Bobbi Brown Event & Product Review!

24th October 2018

Hey everyone!

I’m getting properly back into my makeup one step at a time and I was lucky enough to be invited along to a Bobbi Brown counter event recently. It was in the John Lewis store in The Mall in Bristol on a Tuesday morning and hosted by the lovely Chantelle and Kate! As it was a weekday morning and a little late notice, there were only 4 of us Bristol bloggers that could attend. To be honest I feel it was really great as a small event as we got to properly relax and have an in depth chat about makeup and our blogs! Not to mention lots of yummy macaroons and orange juice (prosecco was on offer but pre-op Alice couldn’t drink that!).

Bobbi Brown Event

I turned up with no makeup but concealer on as I really wanted to volunteer to have my makeup done. Despite being a beauty blogger and working as a makeup artist for a while, I’ve never actually had a full face of makeup applied professionally by someone else. This made the whole morning much more exciting for me as it was a new experience! Chantelle was the one who did my makeup and she talked all of us through every step.

Starting off with quite a few skincare bits including eye cream and their famous Vitamin Enriched Face Base (which smells GORGEOUS and doubles as a primer), my skin felt silky smooth and ready for makeup. One product that really caught my eye was the corrector they used and I actually ended up purchasing it after the event as I was so impressed! I really struggle with dark circles. It is something that runs in my family but when I got ill they got even worse and I felt like there was no coming back from it at that point. This product really made a difference though and I’ve been using it in my regular makeup routine ever since!

My focus was a flawless base. Aswell as suffering with dark circles, I have some really problematic skin around my jaw area. It’s full of blemishes and scarring due to medication-induced acne. Even though that is starting to tail off now, I still needed some good products to cover it. Bobbi Browns best-selling foundation is their Skin Longwear Weightless Foundation which is what they used on me with an extra top up from their stick foundation. It looked so gorgeous and dewy altogether with their full cover concealer and I was so impressed with the coverage and how healthy my skin looked!

I’ve been a matte finish kind of girl for as long as I can remember but I genuinely think this makeover has changed me and my opinion of it! Next was my eyes, we decided to go for something subtle but shimmery so Chantelle used a base product from their new Camo Luxe Eye and Cheek Palette on me. And then on top it was the Luxe Multichrome Eyeshadow in the shade “Incandescent“ and was a gorgeous iridescent mixture of gold and pink. Finished off with the Smokey Eye Mascara! I’m not entirely sure what was used on my cheeks but I DO know that my lipstick was the Luxe Matte Lip in the shade “Burnt Cherry”.

I was so happy with the finished look! My skin was glowing, with all the products and I feel like all the colours Chantelle used really suited my complexion. Prior to the makeover, there was more chit chat and the other girls had the chance to try a few bits and bobs out on their faces, too! We got given the most gorgeous goodie bags full of mini treats, samples and a full sized lovely lipstick! Read on to find out how I’ve been getting on with these bits at home…

Testing Some Bobbi Brown Bits

I kindly got gifted everything in these photos apart from the corrector which I purchased myself for £19.50. I’m going to talk about a few of the main products I’ve used as I can’t say I’ve been able to fully get a feel for some of the sample sizes due to the amount of product. Nevertheless, they’ve been really fun to try out and I appreciate the opportunity so much!

I got given a 7 day sample pot of the Skin Longwear Weightless Foundation in the shade Porcelain and I’m not going to lie, I’ve used it to death. I’m still not entirely sure of my verdict on it, though! On some days I’ve had an incredible experience with it. It’s made my skin look fabulous and almost flawless on top of the Revolution Conceal and Define concealer and then other days it’s sunk into my pores and gone really oily on my T-Zone after a couple of hours despite using the exact same base products. The only thing I can think is that it’s dependent on how my skin is on that day! If it’s oily it doesn’t work well and if it’s dry it doesn’t work either, it’s got to be well-balanced.

Onto the corrector, I’ve literally been wearing this as much as I possibly can! I’ve got it in the shade “extra light bisque”, it looks fabulous under any foundation and I can’t even tell you how much better it makes me feel about my under eye circles. Even before applying anything else I can see the difference it makes. The only problem is I can’t see myself being able to live without this product now and it is quite a steep price for the amount of product you get in it. Saying that, it has been well worth it for the confidence boost it has given me!

The lipstick I got gifted is a Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Color in the shade Russian Doll. I’m a sucker for reds, especially at this time of year. This shade is a bit brighter than what I’d usually go for but it’s still gorgeous and I think I rock it well with my blonde hair and pale skin. The formula is genuinely one of the best I’ve tried, it swipes on satin and then dries down to more of a creamy finish. There’s not much worse than a lipstick that smudges easily or dries your lips out and this one does neither. I’d happily buy this lipstick in more shades!

Last but not least, something from Bobbi Brown that is extremely well-loved, the Vitamin Enriched Face Base! This one doubles up as a moisturiser and a primer and smells like refreshers sweets. I must say the price tag is really rather high at £44 for 50ml but I must say it does go a long way and according to reviews, it is well worth the money! I have been really enjoying using the small pot I’ve had the chance to try and it definitely makes my skin look and feel really fabulous. I’m just not sure I could justify paying that much for the full pot personally. Saying that, I can’t say that I would be able to compare this to another product so if it’s something that works really well for you, I could see why you’d fork out for it.

What are your favourite Bobbi Brown products?

’Til Next Time,

12 responses to “Bobbi Brown Event & Product Review!”

  1. Miranda says:

    You look so beautiful xxx

  2. helloaycan says:

    I know we are here to talk about make-up, but you look so fresh and beautiful with minimal on. I think red lip will forever be your colour; it suits you so much. I have never had my make-up done professionally either, the thought slightly scares me having someone THAT close to my face looking at everything, but maybe if the opportunity came up, I would take it. I have lots of scars on my jaw and chin too, and it’s always a pain to cover up.

    You look so beautiful, even though you only had surgery last month. You’re one hell of a badass!

    Aycan //

  3. Kayla says:

    What a lovely event!! Bobbi Brown is a brand I haven’t ventured to far into, but after reading this post I definitely should. I’ve hear wonders about the vitamin enriched face base!! I would love to try it someday, but that price point is out of my range unfortunately. That lipstick looks gorgeous too! Great post Alice!

  4. Wow how lucky to have such a small group and it sounds like you all had a great time! The makeover looks fabulous and you really suit the red lipstick. The corrector sounds great- I could do with some for my under eyes! Shame it’s a bit expensive, but you deserve a treat every now and again so why not! Despite not being into make up myself I really enjoyed reading this post and hearing all about the products you have tested. Thanks for sharing Alice 😊

    Melanie |

  5. I remember seeing this on your insta story a while ago! Your photos here are beautiful x

  6. lifeofshar says:

    I have never had my makeup done professionally before either so I can imagine that was exciting!! The Vitamin enriched face base sounds really good and so does their foundation! I am looking for a new foundation too! You look amazing, such a pretty red lip colour and I love the “subtle but shimmery” eyeshadow, that is the best kind of eyeshadow. Sounds like the event was lots of fun! The Corrector sounds and looks amazing but I think if I never purchase it, I will never fall in love with it, and then my bank will be happy haha! I have never actually tries anything from Bobbi Brown before, I think because it is pretty expensive but it sounds like you get your moneys worth so I will keep this brand in mind when I next feel like treating myself!! xx

  7. Sounds like you had an absolutely amazing time! And WOW, they did a stunning job on your make-up. Sometimes I think barely there is my favourite… you look like you’re glowing. Not sure I could get on the dewy finish band wagon though. Like you, I’ve always been a matte finish kind of gal!

    Truthfully I can’t say I’ve ever tried Bobbi Brown products before, they’re always a liiiiittle out of my price range. But they sound fabulous.

    Laura ☆

  8. Creative Nails says:

    Sounds like you had a really love time at the event. Sometimes it is nicer to have a smaller amount of people – I think I would prefer that if I was at an event. The make-up Chantelle did really suits you! Your make-up always looks amazing in your photo’s anyway 😛 I’ve never had my make-up done professionally either, I think I’d enjoy that experience and would be interesting to see how they did it. Also, I have to say – you are so strong! It’s incredible to think you had an operation not that long ago and what you are up to, would never think you did. You are an inspiration! 🙂


  9. loved this post! it’s nice to hear how well the corrector worked, my mom has dark deep set eyes and she is convinced nothing will help them, im gonna pick up that corrector for her as a christmas gift! I have a few products from Bobbi Brown and I love them, incredible brand xx glad you had a good time at the event your makeup looks gorgeous xx

    mich //

  10. You look gorgeous with these products and I LOVE the Russian Red lipstick 😍 I haven’t tried anything from BB yet but will be heading out for their foundation after I’ve finished off the Estée Lauder double wear light (I’ve got this in porcelain too 😉). Glad you had a great time lovely and another great, thorough post! ❤️❤️

  11. I don’t own anything from Bobbi Brown.. That’s SO bad isn’t it!? I would have loved to have attended this event – damn having a full time job (although not for much longer ;))! I feel like I need to try out the corrector, I suffer with dark under eye circles really badly. My sister loved and used the Vitamin Enriched Face Base and it does smell amazing xo

    Char |

  12. Alice says:

    First of all, you guys are so bloody pretty. I’ve never had my make-up done professionally before either, I would love to though! It sounds really interesting, I’d love to learn some extra tips – Chantelle sounds really knowledgeable. I’ve always been a matte girl as well but since trying Japanese beauty products, they’re all about a dewy glow and it’s completely changed my outlook. Your skin looks really amazing and that lipstick colour is gorgeous on you. So generous that they gave you so many products to take home too! I’ve never tried Bobbi Brown products before but I’ve watched Tanya Burr for years and she always mentions them, I’m so tempted to try something out. Sounds like you had a lovely time! x

    Alice //

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