Geneva Travel & Photo Diary: Mini Venice & Mont Salève!

27th June 2019

Hey everyone!

Todays post is all about the second half of my visit to Geneva, Switzerland. You can read my first half here if you haven’t, yet! Funnily enough, most of these two days we actually technically spent in France due to excursions. Our base was of course in Switzerland, though and they’re easy to get to from Geneva.

Day 4: Annecy, France

Mini Venice

I’m a sucker for cute and colourful places so when my mum told me that Annecy was known as a “mini Venice”, I was pretty damn looking forward to this trip. We got a Flixbus coach from Geneva to Annecy which took around an hour. Despite crossing the French border, we weren’t asked for our passports which we found odd. Unfortunately it was raining so hard that my trainers were already soaked through by the time we got to the coach station so I had to spend all day with soaking wet feet, again…

It was still tipping it down with rain when we arrived there but we powered on and walked towards the canals and boat port. Despite the weather, it was still so extremely beautiful. Quaint canals and tunnels, subtle bustle and an unbelievable amount of pretty stone bridges. After a casual wander, we made our way towards the Pont Des Amours which is known as the bridge of love. One side has beautiful views full of greenery and a canal and the other, an amazing landscape view of the lake. 

Lunch Stop

Our next stop was food and an attempt at regaining some warmth. We found an absolutely gorgeous little place that we picked on a whim and were so pleasantly surprised. We all had pizzas and they were unbelievably lovely. I went for one with mozzarella, goats cheese, pesto, rocket, honey and olives. I actually don’t have words to describe just how nice it was and I’m definitely going to recreate the flavour combination another time. Goats cheese and honey is such a dreamy combination, as odd as it sounds.

The rest of our time spent in Annecy was honestly just wandering with a short break for a drink in-between. It’s just such a lovely place to look at and take in that you don’t even need much planned there to enjoy yourself. 

By the time we got back to our AirBnb, it was mid-late evening so I had a restful evening in whilst my family went for drinks.

Day 5: Boat ride on Lake Geneva, Holy Cow and Mont Salève

Boat Ride on Lake Geneva

We were completely undecided on what to do on our last day. The Glacier 3000 excursion was a possible choice, which looks beyond incredible but it turned out that it’d be at least 10 hours all in all and as you can imagine, very expensive. We thought it best to stay more local and save doing that for a hopeful second visit someday. 

The last day was thankfully really sunny and around 18 degrees which was perfect for a boat ride around Lake Geneva. This was something my mum had been wanting to do the entire time but it wasn’t ideal at all with the unfortunate weather conditions. We decide to hop on a 50 minute one around a small part of the lake. (Fun fact: Lake Geneva is actually a massive 73km long).

Holy Cow

Holy Cow burger

I always have been and always will be a foodie and on the very first day I clocked the burger joint, “Holy Cow”. With the promise of being fresh, fast and super tasty – I was sold. Luckily everyone else was too, so we headed here for lunch. I personally went for the Viva España burger but swapped the beef patty for chicken. The toppings were goats cheese, chorizo, honey, ketchup, mayo, caramelised onions and batavia salad. Also served with a very generous helping of skin-on fries, it was every bit as dreamy as I’d imagined. 

Mont Salève

Not wanting to aimlessly wander and waste our afternoon, my mum had a lightbulb moment and remembered there being a mountain nearby that she wanted to explore. After a quick Google search, we found out there was a bus stop right opposite Holy Cow. It’d take us to Veyrier, Douanne (which is across the border, into France) in around half an hour. This was the cheapest and quickest way to Mont Salève, so off we went.

The cable car to the top of Mont Salève was around a 10 minute walk from the bus stop and did look quite daunting from the ground. At 12CHF for a return ticket, it wasn’t too bad as we’d heard the views were incredible. It was definitely a little scary but more due to the steep incline of it. 

All completely worth it for the stunning views, though. There was also a cute little restaurant where we sat, had a coffee and just took it all in. 

After spending around an hour on Mont Salève, we took the cable car back down and the bus back to our AirBnb. We had to pack our bags and prepare to travel home the next morning. 

If I’m honest, Geneva is never somewhere that I would’ve thought of visiting but I am so glad that I have. It’s opened my eyes to just how lovely Switzerland and the surrounding areas are. I’m even now thinking about going to Annecy for a mini break. I’d definitely revisit Mont Salève in a heartbeat!

Have you ever been to Geneva, Annecy or Mont Salève?

’Til Next Time,


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    Reliving some lovely memories XX

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