Badass Burgers At Asado Bristol!

14th April 2019

Hey everyone!

Boy I love doing food reviews. This wasn’t even a gifted experience, I just had to share this amazing place. I’ve been snooping through Asados Instagram account for a long while and after countless nudges from my brother, we decided to go one lunch time.

Asado Bristol

Asado Bristol shop front

Asado means “barbecue” in Spanish which represents the way they cook their burgers! Their asado grill is wood-fired and is the perfect way to accentuate the tasty South American and British flavoursome food they offer. The great thing about them is that you can eat in or order to take away and eat it in bed (what a dream).

They promise their ingredients are locally sourced, of the highest quality and that the farms and suppliers they work with have the same ethical beliefs about the animals quality of life as they do. They also use super yummy West Country cheese and use a blowtorch to fully melt the cheese onto the burgers (you can watch it here on their Instagram!)

Their vegetarian and vegan selection could be a little bigger, offering only 1 separate burger option each but they do have monthly specials which may also be suitable as well as some of their scrumptious sides! As well as burgers, they also offer some grilled plates and a few different seasonal specials all year round.

My Choice At Asado Bristol: Pollo Libre Burger

“Buttermilk brined fried chicken thigh, chunky guacamole, chipotle mayo and lettuce in our custom made bun.”

I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t eyed up the chicken burger on their Instagram for months. I really do love the sound of their “La Lam-Baa-Da” and “Señor Veggie” burgers too but on this occasion (and almost every other occasion) I just needed the chicken. A chicken burger has always been one of my go-to choices at restaurants and unless I become vegetarian, I think it always will be! As a side for the burger, I got the Handcut Rosemary Salt Chips (which I covered in their homemade mayonnaise and ketchup, they were incredible).

I’ll admit, I only recently (literally the week before visiting Asado Bristol) decided I liked chicken thighs. I’ve always been quite fussy with meat, I’m someone who’s really funny about textures and colours of food so breast was always my go to as it was mostly all white meat and a soft but firm consistency. I find thigh meat can be a bit browny and ever so slightly slimey/fatty sometimes which has always put me off before. 


Despite my weird fussiness, the chicken was perfect. It was super juicy with a flavourful coating and there was more than enough to fill the bun (as you can see)! The chipotle mayo and guacamole were really creamy and tasty additions, I never would’ve thought of putting the two together but they balanced out really well. I’m always one to favour salad in a burger as I love crunchy food so I’m really glad it had some lettuce in although I definitely wouldn’t have said no to some red onion and tomato, too!

I ended up taking half of my burger and chips home as I just couldn’t stomach it all. Win win for me as I had an incredible dinner, too.

Nicks Choice At Asado Bristol: El Dorado (Hot) Burger

“Oak grilled dry aged organic beef patty, West Country cheddar cheese, chipotle and habanero spicy sauce, confit garlic mayo, natural ketchup, lettuce & tomato in our custom made bun.”

Nick couldn’t decide between the El Dorado and the Pollo Libre. He is no stranger to Asado and said his usual is the El Dorado which I was surprised about as he loves chicken just as much as I do. He ended up sticking to his favourite but said he kind of wished he got the Pollo Libre just to try something different (and because mine looked so amazing). He did get to have a bite of mine though, it’s all good.

Unsurprisingly, Nick wolfed down the entire burger and chips (he chose the Handcut Rosemary Salt Chips too). Despite having it multiple times before, the word he used for his meal was “sensational” which can never be a bad thing, right? Chipotle is one of his favourite flavourings and he said the combination of it mixed with the spicy sauce is always better than he expects it to be. He said he rates Asado as one of his favourite places to eat in Bristol, a pretty honourable comment from such a massive foodie. 

chips with ketchup

We both got our meals on their lunch offers. I went for the burger, side and drink for £12 and Nick went for the burger and side for £10. Their lunchtime deals are bloody brilliant as their cheapest burger is £9 alone and sides start from £3.50. I would still happily pay full price for their food though and will definitely be returning to try that lamb burger!

Have you ever been to Asado Bristol?

’Til Next Time,


10 responses to “Badass Burgers At Asado Bristol!”

  1. Chloe says:

    Oh gosh this sounds delicious! Is 10am too early to be craving a burger?! Haha xx

  2. Wow the food looks absolutely delicious! And such a steal too. I’m definitely going to have to check this out next time I’m in Bristol. B x

  3. glowsteady says:

    This looks so good! Shame there’s only one option for vegans and veggies but at least there’s something, a lot of burger places don’t bother. I found what you said about meat texture SO interesting because that’s why I stopped eating it, I didn’t like the texture of 99.99% of it. This place sounds great and your photos are amazing. Glad you enjoyed yourselves! x


  4. My goodness the burgers here look heavenly and those chips are just the icing on the cake arent they?! I really need to go here one day.

    Mel 🌙 | Moonlight Mel

  5. Miranda says:

    yummy yummy – I need to join you both next time XX

  6. Greatness Reinvented says:

    OMG I need these burghers in my life 🙂

    GR |

  7. Eena says:

    I sure do love a good food post!! The Pollo Libre burger sounds absolutely amazing and I love that this place goes all out with the sauces! I’m going to be dreaming about this burger tonight, haha.

    cabin twenty-four

  8. Tiffany says:

    Most places in the US doesn’t have a vegetarian or vegan selection at all so them have something seems positive 🙂 This post makes me want to make a vegan version of the sandwich with cauliflower, lol I’m hungry right now.

  9. You’re so gonna have to take me here one time when I come to Bristol, this food looks and sounds AMAZING. When I worked at a burger restaurant they did rosemary salt chips and I was so obsessed with them, it’s such a good combo. I’m always so torn when I go to burger places as to whether I get beef or chicken, but in this case your chicken burger definitely sounds completely up my street as I love me some guac. I actually can’t believe how affordable these burgers are as well! Pretty good value for money especially when you compare it to other big chain restaurants. And I love how all of their ingredients are locally sourced, that’s such a thoughtful and ethical approach.

    Alice xx

  10. Oooh I love the sound of this place and I know Aaron would too – he loves finding great burger joints and this sounds right up his alley! We’re always off out for a lunch date at the weekends and if Bristol was closer, I know we’d be there in a heartbeat! The chicken burger you had sounds and looks amazing, 10am is far too early to be craving a burger, but here we are 😂😂❤️❤️

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