Tips For Your First Blogging Event!

28th March 2019

Hey everyone!

I’ve had some people recently asking for posts about advice for general blog improvement, how to land brand opportunities and product photography. I have done minimal on the subject of blogging as in a way I really don’t feel experienced enough. I decided I’d cover a few things I feel I could offer advice on and see how it goes as if I don’t want to be dishing out useless or bad advice. I decided that todays upload would be tips for your first blogging event. I’ve been to quite a few since starting, coming up two years ago now so I hope you enjoy my pearls of wisdom!

First blogging event photo

Message Someone Else Attending Beforehand

I usually do this for every event I go to now if I’m going alone. It’s always good to have someone you can stand with and talk to when you first walk in as that’s the most daunting part for me. I actually usually meet up with them about 10 minutes beforehand so we can walk in together. A lot of events have activities where you’re forced to chat to other people which is great! It can be really hard to just walk up to someone and start a conversation so although sometimes cheesy, these are fabulous for breaking the ice. Having one or some familiar faces around that you can retreat back to if needed never hurts, though.

Take An Interest In What You’re There For

Imagine if you were hosting an event for something you’re REALLY excited about and then most people turned up for the free food/socialising, talked through your speech and left with no real idea what the event was for. I always make sure I know my stuff before I arrive if I can and will always pay special attention when someone is speaking. Companies and PRs do communicate and you need to make a good name for yourself as someone who is passionate about their content and not the snacks on offer and talking over people.

Donut wall

Remember, Most People Are Probably As Nervous As You 

As much as they may not show it, attending an event with many people you don’t know well or at all is nerve-wracking for almost everyone. Especially if it’s their first blogging event! Even the most confident of people will most likely be feeling a little nervous beforehand.

Prepare Questions To Ask Fellow Bloggers At Your First Blogging Event

It’s a well-known fact that everyone loves talking about themselves and their passions so to make connections with people, the easiest thing to do is ask them about themselves and their blogs. As it’s something you clearly have an interest and experience in too, it’s something easy to talk about. Just keep some easy questions in the back of your mind like, “what do you blog about?” or “when did you start up your blog?” or “what’s your favourite part of the blogging process?” etc. You could always ask them what their first blogging event was like too! This also leads nicely onto the next point…

Network And Ask To Connect On Socials

Once you’ve established a light friendship and you know a bit more about each other, you can then ask to follow each other on social medias/blogs! I find this a great way to make new connections as these people are more likely to support you and your content if a) you have similar interests and b) you two have met and have got along well. It also means if you are both attending another event in future, they’re a familiar face and easy to get in contact with.

Dress Appropriately For Your Blog/Branding

Although everybody may not have a specific theme or niche, if your blog is about cruelty-free beauty or budget fashion and then you rock up to an event wearing a Mac lipstick or a brand new Gucci outfit, it could do a lot of harm. From my experience, people who are authentic and blog about what they personally like and believe in are favoured. It makes sense as reading and creating relatable content is really important to me personally and I know it is for a lot of others, too. The key is consistency and honesty.

First blogging event dining room

Try To Talk To That Person Alone In The Corner

There is usually one and sometimes it could even be you. Isn’t it HORRIBLE when you feel completely out of your comfort zone and just can’t seem to find the confidence or courage to break out of it? I’m sure we’ve all been there, I know I have. Sometimes they just need that one person to come and talk to them or make them feel included and they really come out of their shell. A lot of the time people perceive behaviour like this as rude but I can guarantee at least 90% of the time it’s not intentional at all. It’s usually because of lack of confidence, anxiety, shyness or something along those lines. Give them a chance!

Have Business Cards, If That’s Your Thing

I’ll be honest, I have never had and still don’t have business cards. I have had a few people ask for them though, so I need to get my act together. I wouldn’t say you should specially make them for your first blogging event but if you start to attend them regularly I’d definitely recommend getting a small batch done just incase! 

Blonde girl in black and red floral dress at first blogging event

Most Importantly, Be Yourself

There’s no point rocking up to an event and putting on some sort of persona to try and impress others. There’s also no point pretending you have an interest in absolutely everything to be liked, be honest and open to learning about things. It’s so important to be yourself as you could end up meeting people that will want to meet up another time or even be friends for life! I’ve met a few long-term and beyond lovely friends through my blog and am so grateful for it! We share opportunities, support each others content, help each other with blog photography and my blog definitely wouldn’t be what it is without their help and advice.

Have you been to your first blogging event yet?

*Photographs taken at the Help Bristols Homeless event.

’Til Next Time,


11 responses to “Tips For Your First Blogging Event!”

  1. Emma says:

    Fantastic advice! I wish I had read this before my first event 😊 You’re right though every one is nervous! Thank you for sharing 💜

  2. Lellalee says:

    I’ve not been to a blogging event yet! I’m really excited to go to my first one though and I’ll be following all of your tips when I do go! Thank you for sharing xxx


  3. sophhearts says:

    Alice this is the most amazing post! I always try to message someone else going beforehand too so it’s made me feel better that you do the same! I love that you’ve included to speak to someone on their own too, everyone hates being in that situation. I think that events are super real networking opportunities too, I always end up with a tonne more Instagram followers if I meet new people there!
    Soph – x

  4. Lena Dee says:

    That’s very modest of you to think you aren’t experience enough to give blogging advice but I bet loads of people would value your input with all the cool posts and photography you do, so I vote yes for more blogging tips. Like these ones for your first event are really great tips. I don’t think people always consider branding when they dress and show up for events tbh. Great post hun! 💕

    xx Lena |

  5. Amazing tips Alice! I’ve been invited to a few events but never attended one yet but my anxiety just… ugh, just doesn’t let me sometimes. I really struggle going into London (where most events are held!) and tubes on my own just isn’t possible for me right now. So I’d have to find someone else who’s also going beforehand and hopefully go with them! I’m DETERMINED to go to an event one day! They always look so much fun. I’d also never considered the dressing for your brand point… that’s an excellent idea. Although I’m not quite sure what my brand would look like. I mean, I couldn’t really dress up as Tinkerbell based on my blog name could I hahaha?


  6. Melina Elisa says:

    I still haven’t had the chance to go to my first blogging event. I’ve been invited to a few in London, but since I live across the Atlantic, much closer to NYC, I definitely haven’t had the chance to make it to one! These are great tips! xxx

    Melina |

  7. glowsteady says:

    As someone who has never been to a blogger event, this is really useful! I definitely think walking in not knowing anyone would be the most daunting part. But, Alice, I HATE talking about myself. You’ll find me in a corner hiding behind a fake plant or something 😂 x


  8. Chloe says:

    This was an interesting read! I would love to go to one of these one day x

  9. Nancy says:

    Oooh, these are great tips for blogging events! I haven’t been to one so this is definitely useful. Oh man, I know that feeling about wandering around places by myself. Whenever I meet people, I like to make them feel comfortable by asking them to talk about themselves first. OOOH YES! I am notorious for asking to connect on socials. Business cards go a long way as well. Thanks for sharing all of these tips, Alice! 🙂

    Nancy ♥

  10. I couldn’t agree more with these points, especially the one about being interested in what the event is about/for. I went to an event before where some people seemed so uninterested and just wanted to keep getting the free stuff from the bar etc, I find that so off-putting! It’s nice to have a genuine mutual interest with people so you can spark conversations on it. I’ve only been to a couple of events so I’ve never been asked for my business card but I definitely will keep in mind to have a small batch as I have a couple of events coming up. I definitely need to prepare questions for in the future as I’ve always found it SO hard to make conversation with people, I just get really anxious and nothing comes out! Hopefully I can keep some of these tips in mind and learn to be a little more confident when it comes to future events.

    Alice xx

  11. This is such a helpful post! I haven’t been to an event yet (I live close(ish) to London and competition for spots is pretty hot, but I’d love to attend one day. I love the idea of meeting someone before going in as I can get pretty anxious before things like this and having business cards too. I’ll be keeping this post safe for when my day comes! ❤️❤️

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