Bomb Cosmetics Raspberry Shower Butter!

12th July 2017
Hey everyone!

You may remember my recent Bomb Cosmetics Haul posts from a few weeks back, personally some of my favourite posts to write and from the feedback and views I’ve had, they seem like some of the most popular with you guys too!

If you haven’t given them a read yet and you want to, you can here:
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I mentioned in my posts how much I adore the scent of raspberry and this really reflected in the products I purchased but there is one that has REALLY stood out to me whilst I’ve been indulging myself in all these gorgeous things and that is the Raspberry Shower Butter! IT IS INCREDIBLE.

Now ‘shower butter’ was a completely foreign concept to me before purchasing this, I thought it would be a bit like a body butter that you just washed off and left you feeling soft but in reality it’s actually a lot more cool than that. The consistency in the pot is like a hard body butter but when scooping it out, it slightly softens with the warmth of your hands and then lathers up perfectly when mixed with water and rubbed onto your skin. A little bit also goes a really long way so be careful with how much you do scoop into your hands on first use!

Retailing at £7.99 I think this is an absolute bargain for how much use you can get out of it, I’ve had it for around a month now and barely even made a dent in the pot!
Admittedly, it is a bit more fuss and mess than a normal squeeze-and-go shower gel but it is so much nicer to use, the smell lasts so much longer on your skin after you leave the bath/shower and it provides your skin with much more nourishment. I’ve also been using it as an alternative to shaving foam and my legs have NEVER felt so soft, I genuinely don’t feel the need to put a moisturiser or oil on them after using it!

The smell is just like raspberry ripple ice cream but I’d say with an extra spoon of subtle sweetness to it, it also emits a more fresh and creamy undertone making it suitable for people who aren’t into sickly smells as I don’t think this product is too sweet at all despite it being raspberry! I personally think they couldn’t have made it any better scent-wise. If you’re not a total raspberry crazy lady like me they also have it in vanilla (my next purchase for sure), pina colada, mint choc chip and blackcurrant! Which all sound super fabulous too.

As I bought so much in my haul, I haven’t actually managed to get through everything yet but this is by far my favourite product I’ve tried, along with the Freedom of Peach Face Wash, you can see what I thought about it over on my Instagram! 🙂

Have you tried anything from Bomb Cosmetics yet? If not, what are you waiting for!? Are there any products you’re super keen to try? I have such a long list just waiting to be purchased.

’Til next time,

27 responses to “Bomb Cosmetics Raspberry Shower Butter!”

  1. So interesting!

  2. Lauryn says:

    Ooh this looks amazing, I could eat it! I love body butter so I’m sure I would love this!xx

  3. luxblush says:

    I remember you mentioning this in your haul! Thus sounds so good, and really unique too!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  4. Bomb Cosmetics sounds like such a fan brand, I love sweet scents like raspberry!

    Alice May Snell ♡

  5. Tanya says:

    This looks great! I’ve only ever tried the bath bombs and I love them!

    With love, Tanya x

  6. This sounds incredible! I love anything with a raspberry scent so definitely think I’ll be ordering this soon! xo

    Hanney |

  7. ellieedx says:

    I love the look of Bomb cosmetics products but I find it so hard to decide which ones to try first! I love their alternative packaging it’s so cute and pretty. This shower butter sounds different but gorgeous! Great review lovely.

    Ellie x

  8. Covet Luxe says:

    This sounds like a great product! Also I love anything raspberry scented, mm… Will check out their site now and see if anything takes my fancy xx

  9. Amy Taylor says:

    They look like great products will give a try!

  10. Chloe Rennard says:

    I love Bomb Cosmetics, I always give it a good sniff when I see any in shops! I have to give some of the non-bath products a try as we don’t have a bath! X

  11. This sounds like such a cool product!! I’ve never tried anything like this before. Like you I LOVE raspberries so this would definitely be the scent it’d pick!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

  12. saffronwatson says:

    Ooh this sounds amazing! I’ll definitely have to check their products out!

  13. peskywomen says:

    This has literally made me want to eat sorbet.

  14. world of happiness_x says:

    i need to try this ?

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