Ideas For A Christmas Pamper Hamper!

30th November 2018

Hey everyone!

I don’t care what you say, Christmas is COMING. And you are all starting or in the midst of your Christmas shopping so I’m here to help you out. This post is a little collection of ideas of gifts for beauty lovers in your life or as a collective to put in a big old pamper hamper!

Bloom Remedies Travel Set* // £14 per set

I came across Bloom Remedies on the fabulous Rare Beauty site a while back and instantly fell in love with the sound and look of their products. They contain so many beautifully natural ingredients and their packaging is so cute, floral and feminine. I think one of their travel sets would be a perfect addition to a pamper hamper. It contains a cleanser, toner and moisturiser and you can get two different sets dependent on the skin type of the user. Each product is a sizeable 30ml so would give the user a decent length of usage before deciding to purchase the full size!

Kiss Lashes* // £7.99+ per set

I don’t wear lashes majorly often but when I do I feel absolutely fabulous. They give such a lift to any makeup look and really enhance the eyes whether you’re a plain jane or a makeup mogul. Kiss lashes are brilliant for amateur to expert as the band is flexible, they come with lash glue and they do all sorts of styles from super natural to super sassy.

NYK1 Lash Force* // £34.95 per 8ml

If the person you’re buying for isn’t someone that’s so much for false lashes, getting them something like NYK1 Lash Force would be perfect. If us women are honest, who DOESN’T long for long, dreamy lashes? It’s an eyelash growth serum that you apply twice daily to improve the length of your eyelashes and can also be used on the brows, too. This product regenerates, rebuilds and and activates growth in both the thickness and the length to really enhance someones look. It’s also safe for contact lens wearers to use so it’s a fab all-rounder product!

Kiss Wing It Eyeliner Kit* // £8 per kit

I don’t think it’d be a pamper hamper without some form of makeup! The Kiss Wing It eyeliner kit is unlike any I’ve personally found as you actually get a liner guide in with it. If you struggle with getting a perfect flick, this is such a great thing to try. There are even a few different kinds of guides to use, dependent on your eye shape you can see which suits you so it’s a perfect product for amateurs to professionals.

KISS/Impress Nails* // £7.99+ per set

I’ve done a blog post on these before and just how much I loved them. I’m not usually a false nail wearer but these are SO easy to apply and they come in a huge array of designs to choose from. For essentially being stick-on nails they are so sturdy and worth the price. Having pretty nails strangely makes me feel a lot more confident and good about my appearance and are needed for most women during this party and holiday season. They would be a perfect to pop in to a pamper hamper.

NYK1 Tan Force & Mega Mitt* // £24.95 per 250ml & £10.95 per mitt

The amount of girls I hear complaining about being super pale in this season is crazy. NYK1 Tan Force is a cruelty-free product that provides an even bronzed glow all over the body. It also won first place for fake tan in the Natural Health International Beauty Awards this year! It’s clear, low foam, instant drying with no sticky residue, low odour and doesn’t dehydrate the skin. It also claims to fade gradually instead of leaving you a patchy mess like some tans – I will definitely be interested to see this! You can also buy the NYK1 MegaMitt to apply it with. It’s luxurious as it’s made with incredibly soft velour, snug design so it doesn’t fly off during application and comes with a cute baby mitt to tan your face with! You can get the set of both of them here.

Bomb Cosmetics Bath Bombs* // £2.99 per bomb

Who would I be if I didn’t recommend bath products for a pamper hamper? Having a sweet smelling, softening bath bomb really does make all the difference when relaxing. Bomb Cosmetics produce the most incredible scented, cutest and best quality bath bombs for the price. They’re handmade, full of natural ingredients and designed with so much creativity!

Yours Clothing Red Christmas Reindeer Slippers* // £15.99

I LOVE reindeers and how adorable are these?! They’re really padded, comfortable and warm, what more could you want from slippers? Any slippers or fluffy socks would be great for a pamper hamper as who doesn’t love cosy and warm feet? Yours Clothing do some really cute and fabulously festive ones as well as regular ones perfect for all year round.

Miss Scented Wax Crumbles, Melts & Sprays* // £7 per crumble & sprays, £1+ per melt

I recently did some promotional photography for Miss Scented which you can check out on their website and social medias. They’re a woman-led business channeling girl power, independence and sweet-smelling products. They mainly sell wax crumbles and melts but also do some gorgeous pillow sprays too (which I also use as body sprays as they smell so good). I’d definitely recommend getting some of these to burn or spray as a relaxant for someone (or even yourself). My current favourite scents are Santa Baby, Miss Unicorn and Hubba Bubba Bitch. I’m a sucker for sweet smells!

Bomb Cosmetics Candles* // £7.99+ per candle

If you’re more of a simple Susan when it comes to home fragrance and prefer candles, Bomb Cosmetics are the brand for you. They have a few different types of candles with different price points including jelly, piped and tinned. My favourites are the tinned as I feel their scent throw is the strongest. Personal favourite scents would have to be Lavender Musk, Cherry Bakewell and a seasonal favourite, Chilly Willy.

I’ve got to be honest, this has been one of my favourite posts to write-up and photograph! Albeit one of the most time-consuming and difficult. Stay tuned for my luxurious hamper ideas guide coming up next.

’Til Next Time,


*These items were given to me complimentary but all views are my own. 

32 responses to “Ideas For A Christmas Pamper Hamper!”

  1. There are so many gorgeous items here my lovely! I especially love the slippers, they look super cosy!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

  2. Very nice and cute ideas!

  3. glowsteady says:

    This looks amazing. I can’t believe how amazing your photos look! You’ve done such an amazing job with this post. It must have taken so much time! x


  4. Alys says:

    I love the idea of a Christmas hamper, this is such a fab post! I thoroughly enjoyed reading about all these different products, thanks for sharing (:

    Alys /

  5. Ashleigh says:

    There’s some lovely items here! I especially love the kiss/impress nails and the look of the bomb cosmetic candles! X

    Ashleigh |

  6. Claire says:

    This is such a great list! Even reading it I feel fancy AF. Thanks for the recommendations!

  7. Kayla Jayne says:

    I love Christmas hampers! Especially pamper hampers, and you’ve got some great pieces here!

    Kayla |

  8. I love hamper ideas for Christmas I’ve done 3 different ones in my latest gift guide! All these items look fab and I love those slippers they’re adorable!

    Jess //

  9. Clayaa says:

    Oh my goshhh everything here looks amazing! Such great ideas, I’d literally love receiving something like this too. I’m intrigued by the wax crumbles and pillow sprays! Also, gorgeous photos! Clare xx |

  10. I love the sound of all of these products here! A real good mixture and I’m sure they’ll all make great presents. I especially love the Miss Scented Wax Candles, never heard of them before but I think I’m sold. Also your photography is goals Alice! Thanks for a great post.

    Gemma |

  11. Taiwo says:

    This is such a great post! I love that most of these items are pretty cheap too! My favourites are the slippers, scented candles and the Bloom travel set! 💗

  12. Natasha Braid says:

    What a fabulous post! Christmas and pampering my two favourite things. Slippers are super cute and it’s a fantastic idea .X

  13. my goodness these photos are amazing plus all of these products are so perfect for christmas! I want to get the bomb cosmetic candles and bath bombs, they sound brilliant.

    Melissa 🌙 | Moonlight Mel

  14. The Reindeer slippers are so darn cute!
    These are such great gift ideas!

    Also, love the style of your blog!

    Aditi |

  15. Amy says:

    What a lovely post and your photos are so gorgeous! I love bath bombs and pamper treats so this has been a great read. Love the sound of the NYK Lash Force too. As you say, who doesn’t want bigger and better lashes!


    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      That’s so lovely, thank you so much! Me too, they’re the absolute best! I know right, I’m testing it out now to see how fabulously it works on mine!! X

  16. I’m LOVING the festive photography Alice – I’d love to receive everything in this hamper and might be pointing Aaron in this direction for some stocking fillers! I also love the sound of that fake tan – I always make such a mess of myself when I apply mine 😂 ❤️❤️

  17. Alice says:

    A pamper hamper is such a lovely idea! I’d love to put one together for my mom or something, I reckon she would love it. There’s some really amazing products here, some I’ve heard of and some I’m so intrigued to try. I’ve tried a few lash serums in my time that don’t really seem to do anything so I’d love to see if the NKY1 one gives any good results. My mom’s just had a new bathroom fitted so I reckon she needs some Bomb Cosmetics blasters in her life, don’t you? And I absolutely swear by Kiss nails, I wear them all the time now and people are always asking where I got my nails done x

    Alice //

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