Complete Customisation With CaseApp!

7th September 2018

Hey everyone!

Todays post is quite exciting for me as I’ve received my first physical item with my blog logo on it! I’ve been meaning to get something personalised for the longest time but just couldn’t decide what. A mug? A coaster? A t-shirt? Stickers? I kind of wanted something that I could use all the time, essentially as a bit of a marketing tool that would also have a practical use. One thing I never even considered was putting it onto a phone case, then Caseapp came to the rescue! I got the chance to completely customise two items from their site and be gifted them. As my phone is the gadget I use the most consequently getting the most battered around – I decided to go for two phone cases!

A Bit About Caseapp

Caseapp was created as a one-stop shop for easy customisation of high quality products. They have 9 years experience in the printing business and have grown to now supply protective cases for devices all over the world. They are extremely passionate, ambitious and determined to provide the best quality and most user-friendly website for customising your products and are constantly upgrading their technology.

It’s not just phone cases they provide but protection for iPads and MacBooks, too! Aswell as an array of different devices, they offer skins aswell as cases if you’d rather have a pattern on your device without the extra couple of millimetres around it. Skins are essentially an adhesive sticker, they’re a great way to personalise your device and are extremely easy to swap over as and when you want leaving no residue! So there really is something for every one.

Black Tulip Caseapp Custom iPhone Case // £19

As I knew I wanted my logo on a case but wasn’t sure on a background, I decided to have a browse and choose one of Caseapps designs. After quite a bit of back and forth, I ended up going for the “Inc&Water” design. There are a few of their designs that you cannot customise due to the fact they were made by artists so they cannot be altered (which is completely fair enough). I wanted something with a black base but that was also really funky so this was perfect, really!

The first thing was putting my logo on, I sized it big enough to be easily visible but was careful not to overlap any edges. As there was quite a lot of space above and below the logo, I decided putting my blog name on it would be a good idea, too! As I don’t solely cover beauty anymore, I refer to it a lot as just Black Tulip but still love my URL so will most likely always be keeping it this way. I did have the first letters capitalised but with the font I liked, the T looked like a Y so I thought I’d keep it all lower case to save any confusion. For this case I chose a glossy finish as I thought shiny black would look really cool and professional, which I think it does!

Rose Sunset Caseapp Custom iPhone Case // £19

For my second case, I really wanted to have something with one of my images on. I’ve recently gotten back into photography and have really been loving some of the images I’ve been creating and the vibe they have. I took a photo of a red sunset recently and faded it into an image of a close-up of some red roses we had in our house! I ended up creating this lovely warm autumnal set of images that I absolutely adore. So I opted for using one of those images to pop on my second case.

After placing the image how I wanted it to appear on the case, I felt like something was missing. Maybe some text, or a picture. I wasn’t entirely sure what but I played around with a few of the pre-made clip arts, quotes and pictures on the Caseapp website. I ended up putting a little clipart of some swallows in the bottom right corner appearing as if from behind the house in the distance. I think it compliments the photo wonderfully and adds a simple but effective touch to it! I chose to receive this one in matte as I wanted to see what the quality of both finishes were like and decide on a favourite if I were to need another case in the future. The matte provides a lovely, sleek finish and suits this image really nicely.

Caseapp Delivery And Quality

The standard delivery on the site says to give 3-10 days. I was given an estimate of my products arriving between the 5th and 10th September but they dropped through the letter box on the 3rd to my pleasant surprise! They arrived in a bubble wrap envelope, wrapped in an adorable black marble bag with a little Caseapp tag and a thank you note! I am really impressed with the sturdiness and incredible image quality of these cases, I’ve been using the Black Tulip one on my phone for almost a week. It’s been bashed around in a hand bag full of keys, makeup, coins and god knows what else and there’s no marks on it at all as of yet and I can’t see it deteriorating any time soon.

I’ve also partnered up with Caseapp and got a giveaway over on my Instagram running from 7/9/18 to the 14/9/18 where you can win one item of your choice from the Caseapp site! That can be anything from a phone case to a Macbook skin and you can personalise it however you want to. So what are you waiting for? You can enter here!

Are you a phone case kind of person or more of a live life on the edge type?

’Til Next Time,

8 responses to “Complete Customisation With CaseApp!”

  1. Alice, I LOVE the custom one that you designed yourself. It looks amazing and it’s so on point for your brand. I don’t use a case myself, I know I should but it’s one of those things I haven’t got around to sorting out x


  2. Bexa says:

    I saw these on your Instagram this evening and thought how beautiful they both looked. I’m even more impressed that you completely customised these yourself. The black background effect goes perfectly with your blog logo & text. I adore the rose sunset case, it’s stunning. The colours are so vibrant and I love the swallows clip art, it all works so well together. Both of these look so professional and amazing quality. Fabulous designs Alice! <3 xx

    Bexa |

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      Aww thank you Bexa! I had so much fun designing them, I love getting creative with customisation and I’ve wanted something with my blog logo on for the longest time!! Xx

  3. bbbryony says:

    I love your personal case with them, the one with your blog name on it, it’s so lovely x

  4. Ahhhh these are so cute! I absolutely LOVE the rose and sunset one, and would totally buy it if I saw it in store! Looks like you and caseapp did an amazing job, and can’t wait to see the Black Tulip phone case everywhere when you make it super big and release merch 😉

    Jas xx |

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      Thanks Jasmine, I bloody loved designing them! ☺️ Hehe aww that’d be so cute, I’d love to start selling them!! X

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