My Boyfriend Does My Halloween Makeup!

31st October 2018

Hey everyone!

Welcome back to another infamous “My Boyfriend Does My Makeup” post. If you haven’t seen one of these posts before there’s two more – a Christmas one and a general one. They’ve been some of my most popular posts to date as for some reason people like to see my boyfriend applying pretty horrendous makeup looks to my face. They are really fun posts to do though so I thought it’d be pretty fun to do a Halloween one this year. Here we go…

What is your inspiration for this look?
I’m just going to freestyle it

It’s really quite pale

It’s white face paint

oh is it? that makes sense then

oh my god this is white

do I do it over your eyebrows aswell? Damn I should’ve got some eyebrow stuff

fuck it yeah go on then all over

Shut your eyes then
*Jake pokes me in the eye*
Sorry, you alright?
Just about
Well this is going brilliantly so far
Definitely, you look like phantom of the opera
*in fits of laughter* You really do

my inspiration is “go with the flow, Halloween style”

Although there really isn’t much style to this look

Not the MOST even coverage…

Close your eyes but look up
Sorry, what?
You know what I mean
Um no I don’t
*Again, in fits of laughter* I think this is going to be the worst one I’ve ever done
What’s wrong with it??
To be fair the camera is doing wonders for it

Right powder, how do I do this??

This is just trying to even out the horribly uneven face paint
What was that horrified look?
I think I used too much powder, we’re just going to go right in there with a big load
*fits of laughter* Good to know

I’m sorry for what I’m doing to your face

How am I looking?

Umm… I’d prefer not to answer that right now

I think I look really good right now, like really good

Best you’ve looked in years
Wouldn’t go that far, bit rude

What is that? Eyeshadow? Let’s do that next and go for orange

Oh this hasn’t gone to plan, it’s just sprayed all over your face

Let’s just go with it all round your eyes, I’m just going to blend it in

Yeah that works, I’ve saved it now

EYELINER – cobwebs

Now I know I seem experienced so it may surprise you to know I’ve never done this before
You definitely seem experienced

How do you fucking use this eyeliner?

How’s it going now?

Uh, mixed

I think I’m going to do the other eye but the other way with a spider

What are you going to call the spider?

I’ll think about it
This side is considerably worse but I’ve committed to it

Can you open your eye

No I’ve got to let it dry or it’ll print and make it look weird
Don’t worry I don’t think it could look any worse

Well that was a blinding success

Right, mascara
Oh god, no okay it looks alright, I guess
Um clumpy, is how I’d describe it, glitter time now though

Definitely adds something, it adds an element of asymmetry but that was there before anyway


Yes, exactly that

Right lip time, open

*Jake gets lipstick all over my teeth* HA take picture of it

Um how about no??

I might give you some green cheeks now as I think that might save the look

Iridescent green just to add some real class to this look

Does highlight go on the forehead?

Not so much
It does now
Do I mean highlight or contour? Doesn’t really matter does it you already look ridiculous

*Jake covers my entire face in shiny green highlight*

I’ve put loads on your nose by accident

All it’s done it clog your pores up
How useful

I’m like Halloween crossed with Christmas now you’re using gold too

This is actually quite frightening
Well it is a Halloween look

*laughing* You’ve got such a shiny nose you could lead a sleigh with that

See this is the best thing about going with the flow, I’ve just let inspiration hit me like a train

So what actually am I?

Umm, what are you… Scary.
That helps
I don’t think you’re anything specifically
I’m going to need a name…
State of Decay” because my makeup skills are decaying and you look a state
Aww wow, cute
I’m actually quite liking this, you look like a bit of a porcelain doll with really bad makeup
You might actually look alright if I hadn’t done the cobwebs

Now I’m going to go in on some areas with this brown… bronze? More bronze colour?

I’m going to use it on your eyebrows aswell

THERE WE GO. Definition on the old eyebrows

Am I finished?

Yep, all done. I dare you to put a photo of that on your Instagram as if it’s genuine
Nope, not going to happen
You might get loads of requests

This is my favourite one so far and you’ve got a very, very shiny face, can’t wait to see you try and get that off

So what did you think of Jakes makeup look this time round? Has he improved since the Christmas one last year? One day he might get there… I wouldn’t be hiring him anytime soon, though.

’Til Next Time,

8 responses to “My Boyfriend Does My Halloween Makeup!”

  1. Chloe Chats says:

    This is hilarious! It’s not bad… could be better ahaha. I like the idea of the spider web on the eyes though. I don’t know if I’d dare let my boyfriend do this, he’d literally have no idea what to do!

    Chloe xx

  2. Aww Alice i absolutely loved this post, it made me laugh! 10/10 for the effort from Jake! x

  3. alannahjmsx says:

    Haha this is so funny. I actually kinda like it.. maybe i’ll ask jaimie to do one sometime!!

  4. lifeofshar says:

    I am not even going to lie, this isn’t too bad! I couldn’t do those cobwebs! Reading this made me smile though! It is always fun when you get your boyfriend to do your makeup. I cannot get over how proud he looks in the last pic!! xx

  5. ellesecrit says:

    Hahaha this was such a fun read!😂

  6. Ahhh Alice, you two are so funny! These kind of posts are definitely one of my faves – I think you should do a series of them once a month, you never know, Jake might well become a master of makeup in no time! 😂 I don’t think it’s too bad for Halloween, he was very ambitious with the cobwebs! 😂 great post as always lovely ❤️❤️

  7. Alice says:

    These posts are literally my favourite, I’m reading this at work trying not to laugh out loud. He never gave the spider a name in the end! I actually genuinely don’t think he’s done that bad of a job, he’s definitely improved haha. I love the idea of the eyeliner cobwebs! With some practice it could actually look really cool. You are very shiny though x

    Alice //

  8. Kayla Jayne says:

    I LOVED this post, I really enjoyed the little running commentary! It made me giggle – he actually didn’t do too bad, I love the amount of highlight he’s gone in with!

    Kayla |

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