Has A Derma Roller Worked For Me?

23rd May 2019

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Hey everyone!

I’ve never really been one to manipulate my skin with anything other than plain old creams and serums. I’ve never even owned one of those electronic deep cleansing brushes (although, I’d love to try one as I’ve heard they’re pretty fabulous). However, when DermaRollerSystem told me about all of the benefits of using a derma roller, I just couldn’t say no to at least trying one out. I wouldn’t say I was very self conscious about my skin any more but I can’t say that I wouldn’t banish my acne scarring if I could. 

What Is A Derma Roller?

A derma roller is a piece of skin care equipment that claims to have the guaranteed results of reduced scars, wrinkles, cellulite and stretch marks. It’s also otherwise known as a micro-needle or skin roller. Our skin must be replenished continually with new cells to stay bright and healthy which the derma roller helps with by using Collagen Induction Therapy. The micro-needles on the derma roller cause the pores to open temporarily and trigger the bodies natural reaction to heal the pores. This process stimulates the production of elastin and collagen, consequently thickening and smoothing the skin as well as reducing hyper-pigmentation. Following a long-term routine with a derma roller is said to result in completely restoring and remodelling your skins surface. 

The derma roller is made up of a handle and a roller attached to the end lined with small needles. Don’t worry, it’s not as terrifying as it sounds. You can choose your needle size depending on what benefits you want from the treatment as different sizes have different outcomes. Each roller contains 200 extremely fine micro-needles that you roll gently on your problem areas.

Using the derma roller

My Derma Roller Routine

The derma roller I have is from DermaRollerSystem and has a 1.0mm needle size. I chose this size as I felt it was most versatile and suitable for my skin due to the benefits chart. These are the imperfections that the 1.0mm is said to help:

As I mentioned earlier in the post, acne scarring is something I’d really love to reduce on my skin so in this review, it is what I’ll be focusing on. I didn’t want to use it on more than one place on first use just incase something went wrong or it somehow gave me a reaction. (I’m glad to say that everything went swimmingly and I will also be trialling this roller for large pores, nutrient absorption and stretch marks in the near future).

DermaCell Serum

My routine was pretty simple, the leaflet that comes with the derma roller says to roll it 4 times in each direction over the problem area which is exactly what I did all along both sides of my jaw. I’d definitely say that my right side is worse for scarring than my left so I was interested to see what would happen. They tell you to apply the DermaCell Collagen Cream or Serum straight after the treatment which you can buy along with your roller. I received the serum and although it’s anti-aging, it was absolutely lovely for my skin. It’s gentle, softening and smells incredible. 

Even if you don’t invest in any of the DermaCell skincare products, It’s important to remember not to put anything other than gentle skincare on your face up to 2 hours after the treatment as this will be detrimental to your skin as the pores are still open. 

I must admit that I’ve been a bit naughty in my routine. I will disclose this as I pride myself on being honest but I completely do not recommend doing this yourself unless you feel it’s appropriate for your skin. The brand did advise me to use the derma roller every 3-4 weeks but also said that it’s at my discretion and whenever I feel that my skin is ready to be treated again. I’ve actually been using the roller every 10 days as my skin felt perfectly fine to do so. Read on to find out how this worked for me and my skin…

10 Days After First Use

Comparing my original images with the 10 days later ones, you can clearly see that the redness has reduced along with the amount of visible scarring. The blemished area looks a lot less clustered and there is definite skin smoothing, too. I am pretty elated looking at the images side by side as I knew the appearance had improved slightly but only now do I see just how much. I did my second treatment just after taking these photos.

10 Days After Second Use

Although the difference isn’t as dramatic this time, the area has definitely reduced in redness again and smoothed out even more. Although a lot of the time this area is pretty much covered by my hair, it makes me feel like I can bare it a bit more now as it’s much more neutral and blends in with the rest of my face rather than being super red and noticeable. I did my third treatment after these photos were taken.

10 Days After Third Use

Again, not a massively dramatic difference but definitely noticeable change. Less redness again, smoother texture and to be honest it looks more like a temporary rash or reaction than acne scarring now which I am SO pleased about. If this is my skin after only 3 uses and 30 days, I honestly can’t wait to see what it’s like after another month. I can really vouch for the brilliant reviews on their site now!

Anyone who’s sitting on the fence about trialling a derma roller, GO FOR IT. I cannot believe how much it’s benefitted my skin in such a short space of time.

Have you ever used a derma roller? How did you get on with it?

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2 responses to “Has A Derma Roller Worked For Me?”

  1. You can 100% definitely see a difference here with the scarring and redness! I’m not going to lie, I would initially be terrified to use this as the thought of anything to do with needles makes me feel a bit sick. These are pretty tiny though so I think I’d be alright once I’d got used to it. I definitely want to try a derma roller out now that I’ve read this, I honestly didn’t get the hype before but from seeing your results I’m much more enthusiastic. I can’t believe it’s just from three uses as well, that’s amazing and I bet you’ll love the long term benefits even more!

    Alice xx

  2. I swear to god, my dermaroller saved my skin before I got married last year – my skin was bloody awful after a bout of stress induced acne, I felt like a teenager again (and god knows I couldn’t relive that time again) but it really improved the texture and scarring. This post has reminded me to get mine out again as it can’t hurt to give your skin a bit of a pick me up when it gets a bit minging again! Love this post and so glad you’re getting on well with it – the change is amazing! ❤️❤️❤️

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