Chronic Confessions: An Introduction!

2nd November 2018

Hey everyone!

Well todays post is exciting (I think it is anyway). Some of you may have seen me buzzing around social medias recently asking for chronically ill/disabled people to get in touch to take part in a new series on my blog. Well, THIS IS IT. The introduction, anyway. Presenting “Chronic Confessions”, a brand spanking new rolling series on Black Tulip Beauty. This will be running for as long as possible and I’m hoping it’ll start to educate and open peoples eyes to the reality of life with a chronic illness.

The Reason Behind Chronic Confessions

If you read much on the health section of my blog, you’ll know I recently underwent a pretty major surgery to remove my large bowel and form a stoma. I now live with an ileostomy due to suffering with a form of IBD called Ulcerative Colitis. I had a pretty severe form of it and it covered the entirety of my large bowel otherwise known as “pancolitis”. The surgery has relieved a lot of my symptoms and I’m now on a steady journey to a hopefully much healthier version of myself. I’ve also started a series just about my journey called “The Stoma Series” which you can read my first post on here.

Living with a debilitating disease like this opened my eyes to how many other people have to put up with it, too. Not just with IBD but with all sorts of other conditions. All of them have different symptoms, side effects and horrible medications to go with them. Some invisible, some not so much. Either way, all really not fun to deal with in any way, shape or form.

Now that I’m getting a chance to feel better, I really want to put more time and energy into helping and doing more for others in need. Be it for people I love, people in tricky situations or charities in general. I’m going to be starting small whilst I’m recovering (and to be honest, a bit skint) with things like this series. Then moving on to some bigger and more exciting things when I can. I have a lot planned already and am excited to share more about some of it when necessary and possible!

So long story short, the reason for this series is that I want to raise awareness, money and get some information out about peoples real life experiences with these diseases. Not just what you (rarely) hear on the radio or see on Hollyoaks. Honest, raw and from the heart accounts of life with a long-term illness.

How Chronic Confessions Is Going To Work

I’ve always seen my blog as a place that’s solely to document my life, my opinions and my experiences. I’m over-protective of letting anyone else onto it as I’m extremely organised in 95% of things I do and the fear of the unknown is kind of overwhelming which is why I don’t allow guest posts of any kind. I like structure and consistency so I figured out a way that I could keep things structured well with this series whilst also letting the people taking part have freedom to share their story.

I’ve sent the lovely people who have put their names forward to be featured some interview-styled questions. They can answer as many or as little as they like and they have to send me some photos of themselves and their life to go along with the post as we all love to match a face with a name! We may have the odd feature where the person would like to be kept faceless which is also absolutely fine! The questions ask them about their lives with their illness and how they manage day to day.

The features will be uploaded twice monthly on Wednesdays and I’m excited to announce that the first official feature will be going live on the 14th November! I am extremely excited for this project and to show you guys more faces in the chronic illness community. I have some really wonderful people with some really interesting stories taking part and I cannot wait to get the ball properly rolling.

If you’re reading this, have a chronic illness and think that you would be suitable for Chronic Confessions, please feel free to get in touch at I can send you over some more information/the set of questions and we can go from there!

Have you ever taken part in raising awareness or money for a cause before?

’Til Next Time,

4 responses to “Chronic Confessions: An Introduction!”

  1. Miranda says:

    Looking forward to reading these xx

  2. I love the sound of this series and that you’re using your platform in a supportive way for raising awareness. Can’t wait to hear some more stories and am sure it’s going to be an inspirational series! ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Alice says:

    You always come up with the best ideas for blog series’! I can’t wait to hear stories from lots of different perspectives. I think it will really help to show that everyone experiences things in different ways and help to raise awareness. Very excited for the next post in this series! x

    Alice //

  4. charlotteannelane103 says:

    This is SO amazing Alice! Such an awesome thing to do and a lot of people are definitely going to benefit from this wonderful series of blog posts – I’m looking forward to reading them and learning so much more about health related issues/recoveries/etc. xo

    Char |

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