Calming And Caring Comforts For The Chronically Ill!

25th March 2018

Hey everyone!

I’ve been writing a lot more about my personal health recently and it’s seemed to go down really well on here. I do want to be writing positive things around it too though so I’ve been thinking about the small things that keep me going. I thought I’d put together a little post of gift ideas for chronically ill people. Whether it be their birthday, Christmas or just a random act of kindness, these are the things I personally think any chronically ill person would be really grateful to receive. Chances are that they don’t have a lot of money due to their circumstances too so I can guarantee a gift like any of these would be well received and appreciated.

Bath & Bodycare Treats

It’s no surprise that chronically ill people and baths go hand in hand. They’re warm, cleansing and have the ability to seriously alleviate mental and physical discomfort. Personally, baths are one of the only places I feel I can properly unwind and have some “me” time and I’m sure that’s the same for so many people. Although some assume bath products as gifts are unthoughtful, I can guarantee any of Bomb Cosmetics adorable, handmade and cruelty free products would go down a treat. They offer a huge range of dainty delights for dousing in the tub.

A perfect package for the sleep-deprived would be the “Sleepy Head” gift pack. Consisting of 3 bath blasters, all aimed at calming the senses and containing relaxing ingredients like lavender, rosemary and cedarwood. The cuties in this pack are called “Bomb-Jamin Button“, “Night Owl” and “Sky Flower“.

If you’re looking for something a little more masculine, how about the Man Grenade Bath Blaster? With exceptional reviews on the site and pure black pepper and rosemary essential oils, this blue bad boy would be superb – alongside Sir Fizzalot, a mighty minty companion.

If someone is having a lot of baths, they’re also going to need something to apply afterwards to keep their skin moisturised and soft. This is another excuse to go for a gift pack that contains a bit of everything, much like the “A Close Shave” Potted Gift Pack for the grand gentleman. This one contains pots of shave cream, shower gel and body butter with a variety of more fresh and subtle scents such as black pepper and spearmint. Or for the lathering lady, the Passionfruit and Shea Hand Treatment provides hydration and deep conditioning with a sweet and fruity scent.


Chronically ill people have all sorts of aches, pains and issues. Having items to wear that they can fully relax and be comfortable in is a must. You can get gorgeous loungewear and pyjamas from M&S to Tesco to Primark so no matter your budget, there’ll be somewhere with something suitable and lovely for both the sexes. A nice pair of slippers or fluffy socks also wouldn’t go a miss. When asking the Crohns and Colitis forum what their ideal gift would be, the most popular response was a hot water bottle. It relieves pain, tension and of course keeps them nice and warm! All of these things would be perfect hospital gifts too.

Who doesn’t love a pretty candle? Candles provide a lovely smell, a bit of warmth and a calming source of light. Being in a room or a bath that is candlelit is such a relaxing and therapeutic experience and I guarantee Bomb Cosmetics have a perfect scent for everyone.

These two would be my personal perfect picks – Lavender Musk for a lovely lady as the scent is quite narcotic and dreamy. The notes of it are of course lavender, rosemary and a beautiful dry musk base. Nectarine and Amaretto would be ideal for a gentleman as the scent is zestful but warming containing pure neroli and clary sage essential oils. They have all sorts from Cherry Bakewell to Chilli and Chocolate if these two aren’t your cup of tea.

Sleeping Aids

Taking medication is a huge part of being chronically ill for most people. A lot of medication has some pretty crappy side effects and can affect sleep a lot so anything to make them that bit more comfortable would be ideal. I’d really recommend a sleep balm or cream, I know a lot of people rave about Lush’s “Sleepy” cream but I’ve been using Feather and Downs sleep balm which smells absolutely gorgeous and is so soothing. They also do it in spray form too that you just pop on your pillow. Other sleep aids could be comfortable/cute pillows, herbal teas, ear plugs or fluffy blankets.

Comfort Foods

Lets be honest, who doesn’t love food? Especially when it’s your favourite comfort food! Why not pick them up a few of their favourite naughty treats and make a mini hamper or even order in some food for them? Some ill people also have strict diets with limited ingredients they have to stick to which certain companies take advantage of and charge extortionate prices for. It would be super thoughtful to grab them some nice food that they’re able to eat.


This is pretty obvious but being ill is BORING. Obviously not all chronically ill people are bed bound all the time but I imagine everyone will have some days where they are and there’s simply nothing they can do about it. They will need something to entertain them to stop them from going stir crazy. You could easily go down the books and magazines route. Or you could opt for something like puzzle or colouring books if they want something a little more interactive. A jigsaw is always fun to spark a bit of brain activity or if they are feeling up to it and can move around okay, a simple baking mix would be a tasty and fun treat. Or for those who are less able, something like a Netflix or Amazon subscription!

Luxury Gifts

Last but not least, for the people that have the “go big or go home” mindset. If you’re planning on going all out, a spa day is never a bad idea. Spending the day in a tranquil, relaxing place where you can swan around as you please and not have to think about much other than ‘steam room, sauna or jacuzzi?’ is bliss. Or even something like a night in a nice hotel just for a change of scenery and a spot of indulgence. Some ill people find it hard to go on proper holidays for all sorts of reasons so a night in a hotel could be a really nice getaway. Or you could even hire a cleaner for a few hours for someone who is less abled just to make their week that little bit easier.

Well I hope this has helped someone, somewhere in finding a nice gift for an unwell loved one. If you like the look of the Bomb Cosmetics products or the comfort foods, I currently have a giveaway running where you can win some similar fabulous bits and bobs. You can check out how to enter on my Facebook page here or on Twitter here

What would be your favourite gift to receive?

’Til Next Time,

43 responses to “Calming And Caring Comforts For The Chronically Ill!”

  1. Disa Rastogi says:

    I guess this is a great list for anyone who wants to relax ?

  2. Some really cute gift idea’s here, and quite thoughtful to! I still need to try those bomb cosmetics candles !!

  3. bryony baker says:

    Those bath bombs all looks so pretty and relaxing, all of these things are good for a relaxing evening too x

  4. Jade says:

    This list is basically my life ? I couldn’t live without my comfy loungewear, hot water bottle and comfort food when I’m having a bad physical or mental health day! ?? Xx

    Jade |

  5. loved this! I am a massive lover of bath bombs so I clicked on the link straight away, going to have a look after writing this comment. This was one of my favourite blog posts that I have read in a while! I would love for someone to get me these gifts, my favourite has got to be the bath bombs! I really love reading books when I am not very well too! xx

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      BC are deffo my favourite place for bath bombs, so pretty and relaxing! Aww thank you so much hehe, books are deffo a great thing for down time xx

  6. Melanie says:

    Such a fantastic detailed post ❤️ I have been promising myself for ages to treat myself to some bomb cosmetics and these look amazing- your photos are great! I was also unaware they sold candles so they have now been added to the ‘want’ list! It’s my birthday soon so need to drop some hints to hubby!

    Melanie |

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      Thank you so much! Aww you so should, or enter my giveaway and you might win some, hehe! Yeah they have so many different scents its amazing! X

  7. ashton says:

    I see these posts and it makes me think about how unfair life can be. Well done for making the best of a hard situation. I admire your strength and grace you show through the pain

  8. Rachael says:

    What a great list of gift ideas! I gotta say a hot water bottle would make me a very happy person! The same for all those pamper and bath goodies!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

  9. Annie says:

    I loved this gift guide! There’s such a nice message behind it as well. I made something similar for my Mum when she was in hospital a couple of years ago and she loved it a lot. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Kate Ballamy says:

    This is such a helpful post, I have a chronic illness myself too so if you ever want to chat feel free to message me! Can’t wait a good pamper, especially with a bomb cosmetics bomb 🙂

    Kate |

  11. This is such a lovely post, cosy clothes and candles are the best for me, and would totally agree with these. I’d love to receive this!

    Jessica & James | /

  12. I’ve been loving reading your health posts. I don’t know whether that’s something you should say. It sounds a little like you’re glad someone is ill which obviously isn’t the case. I had some health issues a couple of years ago and basically became a complete recluse at the time. My entire life was nice candles, body lotion and wine! Trying to perfect the ‘cosy night in’ routine….every day…. to make myself feel a little better x


    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      Aww thank you so much, no I completely get you haha. I definitely agree, it’s all about doing whatever you can to make yourself feel normal and nice! X

  13. Angela says:

    I am chronically ill and I practically live in cosy wear sometimes, especially on bad days. Sadly enough, I don’t have a bath. So bathbombs aren’t really possible for me. But a good foamy soap is great too <3

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      Me too!! I am sat in lounge wear whilst typing this haha. That’s such a shame but I definitely agree that any pamper product in the shower is a help to make you feel all clean and nice! X

  14. You look so comfy and cute in the picture of you in your pyjamas.. ? My life-long best friend has a chronic illness, so I’m definitely going to take some of your suggestions and put together a little care package for her.. ? I myself am very tempted by the Tattoo Colouring Book – I might have to treat myself to that! ?

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      Aww thank you, I was hehe! My bunny water bottle is my favourite! Aww that’s so nice of you, I’m glad I gave you a little inspiration ? go for it girl, I think I got it off Amazon!? X

  15. Caramella says:

    Excellent advice…and yes, comfort food is a must! <3

  16. Gabrielle says:

    Ahh I would love any of these!! Spa day is deffo up the top of my list, but a nice pair of cosy pyjamas, bath bits and something to entertain you are all amazing treats! Great post lovely! ❤️

  17. All of these git ideas are amazing and would be greatly received! I swear by hot water bottles and cosy pjs! I still need to try some bits from Bomb Cosmetics too xo

    Char |

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      I adore any sort of pamper gifts, they’re my favourite kind! Bomb Cosmetics are the best, you need to get on it girl! X

  18. Meg says:

    This is a great list for getting cosy and into a relaxation mode.
    A lovely warm bath (with BC products) and a candle is a combo thats hard to beat!

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      Definitely, I totally agree that you can’t beat BC products they’re my absolute favourites! X

  19. Another fantastic post Alice, really love it. This is pretty much a list of all my favourite things. Having a bath and then wrapping up in cosy pjs with a book or film and some much is my idea of heaven. Also I’m going to give that sleeping balm a try.

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      Thank you so much ? Oh isn’t it just? All warm and cosy and feeling clean and refreshed. I think I might just have to do that this evening! You totally should, it’s magical! X

  20. Alice says:

    Omg we have those Borders biscuits at work for client meetings and I sneak one every now and then because they’re just the nicest biscuits ever. I defo over indulge on snacks too often haha. I love your loungewear, I honestly feel like you can just never buy too many loungewear sets. Also, I’d defo come sit and play board games/do Disney puzzles all day with you x

    Alice |

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      Hahaha I’ve never actually tried one but I would love to, they have so many nice flavours!! I totally agree, the amount of PJs/comfy clothes I have is quite worrying… I’d SO love that, lets do that one day pls x

  21. Jenn says:

    I love Bomb cosmetics. I have crown’s and I can totally agree that a hot water bottle is a great gift.
    My sleep pattern is awful at the moment due to low iron so the sleepy head set sounds perfect for me.


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