One Month Using INNOluxe Platinum Products!

21st April 2019

*This post contains gifted items for the purpose of promotion but all views are my own.

Hey everyone!

I’m currently obsessed with my hair. It’s something I’ve personally never consistently taken much care of as everything I’ve tried has not seemed to give me the results I’ve wanted. However, after chopping the dead ends off and finding some platinum grade products (excuse the pun), I find myself swishing it around like there’s no tomorrow and actually scheduling in time to take care of it. Want to know about the products that have changed my hair game? Introducing INNOluxe

More About INNOluxe

Innoluxe products

INNOluxe are a brand that offer products that rebuild and repair the hair through using protein technology. They launched in 2015 with 3 products and have since grown and improved massively to develop their hair repair products further than ever before. It’s used in and alongside bleach and colour and means the hair can be pushed further to get the desired end results without the usual damage. 

A wide range of salons are now invested in INNOluxe including the one I go to (Betties And Baldwins, Bristol). You can also just get treatments of INNOluxe without having any colour which I’d definitely recommend after having a few myself mid last year when my hair was at its worst. I always left the salon with glowing locks!

INNOluxe also offer a platinum shampoo, conditioner and hair mask that salons can use after having your hair bleached whether it be highlights or a full head. Any sort of bleached hair tends to lose its shine and start getting a bit brassy overtime so if you want to keep that gorgeous glow, you’ll need to use some decent blonde or platinum hair products. 

How Did I Get On With The INNOluxe Platinum Products?

As of a few days ago, I have been using the INNOluxe platinum shampoo and conditioner for 4 weeks! I tend to wash my hair around every 3 days which means I would’ve used the products 9/10 times giving me a good chance to form an opinion on them.

I kindly got gifted the 250ml bottles which are the smaller size, admittedly at first I was actually worried that they wouldn’t last long enough for me to properly review them but I didn’t realise just how far such a small amount of product would go. I, like many other women, am someone that tends to get through a bottle of conditioner like lightening but still have half of the shampoo left. With the INNOluxe platinum products, I find myself using 4-5 pumps of each product on every wash which is pretty incredible as I’m usually shovelling the conditioner on.

As for colour, my hair still looks gorgeous almost 8 weeks after getting it done (if I do say so myself). As advised on the bottle, I leave the shampoo in for around 5 minutes each time I have a bath to let the purple toner work on the hair. I’ve been leaving the conditioner in for around 3 minutes as it seems to be more than enough to leave it super soft and silky. There are a few more brassy areas in my hair but they’re more towards the ends. All of the freshly bleached areas of the hair have been kept beautifully bright by INNOluxe and actually look a really gorgeous ashy silver colour when wet.

As for the feel and strength of my hair, it has made a hell of a difference. My hair used to snap, malt and be constantly frizzy and dry. With the help of a (gifted) product from the new Structure By Joico range called SmoothShock, my hair is now super soft, manageable and the ends are absolutely dreamy. I barely ever have to brush it any more either as it just never tangles.

I have actually found my dream products in INNOluxe. Healthy, soft, strong and bright bleached hair is something I genuinely thought would never happen for me. I need the INNOluxe platinum products to use forever.

Have you ever had an INNOluxe treatment in a salon?

’Til Next Time,


6 responses to “One Month Using INNOluxe Platinum Products!”

  1. I’m always really skeptical about these type of hair products which claim to do wonders. I use a purple john freda shampoo and conditioner at the moment and i’ve been loving it but i find that my hair is really weak/thin and i need something to build it back up and this sounds like the perfect combo!

  2. Hayley says:

    I really want to try this, I always have a problem with my hair and think it can always look better. And seeing your photos definitely makes me want to try it so I think I will 🙂 thank you for your review x

  3. I haven’t actually ever dyed my hair before but I am looking in to going a bit blonder soon but I do worry about the damage. Your hair looks so healthy and it’s amazing that the colour is pretty much the same 8 weeks later! This sounds like such a good combo.

  4. glowsteady says:

    You had me at dry and frizzy, I don’t think my hair has been smooth once since I was about 5 (I had straight hair until I was about 6??). I struggle so much with finding good shampoos and conditioners for my hair. Your hair looks really vibrant and healthy though considering the dye! These sound like great products x


  5. I’m so glad that you’ve found something that works so well for you as I know you were really unhappy with your hair not too long ago. It’s looking so amazing and healthy, particularly after being dyed. It’s honestly goals that you never have to brush your hair now as I’m CONSTANTLY brushing mine, it gets into such a bloody mess especially when I first wake up. Your hair is just goals honestly, I especially love it when you use the Dyson curler as you literally look like you’re from a shampoo advert. I’m not going to lie, I usually get my shampoo and stuff from Poundland but you’re really making me want to treat myself to some from INNOluxe.

    Alice xx

  6. This sounds like a range of products I need to get in on as a fellow bleach Blondie although I’m a highlighted gal – I couldn’t bear going through the breakage again, but these products make me think I could go there again! I’m a shampoo and conditioner fiend, I deffo get through so much conditioner that it’s ridiculous but have gotten better since I had a lot of the dead ends chopped after I got married last year! Roll on pay day when I can give this lot a go! ❤️❤️

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