Ghostly Goods From Revolution!

30th October 2018

Hey everyone!

You’ll find it surprising to know that despite my love of gothic things, I’m not actually a Halloween fanatic. I think it’s because I like spooky things all year round so when it comes to Halloween it’s just nice to see a bit more of it around. One thing I do like is that I get the chance to stock up on some cool bits to keep me going for the rest of the year. If you’re a regular reader of my makeup posts, you’ll know I’m a huge lover of Revolution and their budget beauty items. Upon finding out they were releasing a Halloween range this year, I’ve got to say I was pretty damn excited.

I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t spent a lot of time online iffing, umming, adding things to my basket and then closing the browser due to low funds (willpower guys, I’m getting STRONGER. Although not that strong, I still bought them eventually). I then wandered past Superdrug last week, saw a stand dedicated to the range with a “3 FOR 2” sign on and it pulled me in. I committed to only buying three things and here they are!

Revolution Haunted Lipstick Collection – Shade “Vampires Thirst” // £4

Well I now officially want all of my lipsticks to come in this packaging and to have a little skull stamped into the actual product. This kind of shade is definitely a signature of mine. As a pale girl with light hair, dark reds and plums suit me rather well. When I saw this collection of lipsticks, this was the one I lusted after the most. Although I probably already have well over 10 extremely similar ones in my lipstick drawer.

As for the pigment and formula, I’ve got to admit I was a little disappointed on application. The formula was nice and creamy but the colour was really patchy for some reason. It led to me applying it until there was about 3 layers on my lips and it just still didn’t look good. I’ve owned Makeup Revolution lipsticks before and this didn’t live up to their high standard which is a shame. I can’t really comment on the longevity of it as to be honest I couldn’t wear it out with how it looked. This one is a no from me unfortunately!

Revolution Haunted Lipstick Collection – Shade “Corpse Bride” // £4

Upon first look, this shade really reminded me of one of my favourite lip liquids ever. It’s a NYX lip lingerie in the shade “Embellishment” and it’s pretty identical looking to this. I’m not really a huge lip liquid fan anymore due to how dry my lips always are which is a shame so I thought this would be a really great alternative. Surprisingly on application it’s actually a lot more of a brown colour and not so much purple like I’d imagined.

I don’t usually think that browns suit me at all but this one is quite a smokey but soft brown which makes it really different. It is really quite a gothic colour which I love, it makes sense with the word “corpse” in the name of it. The colour pay off and formula of this one is actually pretty fabulous. Again, it goes on really smoothly but this one is a little different as it dries as more of a semi-matte finish and keeps its creamy feel. It also applies really evenly across the lips but it isn’t the most long-wearing lipstick. All things considered I do really like this lipstick, though!

Revolution Haunted Liquid Highlighter – Shade “Lovers Wrath” // £5

As soon as I saw the shape of these, of course I fell in love. I love all things spooky but skulls are by far my absolute favourite. I couldn’t decide which out of the four shades to go for when looking online but upon popping instore, this one was by far my favourite. From an aesthetic point of view, the “Blood Of My Enemies” shade was the best but when swatching it, I couldn’t really see myself getting any sort of practical use out of it unfortunately.

Lovers Wrath is described as an ice white highlighter with a purple/pink undertone. I wouldn’t say the colour to it was so much an undertone but a shimmer element to it. Either way, it’s an absolutely gorgeous product. When it catches the light it glows and shows an iridescent pink shimmer. The only thing I would say is I’m not sure how much of an every day product it is – more so of a costume or festival product possibly. I can be quite out there with my makeup so I don’t mind wearing things like this but for the average subtle but stylish girl I wouldn’t say this was suitable. Either way, I’d definitely recommend it!

Will you be purchasing any of the Halloween range from Revolution?

’Til Next Time,

6 responses to “Ghostly Goods From Revolution!”

  1. Mranda says:

    ‘I still bought them eventually’ who do you sound like 😂😂 xx

  2. I love all the packaging 😍 but it’s a shame the vampires thirst lipstick wasn’t great! The liquid highlight looks and sounds like the same colour as a barrym one I have which I do struggle to wear on an everyday basis x

  3. briannamarielifestyle says:

    Omg the packaging is so cute! And spooky of course haha
    Brianna |

  4. Alice says:

    I was like you, I wanted the entire range SO badly as everything just looked incredible. I didn’t end up getting anything in the end but I’m so glad you treated yourself, you deserve it! Plus the skull packaging is SO you, it would’ve been rude not to. That second lipstick colour is absolutely gorgeous, I feel like it would suit you so well! It’s a shame the lipsticks don’t last very long but for £4, they sound pretty decent. The highlighters are what drew me in as well purely for the packaging, I definitely couldn’t see them being an every day thing though but they look super cool x

    Alice //

  5. I’m obsessed with the packaging! And I’m with you on the longevity/wear of their lipsticks, the ones I bought the other day were gorgeous shades but just didn’t wear very well. I love the highlight and think even if you don’t use it much you could add it to your collection of skulls, it would be perfect! ❤️❤️

  6. Honestly, I saw this Haunted Liquid Highlighter in Superdrug a few weeks back and immediately thought of you! I knew you’d love it, it’s the skull bottle! Both of the lipstick shades look stunning, I definitely prefer the look of Corpse Bride. It’s such a shame that Vampires Thirst didn’t work for you.. How annoying, I bet that shade would have looked incredible on you xo

    Char |

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