ?

  20. Ooh I love this! I love the look of all of the shades, especially that peach highlighting shade – wow! The packaging is super cute as well and anything that smells like peaches is always a winner in my books xo

    Char |

  21. Alicia says:

    This palette is honestly so cute! I love the look of the peachy blush and that highlight is gorgeous! And this is from primark! ?

  22. Lily says:

    This packaging is soo pretty! Kinda makes me want to love blusher x

  23. jade says:

    I love how there is little cartoon faces on the actual powder, how cute are they!?
    I don’t use blush much but I feel I would make an exception for this one, It’s too cute! I feel the eyeshadow palette isn’t something I would personally use much, but this, it’s a must!xox

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      I know!! Adorable haha, for only £4 I’d pick it up even just for the highlighter tbh I love it so much! Xx

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