Bomb Cosmetics: Sweet Strawberry Treats & Nifty Newbies!

12th August 2018
Hey everyone!

I’m back with yet another Bomb Cosmetics post. Sometimes I consider making a category on my blog solely for them as I feel like their number one fan. Even if I wasn’t a brand ambassador for them, I would be making monthly orders to satisfy my Bomb Cosmetics obsession. Their products are just so cute! For any new readers, Bomb Cosmetics are a cruelty-free, 100% handmade company. Their designs and scents are second to none providing so much fun for you and super friendly ingredients for your skin. As I am a member of the bomb babe team, these products were complimentary but as with every other post, all opinions are my own. Lets have a look at some newbies and strawberry-scented goodies!

Nifty Newbies

Robo-Bomb Bath Blaster // £2.99

From what I can gather from the scent, I think this one was designed with men in mind. The lovely Tara informed me that she sent this one for Jake too, which would make sense. It reminds me of a sweeter version of a cologne but I’m a sucker for more masculine scents so would happily bathe in this! The essential oils are cedarwood, a stress and tension reliever. Aswell as vetiver, which I’ve personally never heard of but is known to be earthy scented with a hint of zest and provides calming properties. I’m in love with how adorable this little guy is and if I hadn’t already told Jake it was for him, I’d be stashing it…

Sugar Skull Mallow // £2.99

Honestly I’m so happy just to look at this little guy. I’m certain the skull is the same as the one that was on the Dead Cute bath bombs that I designed last year (which you can view in my post here) and now there’s a mallow, too! The scent is a lot different, although it’s a hard one to describe. The essential oils in it are sweet orange and coconut providing anti-inflammatory and uplifting properties. Whilst it is a clear and prominently sweet smell, I’d definitely say that there’s a spicy undertone as it slightly reminds me of a Christmas product. It’s getting me all excited already, yes I’m one of those people.

Strawberry Tea Piped Glass Candle // £8.99

This is both in the newbie and strawberry category but I thought I’d pop it here so it gets some proper limelight as a brand new product. If there’s something I can guarantee about Bomb, it’s that their candles are incredible. The aromas they produce are so individual along with the designs being adorable. They describe this as ‘brewed black tea fused with fresh strawberries’. The thing that personally springs to mind with this scent is the strawberry sweets “Millions”, does anyone remember them? It reminds me EXACTLY of how they smell/taste. It also contains rose and sweet orange essential oils and has a burn time of 30-35 hours.

Bomb Cosmetics Sweetest Strawberry Treats

Strawberries And Cream Hand Wash // £7.99 for 300ml

I was not expecting this to smell so gorgeous. It has such a strong berry element due to some extra raspberry thrown in alongside the strawberry and a creamy vanilla base to finish. I love how adorable the pastel packaging is and the simplistic strawberries make sure the cuteness of it would fit into any bathroom. As if this product wasn’t great enough, it also contains bergamot and rose essential oils to ensure your hands stay super soft. My mum has already claimed this one for our upstairs bathroom.

Velvet Strawberry Massage Bar // £3.49

I love how despite these products all being strawberry related, they’re all such different versions of strawberry. This is much more creamy than the others and has a really fresh element to it, too. I can only assume this is the eucalyptus oil in it alongside the black pepper adding a slightly darker undertone. It also has a textured side which is such a good idea as it kind of doubles up and turns into a melting massager. I’m extremely excited to try this as it’s a completely new product to me!

Pick Your Own Bath Blaster // £2.99

The last of the punnet is this sweet little bomb. The embellishment reminds me of a Haribo Strawb sweet which is funny as it smells pretty similar too. I think it’s also a solid little soap which kind of makes this a multi-functional product. The rich red substance oozing from the bomb around the swirled cocoa butter means extra nourishment for the skin too. As it contains ylang ylang and rose essential oils, this bomb is good for treating yourself to an anti-oxidant and relaxing bath.

One On Its Own

French Kiss Clay Mask // £7.99 for 120ml

This one is a very highly talked about product in the Bomb skincare section. It’s clay based for deep cleansing with kaolin aswell as geranium and rosemary essential oils to refresh and rejuvenate the skin. I can suffer with quite congested skin so any clay or charcoal based products are great for me as they tend to be the ones that draw out oil and impurities. The little purple flowers on the packaging are adorable and I think the websites description of the scent is just perfect as I would never have been able to pin point it myself – Thirst quenching notes of juicy apple, zesty grapefruit and refreshing melon are offset against violet leaves. The classic & elegant centre of magnolia, rose, lily and tuberose, dries down to a bed of musk, amber and iris.

Have you spotted any of the newbies on the Bomb Cosmetics site yet? Which is your favourite? I’m also loving the look of the The Last Unicorn and the Close Encounters bath blasters!

’Til Next Time,

62 responses to “Bomb Cosmetics: Sweet Strawberry Treats & Nifty Newbies!”

  1. I absolutely LOVE the look of that skull one! Never bought a bomb cosmetics product but you’re really tempting me!

    Jas xx

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      Isn’t it adorable!? It’s my favourite and it smells so good! Hehe that’s not a bad thing at all ☺️ Xx

  2. I love the look of the sugar skull mallows and the massage bar! I really need to get ordering as I’m always admiring how beautiful their products look and sound from your posts 😍
    I also love me a good candle, so these sound right up my alley!
    Great post as always and the imagery is bloody beautiful! ❤️❤️❤️

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      The sugar skull is my favourite obviously hehe. You really do need to do yourself a haul, I always struggle to decide on what to order when I do as there’s just so much beautiful stuff! Thank you Gaby ☺️❤️❤️❤️

  3. oh wow your photos are just amazing! I haven’t tried Bomb Cosmetics in ages but these all sound lovely. I want to try the clay mask and the strawberries and cream handwash 🙂

  4. I’ve never tried bomb cosmetics but I definitely need to. I love the vibrancy in colour of their products and the packaging is gorgeous! xx

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      They are such an innovative company with their products, that’s one of the reasons I love them so much! Xx

  5. rachaelstray says:

    That candle looks so cute. I like the sound of the clay mask too.

  6. jazziepickles says:

    Oh I do love a good fruity strawberry scent. This collection is so pretty and right up my street! Sugar skulls are deffo my favourite! Obsessed!

    Also, Loving the new blog layout!

  7. helloaycan says:

    I honestly didn’t realise Bomb Cosmetics did skincare! I’m going to have to check that out. I have so many of their candles; they’re the only ones I use (red velvet is the best if you love chocolate!) Strawberry can sometimes be a little hit and miss with me, because as much as I love sweet things, if a candle is too sweet, it can be quite unpleasant. But saying that, the way you’ve described it, it sounds perfect. Such beautiful photography too! Thank you for sharing.

    Aycan ///

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      They don’t do a lot but it’s definitely expanding! Oooh yes I DO love chocolate, I’ve been wanting to try the red velvet one for so long! Yeah I do get that, my boyfriend is the same, he’s not the hugest fan of sweet things! Thank you Aycan ☺️ x

  8. I’m so in love with everything here!! I absolutely love strawberry scented things, sweet and fruity smells are by far the best. I still need to pick myself up some BC candles, their designs are just gorgeous and look like something I could eat haha. Millions sweets and Haribo Strawbs are both two of my fave sweets so I definitely need their Bomb Cosmetics alternatives! I love the sound of the clay mask as well, my skin is pretty similar to yours in that I feel like it gets so congested so it sounds like a great mask for me. Your photos are amazing, especially the skull themed one – I love that your design has clearly influenced more products 🙂 x

    Alice //

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      Aren’t they!? Sweet, fruity and floral are my faves!! Yes ya do you would LOVE them girl. Thank you Al hehe the skull is my favourite one, shocker!! X

  9. CarlyBloggs says:

    I’ve never heard of Bomb but I love the look of the sugar skull mallow so I’m going to check out their website now!! x

  10. Jenn says:

    Bomb cosmetics is a brand I’ve always meant to check out but never got around to! Your post has inspired me to have a look on their website now so thank you 😁👌🖤

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      You really need to as I guarantee you’ll fall in love with them! Aww good, I hope you find something you like ☺️

  11. Brooke says:

    I’m so glad I read this as I had no idea they did other products apart from bath bombs?!👀 I will definitely be purchasing some things after my birthday to test out☺️ Also, your photos are stunning!
    Brooke x

  12. Honestly these are BEAUTIFUL products!

  13. Imogen Chloe says:

    Oh my goodness these are all beautiful! I wouldn’t want to use them! 😂

  14. Ellie says:

    Ahh I love the Bomb cosmetics that French kiss mask sounds amazing!! Perfect for what I need ❤️ Well done on becoming an ambassador what a title to hold!


    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      Aren’t they amazing!? Hehe thank you, I’ve been working with them for over a year now and I still pinch myself! ❤️ x

  15. Tiffany says:

    Everything is so pretty! Bomb Cosmetics are my fave, so affordable and just as good as more expensive brands. I need to pick some bits up soon 🙊

    Tiffany x

  16. First of all, I am loving your new template! It is gorgeous! Second of all, all the goodies look amazing! That robo bomb is so cute! and that sugar skull mallow?! I want!

  17. Aaliyah Hunt says:

    I really think that these are the cutest products that I’ve ever seen, the little robot bath bomb is just the best as well as the candle, I’m going to need to get one for myself! Lovely photos xx

  18. glowsteady says:

    They all look so good! Especially the skull. Loving the sound of the strawberry massage bar too x


  19. I’ve never heard of this brand, but I’m so happy I stumbled across this post and found them! I loveee all types of Strawberry scents!

  20. Beckie Lees says:

    Always been curious about these! Gonna give them a go after reading this! X

  21. jazzrussell says:

    These look so cute!!!! Where is the company based and how did you get to become ambassador?😊 xx

  22. How have I never heard of this brand before? Sounds great!

  23. Nancy says:

    I love these bath bombs – especially with the fact that they’re super affordable. There are so many cute designs – perfect for different moods and personalities. I really like the handwash! Glad you’ve enjoyed these cosmetic products. Thanks for sharing!!

    Nancy ♥

  24. All products are nice but candle and hand wash looks more appealing.

  25. terriheckley says:

    I always hear amazing things about this brand! Those sugar skulls.. I NEED!

  26. Ooh that clay mask with tuberose scent in sounds amazing! My London pollution-congested skin seems to like clay masks, keen to try this one! Thanks for the tip xoxo

  27. Louisa says:

    I absolutely love Bomb Cosmetics’ candles. They’re so strongly scented and the fragrance just fills the room. My particular favourites are from the Christmas range which I cannot wait for!

    Louisa |

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      They’re the best aren’t they!? I love the Christmas ones too, It won’t be long until they’re out hehe! X

  28. lifeofshar says:

    This blog post has somehow made me feel really hungry and thirsty haha! “brewed black tea fused with fresh strawberries” literally makes me want a cup of fruit tea so bad right now. Robo Bomb looks so cute and sounds like I would love the smell! I also love bath bombs that turn your water blue as I haven’t came across many that do! I love my water to look like sea water! I haven’t tried anything from BOmb Cosmetics about my bath bombs, I would love to try the strawberries and cream hand wash! Clay is good on my skin too, I think I have got some money to spend on Bomb Cosmetics!! All their packaging is so pretty too! xx

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      It seems a lot of people feel the same for some reason haha! I love a good fruit tea. Jake and I have used it and it was super lovely and the blue water was such a strong colour! Other than the bombs I’d say the candles are my second favourite, the hand wash is super softening!! Xx

  29. meganrosel says:

    Gorgeous photography Alice! I am loving the look of that massage bar, might have to nab myself one of those! xx

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      Thanks Meg! I really experimented with this post as I thought the products needed the appreciation ☺️ isn’t it gorgeous!? X

  30. Is it weird that this post made me really craze something sweet to eat 😅

    Bomb Cosmetics are one if my favourite brands and I think they’re hugely underrated!!

    I would love to get my hands on that candle and the massage bar. I bet their smell amazing!

    Laura ☆

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      Haha not weird at all, I always say some of their blasters look like cakes! I totally agree, I adore literally everything they make. I can’t fault any of the scents here, they’re all so gorgeous! X

  31. charlotteannelane103 says:

    Wow, these all sound incredible! I love a good strawberry scent too. How flipping cute is that candle?! I seriously need to put an order in from Bomb Cosmetics – everything looks so perfect and cute xo

    Char |

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      Strawberry is such a gorgeous scent for cosmetics hehe! Their products are honestly the best, you need some! X

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