Geneva Travel & Photo Diary: Panoramic Views On The Golden Pass Railway!

23rd June 2019
Brunswick Monument

Hey everyone!

Welcome back to another little travel and photo diary, this time for my trip to Geneva, Switzerland in early June. We went for 5 nights over my mums birthday and stayed in a central AirBnb. We had no solidified plan of what our days were going to involve as to be honest there wasn’t all that much help or access online to book things. As well as that, the weather wasn’t forecasted to be great which of course could’ve completely messed up our plans if we’d had them anyway. 

Day 1: Checked in to AirBnb and got our bearings

We had a super early flight and it wasn’t even a two hour journey so got there a whole 5 hours before we were allowed to check in to our accommodation. Luckily we were able to drop off our bags there whilst it was being cleaned so we didn’t have to lug them around with us all day. The weather was beautifully sunny on arrival day so we decided to head to Lake Geneva for a wander which was only a ten minute walk away.

On the walk down, we passed the Brunswick Monument which was super beautiful and surrounded with such colourful flowers. On reflection, it was for sure one of the coolest mausoleums I’ve ever seen. All feeling very tired after the early start, we decided to sit in a cafe on the Lake for an hour or two. After paying 6 CHF for a “croque monsieur” which was the tiniest pieces of toasted bread I’ve ever seen with a slice of burger cheese and a slice of ham in (shocking), we decided to move along. The weather was so beautiful, that we walked along to another part of the lake where we could sit and dip our feet for a while.

We had about an hour to kill at that point before the apartment would be ready so we stopped in a bar on the walk back. We then went to a supermarket en route and got some bits to put in the fridge. You know when people tell you destinations are expensive? On past holidays, I’ve mostly found ways to make them not so expensive in various ways. From walking instead of using transport to cooking at the accommodation. I think this is actually the first holiday I’ve been on where I couldn’t find any way out of paying extortionate prices for things. Even the necessities added up to a lot. 

On arrival at our AirBnb, we soaked up the amazingness of it before eating some of our very expensive supermarket food and chilling out for the evening. 

Day 2: Bus Tour

We woke up on the second day with a vague plan of what to do with our day which was heading to Montreux to see Chillon Castle. Once we got to the train station to purchase our tickets, it turns out it was 62 CHF for a return train journey which is around £50. As we were also heading to Montreux the next day to do the Golden Pass Railway excursion, we decided we didn’t want to spend that much twice for a train journey so thought we’d try and fit it in the next day. It also didn’t help that it was chucking it down with rain, demotivating us to do all that much.

We ended up heading to the coach station to see if there were any cheaper excursions to do last minute but as it was already midday at that point, we couldn’t find anything suitable. We ended up having some lunch then heading back down to the lake to see if we could find anything else down there. The only thing we could find that could be enjoyable in this weather was a tour bus which would usually be an open top one but as there was consistent torrential rain, the roof was of course closed. 

Bus tour stop

The tour was around an hour long and passed many famous and memorable monuments and buildings such as the United Nations office, International Committee of the Red Cross HQ, International Labour Organisation, the Broken Chair and much more. We had headphones to wear, too which talked us through the history of the sights but as it was raining so hard, it was difficult to see anything out of the window at times. Not to mention I only brought one pair of canvas trainers as we only had hand luggage so my poor shoes and feet were soaked through meaning I was freezing.

United Nations

After the tour, we admitted defeat and headed back to the apartment as we just didn’t know what else to do. After a rest, my family headed out for some drinks while I had a relaxing evening in our lovely AirBnB. I also couldn’t really go out again as I had no shoes that weren’t either sandals or sodden…

Day 3: The Golden Pass Railway

We were a little gutted waking up, as it was raining AGAIN. The fact we’d booked to do the Golden Pass Railway made it worse as we really would’ve liked to have seen it in the glorious sunshine. At least we were spending the majority of our day inside where it was dry, though. 

Firstly, we had to get a train from Geneva to Montreux which took around an hour. Then at the Montreux station, board the Golden Pass Railway train which took us through the beautiful Swiss countryside for around two hours. The rain was on and off so at some points we could see a lot and others, hardly anything. Either way, the journey was pretty damn breathtaking.

We got off in Zweissimmen and had some pretty damn lovely pizza. The funniest thing was that my mum and stepdad shared one and asked for a plate so they could split it. WE GOT CHARGED 3 CHF FOR USING A PLATE. That’s about £2.30. For just USING a plate. We could’ve been angry but we just laughed at how ridiculous it was instead.

We then of course had to do the two hour journey back to Montreux through the lovely countryside, again. It was all still as beautiful the second time around but we were all a bit exhausted. We all needed a bit of a break from being on a train so when we got to Montreux, we stopped for a drink and a breather. We then got the hour train back to Geneva on which my brother and I couldn’t help but fall asleep. 

The Golden Pass Railway was definitely worth the journey and the money. It was an absolutely wonderful excursion to do and I would very much love to do one through the Swiss Alps one day, too. (I actually thought this one was going to go through them, oops my bad). It’s safe to say we did hardly anything that evening!

Does Switzerland sound like your cup of tea? Would you go on the Golden Pass Railway?

Pop back for part 2 of our travels going live soon!

’Til Next Time,


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