Crimson and Black Unicorn Brushes!

28th June 2017

Hey everyone!

So I’m sure you’ve all heard of/seen the craze over “unicorn brushes” in the makeup world this year, if you haven’t I’d have to assume you’re not that into makeup or you live under a rock! They’re pretty much just normal makeup brushes but with a cute spiral shaped handle which of course resembles the mythical unicorns horn. I believe the original brushes were created and developed by the brand “Unicorn Lashes” so check them out if you want to see the originals.

As quite a small and upcoming business and the brushes being under high demand after blowing up on social media, their pre-order sold out instantly. From the sounds of things they couldn’t get them restocked fast enough, resulting in other businesses jumping on the band wagon and churning out copies in all shapes, sizes and colours and at cheaper prices (but for cheaper quality of course).

I can be a girly girl at times but these brushes never really appealed to me in all honesty, I thought they looked cool but were just too colourful and seemed like a bit of a gimmick rather than for professional use! That was until I saw THIS gorgeous version of them posted on a gothic inspired Instagram account I follow and I fell in love with them.

Yes I know they’re not the originals and I’m sorry for buying the cheapy version but THEY’RE SO DAMN PRETTY. I’m a huge sucker for black and red together and the red in these have a pink mixed with crimson hue to them so they just look plain fabulous.

I ordered them from the site lolipopshop at the price of $22.99 with free shipping which equates to around £18.10 which isn’t bad at all for a set of 10 brushes, working out at £1.81 per brush! They did take around 2 and a half weeks to come but I ordered from overseas so it’s understandable and I didn’t get charged any customs, at which I was pleasantly surprised.

In this set you get 5 face brushes and 5 eye brushes, I’d say all the facial brushes would be most suitable to use with powder rather than liquid as the bristles aren’t dense enough for a good application or coverage with liquid products. The heads on them are also quite a bit smaller than I thought they would be but it just means they are better for precise application which is never a bad thing! You get a nice variety of eye brushes, 3 that are more fluffy which is best for blending and 2 more suitable for getting in the crease.

For the price, these are definitely worth it. The bristles are super soft and although I haven’t tried washing them yet, I have a feeling they will last me quite a while as they’re pretty sturdy! I don’t have a lot of high end brushes to compare these to admittedly but for cheap, synthetic brushes I’d definitely put them up in there in some of the best I’ve tried!

What are your favourite brand to buy brushes from? Do you like high end brushes or stick to cheapy sets? Do you think they do the same job?

’Til Next Time,

13 responses to “Crimson and Black Unicorn Brushes!”

  1. luxblush says:

    I love the design of these brushes! The colours look so good together!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  2. peskywomen says:

    I so need to replace some of my make up brushes but I know I never will!
    Too spenny!

  3. outofteabags says:

    These are so beautiful! Do you know if you can get the eye brushes on their own or do you have to get the whole set? Loved this post! Em x

  4. blondielozz says:

    These look so cool, I love the black and hot pink together!xx

  5. Sophia Leigh says:

    Wow these brushes are insane! I need them haha
    Sophie | xx

  6. what cute brushes! I love my mermaid brushes but these may be a new fav

    Hannah @ The Northern Writes |

  7. lucia says:

    omg! so cute. i need them !

  8. Kayleigh says:

    These are so gothic I absolutely love them! I would leave them on show I reckon as they are so pretty!

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