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13th August 2017

Hey everyone!

As you’ll know if you follow me on social media, I am now lucky enough to be a member of the Bomb Babe Squad! I am so excited to announce this as Bomb Cosmetics are one of my absolute favourite brands and I can’t believe I now get to work with such a fabulous company! They recently sent me some gorgeous new products and old favourites to try out and I wanted to report back to you guys just how brill they are so here are just a few…

Reviews will be following in coming weeks on my social medias and on here so keep checking back for more and keep reading for your special discount code!


Candy Heart Mallow // £2.99
To say I have been craving ice cream since receiving this would be an understatement, although it is a shame as realistically no ice cream smells quite as sweet, creamy and delicious as this. Packed full of cocoa butter, the mallows are designed to give a luxurious and creamy experience and leave your skin feeling plump, nourished and anything but deprived of moisture. This cute one emits the creamiest berry aroma and contains Bergamot and Ylang Ylang essential oils to alleviate tension and purify the body.


Girl Power Blaster // £2.99This has got to be one of my favourite products I’ve seen so far. The name, the colour, just everything about it. It’s so adorable and the colours just make me think of bubblegum and pop art! The scent is prominently blackcurrant as the website calls it a ‘berry blast’ and tells you that you’ll be soaking in a supernova so it’s a bath bomb only fit for a queen. Bath blasters are a bit of a bigger and more fun alternative to a mallow but just as fabulous for the skin, this one containing Rosemary and Frankincense essential oils which are known to relieve joint pain and heal the skin.


Blackcurrant Shower Butter // £7.99

So I did a full review on the Raspberry Shower Butter recently and expressed my sheer admiration for it, it’s pretty much love in a pot in my opinion, so you can find a lot of information about the fabulous shower butters on that review. This one is very similar and just as lovely, possessing a less sweet berry smell and if you’re not into that kind of scent you can find a few different versions such as vanilla, pina colada and even mint choc chip over on their site! They are gorgeous and I cannot recommend them enough for anyone and everyone, especially those who struggle with dry skin as its shea butter based. 

Redcurrant and Cassis Piped Candle // £8.99

This is such a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing candle that I almost didn’t want to touch it, let alone burn it. I was originally super sad about ruining such a beautiful looking thing but with how gorgeous it also smells, I couldn’t resist lighting it up as soon as I’d taken some lovely photos of it. 

Like any candle, it takes a good 15 minutes or so to fill the room with its aroma but it is strong, fabulously sweet and burns evenly which is something I’m delighted about as I’ve had plenty of candles that burn straight down the middle, wasting a lot of the wax and the money you paid for it. These candles burn from 30-35 hours which I think is a brilliant time for the price you pay. They also come in all sorts of different flavours if berries aren’t your cup of tea, some of my other personal wishlist toppers being Wild Cherry, Mojito Mojo and Peach Bellini!

Also, as promised I have a little extra surprise and it’s a 10% off discount code you can use on one of your purchases on the site before the end of September! You just have to pop ‘BLACKTULIP10’ in upon checking out to redeem it! Go show their fabulous products some love and yourself some TLC, you will NOT regret it. (I do not get any sort of payment or credit for anyone using this – it’s simply a treat for my friends and followers!)

What are your favourite Bomb Cosmetics products or what do you plan on treating yourself to? Have you tried any of the new products yet?

’Til next time,

45 responses to “Bomb Cosmetics Bomb New Products!”

  1. Chloe Rennard says:

    These look so delicious! I saw on Bomb Cosmetics’ insta that you’d become an ambassador for the brand! That’s AMAZING – well done!! Xx

  2. Kayleigh Zara says:

    That’s amazing that your an ambassador for the brand, what an amazing achievement! I really like the sound of the butter – the scent sounds perfect too x

    Kayleigh Zara ?

  3. Ashleigh says:

    Oh wow, these all sound lovely! I’ll definitely have to try them out for myself. Well done on becoming an ambassador too, that’s great! X

    Ashleigh |

  4. Well done on becoming an ambassador for the brand, that is truly amazing. I love the look of all these products, they all sound so good. Great post lovely x

  5. These look awesome! The shower butters sound amazing – especially the pina colada flavour!!

  6. Paige says:

    These look amazing!! Congrats on becoming an ambassador for the brand!

  7. Alice says:

    I’m so so proud of you for becoming an ambassador, that’s absolutely amazing! These products are so so cute, I need to try them out x

  8. Jade says:

    Congratulations on being able to work with such an amazing brand! When I purchase from them I’ll be sure to use your code!
    These look incredible I can only imagine how lovely they smell!

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      Thanks lovely! Yaaas treat yoself ? my room honestly smells gorgeous all the time with these products around it’s so great ??

  9. Lily says:

    I’m so happy for you! Congrats!! Also, these all sound delicious, that candle looks amazing. I wouldn’t have been able to burn it, just would sniff it time to time haha xx

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      Thanks lovely ? I did struggle to light it, it’s just so damn pretty!! It smells too gorgeous not to though ☺️

  10. Kate Alice says:

    Ahhh I really just want to smell them all like right now!!! They look beautiful! That code is a lifesaver too because I’m gonna have to use it when I get paid!?

  11. Taylor Faith says:

    I’ve never used this company before but their products look amazing. Definitely need to purchase some of thee ASAP xx

  12. Veronica Bizzarri says:

    I’m so happy you get to work with one of your fave brands!! All these products sound fab, I really need to try some stuff out from Bomb Cosmetics xx

    Ronnie //

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      Thank you hun! They’ve been treating me well so far ? Well you’ve got until the end of September to use the 10% code ? treat yourself! Xx

  13. Serena says:

    Well done for becoming an ambassador! I’ve never tried Bomb Cosmetics but these products look so tempting!

  14. Tori says:

    These are so beautiful to look at – it’s good to know they’re good products to use as well!

  15. Beffshuff says:

    These look good enough to eat! I love Bomb Cosmetics!

  16. Chloe Fulton says:

    These products look amazing! I don’t think they ship to Canada though, but I will look further into it!

  17. Abbie says:

    omg I’ve tried one of these before they are soooo cute, I think we got some as presents and they were so nice!

  18. Clare says:

    Everything you got looks so cute!! Clare xx

  19. I’ve never heard of this brand but it looks really good! They’re ultra affordable too!!

  20. Hannah says:

    Congratulations on being able to work with this brand, I love your reviews of their products! I love the design of that candle, it’s so cute!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  21. Sophie's Escape says:

    Oh these products sound fab! I’ve only recently delved into using their products and I’m in love! Haven’t tried any of these out though but I think I will now! X

  22. Natasha says:

    How amazing are these! I’m a huge fan of all this sort of stuff! Must try these! How pretty is the candle too!

    Tasha x

  23. Gemma says:

    I love the look of all of these! I’ve only recently come across Bomb Cosmetics and I love everything there. I soo need to pick up everything, I would love to try their products and that candle… Man it looks gorgeous!

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      They’re such a brilliant company, I’m so in love with their products! I know right!? I really didn’t want to burn it, it was so pretty haha!

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