Some Very Beauty-Full Birthday Gifts!

30th May 2018

Hey everyone!

I’ve spoken quite a lot about my birthday on here, I know. It’s just been such a good one and as this started as a beauty blog I thought sharing my beauty related gifts would be a fun thing to do! This is also my first product post with my new lens so let me know what you think of the photographs. Without further ado…

Bomb Cosmetics

I’m sure you all know I’m a brand ambassador for Bomb Cosmetics by now. It’s almost been a year since I became a member of the #BombBabeSquad but I still pinch myself every time I get an email from the lovely Tara or a parcel turns up at my door. They very kindly sent me a birthday parcel full of treats related to celebrating which I thought was more than adorable. Most of it pink. too! The products they sent were the Pink Bubbly Piped Candle which smells (and looks) like a scrumptious strawberry milkshake to me.

Aswell as The Sweet Star Surprise Soap and the Up, Up & Away and Party Popper Blasters. The designs on them all are so adorable along with super sweet scents that just remind me of bubblegum. They’re perfect for birthday gifts and for me so a huge thank you to Bomb for their generosity! They also sent me a lovely “Happy Baathday” card containing two blasters which I stupidly forgot to include in the photos.

The Body Shop

I only ever shopped in The Body Shop once in a blue moon before I worked there (I left just over a year ago). Once my obsession started, it was hard to stop, especially with a 50% employee discount! Despite them having thousands of products, it’s extremely rare that I try something from them that I dislike. I’m so happy that they detached themselves from L’oreal recently too and are now 100% cruelty-free once again!

My mums friend Leigh really kindly got me these bits. I have REALLY been wanting to try the body yoghurt and the strawberry shampoo so I’m so unbelievably excited for those two especially! Shea and satsuma are also two of my favourite current bodycare ranges alongside coconut. I say current as there are so many discontinued or seasonal ranges that I still internally cry about – I miss you early harvest raspberry, honeymania and virgin mojito!

Lush Gifts

Who doesn’t appreciate a good few bits from Lush? Their products are always full of colour, scent and moisture. Everyone knows all about Lush so there’s not much point in me giving them an intro. My mums friend Leigh also got me the Bath Art giftset containing Intergalactic and Dragons Egg bath bombs. These are two of mine and Jakes all time favourites so I’m so excited to use them and share with him! Although I’m finding it hard to break in and ruin the lovely packaging.

Sadie got me a Sex Bomb bath bomb which is actually one of the first Lush bombs I ever tried and it smells so sweet, sherberty and gorgeous. Last but not least, Marika got me a little black box of 4 bath oils which were Polyamorous, Furze, Flowers Barrow and Oil On Troubled Water. I’ve never actually tried any of these but I’m a huge fan of Bomb Cosmetics bath creamers and mallows which I imagine have quite a similar effect.

Beckys Bath Bombs

I came across this brand on Etsy recently and I love trying out new bath products, especially from small independent brands. You’ll find they produce some of the best products as so much effort and love goes into the production of them. Not to mention the packaging being super cute, often with handwritten personal ‘thank you’s or adorable stickers to go with it! Jake got me the personalised unicorn bath gift with my name on which contains Unicorn bath dust, a Unicorn bath bomb, a Bubblegum bath bomb and 6 bath marbles in the scents lavender and sea kelp!

Aswell as also ordering the Unicorn Horn bath bomb, Fairies In The Snow bath bomb (which smells just like Lush’s “Snow Fairy”), Rhubarb and Custard bath dust and The Bomb bath bomb. So I got quite a good haul from this brand! The only thing I’ve used so far is the Unicorn bath dust which is brilliant! It’s blue, pink and yellow in colour which creates little fireworks on the surface and turns the bath water a lovely medium blue.

Blush Pink Bath Board

I HAVE WANTED ONE OF THESE FOREVER. They are so bloody cute and perfect for taking fab photos. Jake got me this one in my mini pile of gifts and the colour is just perfect for the content I’ve been creating recently.

This is their original board with 2 little candle holes and the perfect sized slot in the middle so you can put a tablet or iPad in and watch things in the bath. I just need a tablet now…

Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm & CT Lipstick

I mentioned these in my last post and said I’d put the photo in that I took that I was super proud of. The Cleansing Balm was one of the gifts from my mum and the Charlotte Tilbury lipstick was a present from me to me. The balm makes my skin feel so soft and plump after use, it’s probably one of the only high-end products I actually feel is worth the money and hype.

The lipstick is in the shade “Bond Girl” and I am still yet to try it due to being make-up free for the past few days because of illness. I’ll definitely be popping a selfie or two up on Instagram when I’m finally feeling well enough to rock it though!

And there you have it. I did get some other wonderful things – a lot of which was blog related so you’ll see them pop up in photos or posts soon I’m sure. Are there any beauty-related things on your next birthday wishlist?

’Til Next Time,

24 responses to “Some Very Beauty-Full Birthday Gifts!”

  1. Bomb Cosmetics’ is one of my favourite ever brands! I adore so much of all their products. I adore your pictures too babe, so beautiful. ?✨

    With love, Alisha Valerie x |

  2. You got some gorgeous gifts, i loooveee the personalised mini bath tub!

  3. Bomb Cosmetics have some of the absolute cutest products I love them so much. You got so many incredible bath products and I love all the image’s that you’ve included. Lovely post Alice and happy birthday.

    Emma x

  4. Wow! Loads of lovely things! I love Bomb Cosmetics..they have great products and the scents are wonderful. Great post!xx

  5. BODY YOGHURT? Please do review this as it sounds very interesting! You got some lovely beauty bits for your birthday! I’ve been meaning to try my Emma Hardie cleansing balm, too scared to (also got it as a sample size) because I know I’ll end up loving it haha xx

  6. Wow you lucky girl, you got some gorgeous things! Looks like you’ll be sorted for baths for a while! I might have to visit the body shop after seeing your bits. Glad you had such a lovely birthday ?
    Sophie – x

  7. Faye Jessica says:

    Lush are by far my favourite bombs, I rarely use anything else. Great post.

    Faye Jessica |

  8. I LOVE the bath caddy (deffo need one too!) and how everybody knows you love a bloody good bath – you got so many bath bombs ? and I’m also loving the shots you got with your new lens – they’re stunning and I’m looking forward to seeing some more images with it! Great post as always and happy birthday again lovely! ❤️❤️

  9. sharnahsblog says:

    WOW you got some amazing gifts, all of those bath bombs look amazing. I have wanted to try out Bomb Cosmetics ever since I saw a previous blog post of yours on them! I am so glad that The Body Shop are 100% Cruelty Free now. That is the most sweetest prettiest pink bath board I have ever seen and I think I NEED it. xx

  10. All of these photos are incredible! I love the Emma Hardie cleansing balm so much. And the Shea stuff from The Body Shop smells incredible. That bath board is so cute that you’ve made me want one and I don’t even like baths… I hope you had an amazing time! x


  11. Tiffany says:

    Im obsessed with your bath board! It’s so pretty. I have one too and use it all the time now! Bomb Cosmetics are fab aren’t they, I love their bath bombs. Also your photos are stunning!! Xx

    Tiffany x

  12. everything looks so beautiful
    Wonder Cottage

  13. Queen Sapphire says:

    By far the most colourful blog post I’ve seen all day. Lush are forever my favourite brand for bath products ?

    Jessica –

  14. Liz Brannan says:

    All of these products look incredible! I love The Body Shop products, they are some of my all time fave! I need to try bomb cosmetics after all your reviews, I’m just not a bath person! I love the little tub you got from the Etsy shop, adorable! Great photos as well! Liz xx

  15. willowmay20 says:

    Wow they look amazing! I am a sucker for anything Lush ??

  16. jazziepickles says:

    So many pretty bath and body products to keep you stocked up for a while! I find it so hard to use them when they look so cuteee

  17. These gifts are amazing! Really great

  18. Novel Blondes says:

    Gorgeous photos and nice birthday recommendations! My nieces will love these!

  19. […] It really sucks as I’m feeling really motivated to create content with the new lens I got for my birthday last week. People seem to be really adoring the photos and whatnot that I’ve been putting out […]

  20. I’ve been so excited to read this post to see all of your goodies! It’s so lovely that Bomb Cosmetics sent you some gifts, that piped candle is gorgeous – I still need to get my hands on some of their piped candles, I just think they look amazing. That bath board is super cute, and the little bath with your name on! I’d love to hear what you think of The Body Shop’s body yoghurts as I’ve been wanting to try those since they came out. I love the sound of Becky’s Bath Bombs as well, you had me at “bubblegum scented” with that, oh and the product that smells like Snow Fairy! May I also just say your photography is incredible lately x

    Alice |

  21. Ashton says:

    I love your gifts because they can be enjoyed and not just sit there taking up space in your house.

  22. Ah soo many goodies! I still need to try bath products from both Bomb Cosmetics and LUSH! That CT lipstick in Bond Girl looks like a really beautiful shade too – I have Pillow Talk and love it, I need to continue adding to the collection! Your little pink bath board is so so cute and I love your photography in this post Alice xo

    Char |

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      I know hehe! Ooh I was flitting between this and pillow talk but as I’m so pale I thought I’d go for something a little darker ? hehe thank you so much! X

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