Capturing Crete: A Frenzy Of Photos!

2nd May 2018

Hey everyone!

So it’s been a few days since we returned home from beautiful Crete and I still have those post-holiday blues. What better way to reminisce than to have a browse of the photos and share your favourites? This holiday was mine and Jakes 5th time abroad together, so far we’ve been to Spain, France, Portugal, The Netherlands and now Greece! It was the first full week together on holiday just us two which was a really lovely experience and something I am definitely missing right now that he’s back at work and living a 40 minute drive away and I’m stuck at home awaiting my next treatment.

This post may end up a little longer than usual as I’m going to share a few photos and a summary of every day, hope you enjoy!

Day 1 in Crete

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We landed around 1pm in Greece (11am in England) and hopped into a taxi to our little direct-to-the-beach hotel. We didn’t actually realise our place was a whole hour away from the airport but luckily we’d pre-paid for our transfer so it was pretty reasonable! We went for a little wander, found a supermarket to stock up on some food for the apartment and came back for a nap. Jake and I always go for apartments as we like to make our own food and with my illness, I can’t usually cope with eating out a lot! We then went to an incredible restaurant called Mio Gusto which ended up being the only one we went to for the entire week as it was so amazing! We had vine leaves stuffed with rice and served with mint greek yoghurt, cheesy garlic bread, Jake had a slow cooked lamb special dish and I had the “Al Gregory” pizza!

Day 2 in Crete

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We woke up and popped to the shop as we wanted some fresh bread. Then went down to the beach for an hour and came back to the pool bar and had an afternoon cocktail, I had a tequila sunrise and Jake had a mojito. Jake then made us both a really lovely tomato, onion and sausage pasta and we were both so exhausted that we fell asleep. I unfortunately woke up and was really ill so we stayed in the apartment and played charades to make me feel better, haha!

Day 3 in Crete

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We got up and got straight into the pool (which was FREEZING, we didn’t get in it again). Jake had an early mojito and we read our books for a while before having a nap and popping to the bakery close by. We treated ourselves to a ham puff and chicken and cheese brioche wrap to put in our planned sunset picnic that evening. We then chilled for a while and made our little feast before heading to the beach and eating some yummy food whilst watching the sunset.

Day 4 in Crete

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This was the morning we took photos for my On The Beach post which you can view here if you haven’t yet! We then went back to the apartment for a sandwich and straight to the beach for a relaxing afternoon and a dip in the sea. We came back and got made up for a meal out in the evening and ventured out to a place called 1+1 but the kitchen was unfortunately closed as the season hadn’t properly started over there yet! So back to Mio Gusto we went. This time we had vine leaves again and something called “dakos” which is very similar to bruschetta! Jake had the curried chicken risotto and I had pork souvlaki. We then were given a complimentary dessert which we had no idea what it was but Jake liked to call it the “cous cous cake” as the texture was very much like it!

Day 5 in Crete

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We got up and had a nice walk along the sea wall but it got very hot very quickly. I had a bit of a funny spell so we found ourselves back in Mio Gusto for a drink and a quick bite. I had a sandwich and Jake had a greek omelette with feta, olives, tomatoes, sausage and cheese. We headed back to the apartment via the shops and then to the beach for the afternoon for a lot of swimming and relaxing. Back to the apartment for a picnic dinner and then to the beach again to watch the sunset and play a game of bat and ball.

Day 6 in Crete

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Headed down to the beach pretty early taking a picnic and stayed there all day before heading back to the apartment and getting all dressed up. We decided to have our final meal out on this evening due to me not wanting to be too unwell on the day of flying home as flights make me anxious enough as it is! We decided to just stick to Mio Gusto as the food, the service and the decor was top notch. This time round we had a dish called “apaki” which was slices of succulent pork in a sort of vinegar/oriental sauce and some courgette and feta balls. Both of these were absolutely INCREDIBLE much like everything else we tried. Jake then had a pork fillet in sweet and sour sauce with walnuts and pine nuts and I had chicken schnitzel fidel. We ended up having such a funny and amazing night that we stayed there a good 4 hours and had a free cocktail each chucked in. A huge shout out to Vakis and Sakis and the amazing chef who we didn’t catch the name of. I cannot fault one thing about our experiences in Mio Gusto – so friendly, so yummy and my god I wish there was one in Bristol!

Day 7 in Crete

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Our last full day, we popped to the shops for some souvenirs and I had a little bit of money left so I treated myself to some natural olive oil based skincare called “Aphrodite” which is absolutely gorgeous. We then headed back to the apartment for lunch and both felt really unwell from the food we had so we ended up sleeping for quite a while. After, we went to the beach and had our last swim before going back to pack, shower and have another picnic dinner. There was not a more perfect way to end the holiday than watching the sunset on the beach again, finishing off our Sangria and playing bat and ball.

We had the most wonderful week and are so, so excited to book our next getaway! 7 days and nights with Jake was a dream and I wouldn’t have changed it for the world. The list of places we want to go gets longer by the day, I think a city break might be next on the cards for our 5 year anniversary if I’m well enough!

Have you even been to Greece? Are there any islands you’d recommend?

’Til Next Time,

24 responses to “Capturing Crete: A Frenzy Of Photos!”

  1. Gabrielle says:

    Ahhh Alice all of these photos are beautiful and it looks like you had a well-deserved amazing time!! Love the sound of all the food you had – it all looks delicious! I’ve only been to Corfu, but deffo want to check out some of the other Greek islands – also strange as the first time Aaron and I went away on our own without anyone else was to Greece and we loved it (although it was quite expensive as it wasn’t too long after their financial crisis lol) – great post as always lovely ?❤️❤️

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      Owhh we really did I miss it so much! We were deciding between Corfu or Crete but Crete was cheaper lol! We’ve been away on our own lots before but this was the longest time we’ve been away for ☺️ we’ve always done shorter stays cos of money! Thank you Gaby ? Xx

  2. Liz says:

    Looks like you had a lovely holiday! The pictures are gorgeous and that restaurant sounds amazing. I really want to visit Greece, apart from Cyprus I’ve never been! Hopefully you get to go away for your anniversary, I’ve just got back from Naples and would 100% recommend it!
    Liz xx

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      It was soo gorgeous thank you! ☺️ this was my first time in Greece and I can’t wait to explore more of it now. Ahh I really hope so, love a good trip away! Hope you enjoyed yourself ☺️ Xx

  3. Katie Henry says:

    Lovely post these photos are beautiful! Looks like you had an amazing time.

  4. Jess says:

    Your photos look so stunning! I’ve never been to Crete but it looks beautiful there & my partner has never been to Greece at all so it’s definitely somewhere I’ll look at going! I love it when you find a good restaurant when you’re abroad, the food can always be hit and miss so you were lucky to find it so early on in the holiday so you always knew you’d be getting amazing food! Glad you had a good trip lovely!

    Jess //

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      Aww thank you so much! Honestly it’s such a lovely island you should definitely go, we want to go to Corfu too! Oh definitely, I always get so paranoid about food poisoning abroad too! Thank you☺️ x

  5. Jenn says:

    I went to Crete in October and I loved it. I’m pretty sure we had a drink in Mio Gusto one evening actually! I’ll definitely be heading back that way to see other Greek islands.


    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      It’s such a beautiful island, I’m so glad we picked to go there! Ahh amazing, it’s such a lovely place! ☺️ x

  6. I love the idea of doing a little day by day summary! All of your photos are beautiful, it looks like you had such an amazing time. And those food pics in day 6 look incredible too. I hope your next treatment goes well! x


  7. Oh my word, I have been so excited for this post, I can’t even explain to you! ? Crete is one of my favourite Islands. We’ve been a few times, I absolutely love it there, and I’m so happy that you had such a fabulous time as well. You should definitely try and go again a little more in season as I’m sure there would be so much more going on there – I remember when I was little, we would always go on holiday at the end of the season and everywhere had always ran out of certain drinks and desserts, and I used to get super upset seeing things on menus and them not being in stock.. ???‍♀️ What did you think of Souvlaki? It’s one of my favourite dishes, alongside Gyros which you should definitely try if you ever go back to Greece.. ? When you’re a little better, I would definitely recommend Zante because there is so much to do, and you can swim with turtles, and explore the coves, and go on boat trips, and I just love it there so much.. ?

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      We couldn’t decide between Crete or Corfu but Crete was cheaper heh. We absolutely LOVED it though! To be honest, we’re that couple that like the quiet and much prefer an empty bar to a full one so out of season is perfect for us ☺️ I love souvlaki! Meat and chargrilled peppers/onions are two of my favourite things, I REALLY REALLY wanted a gyros but unfortunately my illness was playing up a bit too much and I have a feeling my body would’ve had a complete meltdown due to it being so processed ? I am gutted but maybe next time! We would love love love that, Jake is such a sea nerd too he knows so much about it! X

  8. It looks like you had such a lovely holiday Alice! The colour of that water is soo dreamy too!! You’re making me very excited for my upcoming holiday and I just want to go NOW! All the food looks yummy as well and I loved your On The Beach post xo

    Char |

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      It was wonderful thank you! Oh gosh I know, you could see the little fishes swimming round your feet in the sea ☺️ thanks girl, I can’t wait to see your holiday post!! x

  9. Nancy says:

    Crete looks like a gorgeous place. Glad you and Jake got to enjoy some time there! You guys look so adorable together. I am totally loving the beach vibes right now. The foods look delicious as well. I haven’t been to Greece before but definitely a place I gotta visit!

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      It really is!! Such a lovely little island and thank you ☺️ the food was bloody lovely! X

  10. Aleeha Ali says:

    Sounds like you had a lovely time! I would love to Greece one day and now Crete has been added onto my list of places to visit.
    A city break sounds lovely for an anniversary!
    Aleeha xXx

  11. Alice says:

    I absolutely love how happy and chilled out you look, I’m so glad you had such a lovely time! I definitely need my own holiday to come soon, I’m in need of this kind of relaxation. All of the food and drinks look so yummy as well, I would’ve put on like two stone looking at all this amazing food! Love all of your photos so much, you both look so happy x

    Alice |

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      I want to go back so badly!! Haha, I’m so so excited to see the pictures from your adventure, so jealous already! Haha honestly if I was better I definitely would’ve put on a hell of a lot of weight as I would’ve eaten them out of house and home! X

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