First World Fears!

28th October 2018

Hey everyone!

As Halloween is fast approaching I thought I’d take the time today to speak about something that’s quite funny but actually very real – first world fears! By this I mean fears people have that wouldn’t have been around 10 or so years ago and fears that those less privileged than us wouldn’t experience (so in perspective, they can sound a bit silly!).

This was actually supposed to be a sponsored post but I had a company let me down so I thought I’d upload it anyway as I thought it was quite an interesting thing to see what others ‘first world fears’ were! Here are a few of mine…

My Blog Disappearing

I mean, this one is pretty obvious as to why I’m afraid of it. This will be my 200th upload on Black Tulip Beauty and I can’t even begin to explain the amount of work I’ve put into this site! It’s brought me opportunities I never in a million years imagined I’d get, let alone have the confidence to do. The idea of waking up one day to nothing terrifies me as it’d essentially be over a years worth of hard work gone.

Sending A Suggestive Text/Image To The Wrong Person

This is my worst nightmare. Like, completely. I’ve sent messages to the wrong people loads of times before which is why I’m super duper careful when it’s something I REALLY would not want to go to the wrong person. I always get really paranoid though that somehow, something inappropriate would end up going to one of my family members or something. IMAGINE, I’d never live it down.


I’m a lot better with this fear now than I used to be. I used to run through the fish aisle in the supermarket because I couldn’t even look at them. I have no idea where this fear came from and I don’t think I ever will because I’ve never even touched a prawn, let alone eaten one as far as I’m aware. It might possibly be because I think of them as “bugs of the sea” but I’m not even that afraid of land bugs. It’s a confusing one and I don’t even understand it myself.

Your First World Fears

Now I’ve shared some of my first world fears, I asked people on Twitter what theirs were and had a good giggle at a few!

“Accidentally adding nudes to a Snapchat story” – Jemina Marina

“Not being near a toilet when my stomach goes” – Lisa Cowan

“Smudging my eyebrows while I’m out and about” – Andi Matzen

“I’ve always had the fear of showering and then someone robbing my house to find me stood naked in the shower” – Ellie Phillips

“Online banking makes me really anxious incase the bank has been hijacked by scammers, so I have to check the full URL both before logging in and logging off, I also still don’t have a contactless card” – Chloe Elizabeth

“Accidentally sending a nude to the wrong person (e.g. family members) and my blog/social media platforms being somehow erased completely” – Alice Hobbis

“I live in fear of going on 5+ hour plane rides and not having WiFi… Most of them have but I went on one 11 hour flight that didn’t and I never want to experience that again!” – Hippie Within

“The toilets in the Eurostar terminal in Paris are unisex. Went in one day, a guy hadn’t locked the door. Walk in to everything on display. I now have a phobia of unisex toilets.” – Sophie

“Not receiving email confirmations. I just need that reassurance that it’s all gone through or I freak out.” – Katie Henry

Do you have a first world fear?

’Til Next Time,

9 responses to “First World Fears!”

  1. Thanks for featuring my fear haha! But I loved this post Alice, a lot of your first world fears are like mine like the fear of our blogs disappearing! I actually used to have the worst fear of fish, like you do with prawns. I’d have an actual panic attack in the supermarket walking past the fishmonger section which is always conveniently (not) placed at the start of most Morrison’s i’ve ever been to and any fish i’d see on the tv would make me cringe… it was even worse that we had pet goldfish, i could never look at the tank! It’s such a silly fear and dont have a clue how i developed it although i am getting a lot better for it now! xx

  2. Sending messages to the wrong person is a fear of mine too and the house being robbed while I’m in the shower too.

  3. eviebraithwaite says:

    Oh the thought of my blog disappearing is terrifying! But I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve nearly sent the wrong message to somebody else, I always get so paranoid too haha. I have the biggest fear of public transport toilets, i.e. coach and airplane toilets. I try and make it the whole trip without needing to use them but otherwise it’s just a nightmare! Loved this! ✨

    Evie x |

  4. Chloe Chats says:

    Love this blog post, some of the fears made me giggle too! The having a shower and then a robbing showing up is quite funny, although I have had the thought myself before! I also have to have email confirmations for things, especially if I have bought something expensive and then for some reason it takes like a day for the email confirmation to come through, really scares me that my moneys just been stolen haha!

    Chloe xx

  5. This is such a great topic to talk about! It can be quite funny to hear these stories! I’ve never heard of anyone being afraid of prawns! It’s quite unique haha

  6. lifeofshar says:

    This made me feel so nervous!!! Haha, but it was fun to read! I have loads of first world fears, yet I cannot seem to think of a lot now. I have a massive fear of being sick in public. Also, having food around my mouth, or bird poo in my hair/clothes without me knowing! xx

  7. Alice says:

    Yay you included my fears! Haha. It’s relieving to know I’m not alone in them. Hippie’s phobia is relatable to an extent, when I went to Japan there was WiFi but you had to pay for it and I’m way too stingy for that. They did have movies and games though, I think if they didn’t have those then I would’ve gone insane with boredom! Just have to make sure you’re prepared with books, music, movies etc. but I actually found it quite nice to be away from social media for a while. Your prawns phobia still makes me giggle, it’s funny how many different things people develop fears of x

    Alice //

  8. This is such a funny post because they’re all problems we wouldn’t have worried about before 😂😂 I definitely agree that my blog disappearing would be a heartbreaking experience (it’s one of the reasons I’m holding off going properly self-hosted – I’d hate to lose the followers I’ve taken such a long time to gather!) great post lovely! ❤️❤️

  9. Kim says:

    This was an interesting post. I’ve lost my blog before web my WordPress installation got hacked! It took ages to repopulate my content and regain a following. My weird fear is of ants.

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