Kat Von D Makeup Review!

5th March 2017

Hey everyone!

So I went for a night away in London with my boyfriend Jacob a few weeks back, this was our third visit in the three years we’ve been together and we still feel like there’s so much left to do there! This time we went to Madame Tussauds, the SeaLife Aquarium and stayed in a gorgeous 5* Spa hotel and of course took some time to take advantage of the lovely facilities there.
While we were there I also popped into the Oxford Street Debenhams store to have a look at the one and only Kat Von Ds highly talked about makeup line! I’d already tried an Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in the shade “Vampira” as I’m a sucker for anything that contrasts nicely with my pale skin and her Shade and Light Contour Palette, these were kindly given to me as Christmas presents. I fell in love with BOTH of these products and their formulas so I had no choice but to believe the amazing things I’d heard about the Lock It products. I saved up some money beforehand and popped in to get colour matched.
In all honesty, as a huge lover of gothic glam, skulls and anything cute and creepy the entire area was a dream. All the consultation tables were antique-looking black dressing tables with skull shaped drawer handles. All the make-up artists who worked on the stand were super funky with incredible hair and make-up, if they weren’t all so nice I would’ve definitely say they’d be intimidating in a different situation as they were all (as much as I hate to say this phrase) incredibly cool.
As well as the makeup stand being incredibile, all the products were/are gorgeously gothicly packaged in black with silver writing. After a long browse, a colour match, multiple decision changes and justifications made to myself as to why I ultimately NEEDED to treat myself to these products (oops), I ended up purchasing…
The Lock-It Liquid Foundation in the shade “Light 44” (£27)
The Lock-It Translucent Setting Powder (£22)
An Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in the shade “Requiem” (£17)
AND of course I couldn’t leave behind the Tattoo Liner in none other than “Trooper” (£16)
After trying them all multiple times, I’d say my favourite product would have to be the setting powder! It sets nicely on top of any foundation and even just on top of concealer if you’re having a lazy day, it also gives a matte finish but with more of a glow rather than mattifying but leaving your skin looking pretty flat and dull too. It doesn’t show up your pores horrendously like I find a lot of other powders do too, I’ve never got on as well with a loose powder as I have with this one!
The foundation is a really great product if you’re looking for something that is thick and full coverage, I expected this before I bought it but it is definitely not an everyday-wear foundation for me as it just feels too heavy on my face. When I do wear it for occasions/nights out, I mix it with some of The Body Shops Lightening Drops which slightly thins the formula making it feel lighter on the skin and giving an easier application (the shade I got is also slightly the wrong tone for me so the Lightening Drops help fix that too).
The Everlasting Liquid Lipstick doesn’t half live up to its name, these things don’t budge! Which is obviously a great quality of them but unfortunately they do feel quite dry on your lips so i usually put a tiny bit of lip balm on top of it to help combat the dryness of them. They also tend to leave a slight stain on/around the lips when you try and take it off which isn’t a problem at the end of the day but if you’re planning on taking it off half way through a day then i’d be prepared and bring your concealer/lipbalm!
Dark red is “Vampira” and pink is “Requiem”.
Last but not least the tattoo liner! I LOVE the nib on this liner, its so small and gives the most pointy precise flicks and it is as black as black can be. I can’t really fault this liner, it does everything it says it does and looks great with any look! The only issue for me would be the price as I go through liners so fast and easily that £16 is quite steep to pay out every other week, especially when the one I currently use is £1.50 in Primark and is almost as good!
What are your favourite Kat Von D products and is there anything you don’t get along with in her range?
Thanks for reading!
’Til next time,

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