A Short Break Exploring Cinque Terre!

17th June 2018

Hey everyone!

If you’re a social media follower of mine, you’ll know I’ve been on a little break to Italy recently. We mainly went to see Cinque Terre for my mums birthday. It’s somewhere she’s been wanting to go for ages and it definitely lived up to expectations. There were so many beautiful sights, food and flowers. Italy is my absolute favourite place to visit and I can’t wait to go again!

The trip also re-sparked my love of photography and made me realise just how many fabulous photos I have harboured away. It’s just a bit of fun but I’ve started up a new Instagram here if you want to give me a follow and see some super pretty pictures on your feed! Much like my Greece post, I’m just going to chuck a few photos in and give a little description of what we did on our trip.

Day One In Cinque Terre

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As we were up at 4am to catch our early morning flight, we didn’t do all that much on the first day. Once we’d landed in Genoa we had around 2 more hours of travelling to do before we made it to where we were staying in La Spezia. La Spezia is right next to Cinque Terre so it was a perfect location! A bus and a train ride later, we got to our lovely apartment and I had a nap while the rest of my family explored the surrounding area.

Once I’d recharged a little, we went out for a walk around the port which was relatively close to where we were staying.  My mum is always drawn to her irish roots wherever we go so we ended up eating in a place called “Murphys Bar” which actually turned out to serve gorgeous, authentic Italian food. Everyone else had pizzas whilst I went for chicken and chips. A few drinks and a trip to the supermarket later, we headed back for the night ready for a busy couple of days ahead.

Day Two In Cinque Terre

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We decided to do the train between the villages on this day. Buying an all day train ticket for €16 was an absolute steal for the use we ended up getting out of it! It was only a 25 minute train journey to get from La Spezia to Monterosso which was the furthest village. We decided to start there and work our way backwards through them. Monterosso was full of beautiful, scenic views and a lovely little beach. Vernazza was a bit more commercial and had a few more lovely little shops and a beautiful harbour. We stopped for pizza for lunch here, too.

Next up was Corniglia and honestly it looked so empty that we didn’t end up really exploring it as we were so tired and under midday sun at this point. We jumped back on the train and ended up going back to the apartment for a few hours as I was in desperate need of a sleep. Unfortunately we missed out on seeing Manarola which looked really lovely. Instead we went back to Riomaggiore for an evening meal. Whilst my family had lasagne, I enjoyed some lovely gnocchi with pesto flavouring. We then sat in a bar until around 10pm and got the (originally wrong) train back home.

Day Three In Cinque Terre

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This day was my mums birthday! We got the boat to Portovenere to have some breakfast and a wander to then go on a boat excursion around 3 islands. The boat trip was 50 minutes long and went quite far out into the waters. We saw a cave with beautiful blue waters surrounding it that apparently had dinosaur remains found inside which was pretty fascinating. There was also a statue of Ave Maria just sort of shoved in the middle of the water which was surprisingly creepy but interesting. It was a really relaxing and exciting ride and we got to see some incredibly picturesque views of the mountains too.

After heading back to the apartment for an hour, going out for food only seemed right as it was my mums birthday. We didn’t stray too far as we had to be up at 6am for our flight home the next day and settled for a little pizzeria not even 5 minutes away from the apartment. I had the absolute loveliest tasting pizza topped with mozzarella, sausage, pesto, olives and ham. I had to take half back with me as it was so filling! But I can confirm it was just as yummy cold.

We had the most fabulous time in such a beautiful area. This is the fourth time I’ve been to Italy and it never, ever disappoints! A dream of mine would definitely be to spend a month or two just jumping from place to place around Italy.

Have you ever been to Italy? Which part is your favourite?

’Til Next Time,

12 responses to “A Short Break Exploring Cinque Terre!”

  1. baybythesea says:

    I love travel blogs! And Italy – the food is just outstanding.
    Tracy @bloggerbythesea x

  2. Miranda Yandell says:

    It was a wonderful birthday in a lovely place with my lovelies xx

  3. I have never been to italy before but my goodness it looks beautiful! Looks like you both had an amazing time too 🙂

    Melissa ? |

    Moonlight Mel

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      Oh my gosh, you NEED to go it’s the most wonderful place! The food, culture and views are just incredible ❤️

  4. Radi says:

    Italy is so so stunning! So happy you had the best time and got to enjoy a little break.


  5. Kayla says:

    Italy is one of those places I feel should be on everyone’s bucket list. A girl friend of mine is heading to Italy and Spain next summer, and she’s so excited! For good reason! The pictures of your trip look so lovely and you’ve described your trip full of excitement and sightseeing wonders! I’mso glad you had a good time! What a great way to celebrate your mom’s birthday too.

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      I totally agree, it’s so beautiful! Hehe thank you, it was wonderful and I cannot wait to explore the whole country!

  6. […] me with this one too and it was waiting for me at my door when I arrived home from my holiday to Cinque Terre last […]

  7. lifeofshar says:

    I have never been Italy but I really do want to go! I love the blue waters and when I go on holiday I always try and look for some pretty mountains! Fell in love with your pictures, Italy is now a must!! Glad you had a nice time! x

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