Lessons I’ve Learned From 10 Years Of Bleached Hair!

2nd May 2019

Hey everyone!

Now my hair has finally been fixed, it’s made me realise just how much it makes me feel better about my appearance. In May I will have been bleaching my hair for 10 years, whether it be highlights, full head or just to put a bright colour on top of it. I have definitely learned a lot over the years about getting, having and maintaining bleached hair so I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve learned incase any of you are thinking of delving into the dark (well, bright) side. 

Toners Are A Complete Game Changer For Bleached Hair

It’s actually crazy what toners can do for bleached hair, countless times I’ve internally screamed at my yellow-looking hair and then converted to being completely in love with my milky white colour after the toner comes off. Toners basically just help to take some of the yellow/orange tones out and neutralise the hair. My favourite one to use at home is the Jeremy Bblonde Platinum one, I use it between having my roots done aswell so it keeps it looking fresh and bright. They’re non-damaging and although it says to only leave it in for half an hour, I’ve left it in overnight before with no harm done. I have used the silver and pink ones before too and loved them!

There’s No Point Holding Onto Scraggly And Thin Ends

Indirecting myself here. I’ve done it many times, I’ve just always been a long hair lover. I find it so hard to let go of my hair but if it’s thin, split and looks scraggly then it’s SO much better to just have it chopped off. Your hair will be bouncier, look healthier and grow so much better. There are so many cute and funky shorter styles to inspire you on the internet. If damaged too much, bleached hair has a tendency to snap and go thin and frizzy so look after it or chop it off!

You Need To Be Regularly Using Decent Hair Products

Bleached hair is a lot more delicate than almost all types of other hair, you’re literally stripping the pigment out of it. I’d definitely recommend asking your hairdresser for their input as you can get some wonderful products from a salon (and possibly get a deal on them). I actually recently uploaded a review on some platinum Innoluxe salon products I’ve been trying out that you can read here. It can be super expensive to buy the products as well as the upkeep of your hair but I personally see my hair as an investment as it makes me look and feel so much better in myself. There’s not much point in paying out to get it done every other month if you’re just going to let it deteriorate otherwise.

bleached hair with clip

Don’t Bleach It Yourself Unless You 100% Know What You’re Doing

I have never and will never use bleach on my own hair, period. I know people who have worked out a successful way to do their own but I would personally never risk it. I’d be worried about it going yellow, being uneven, about it snapping, going on unwanted parts of hair etc. If you bleach on top of certain hair dyes as well, your hair will go green. My advice would be not to risk it but if you are going to, PLEASE make sure you do a lot of research and of course do a patch test first.

Be Sure To Check Your Hairdressers Previous Bleached Hair Work

I cannot stress this enough. Just because someone has a qualification or experience with hair, it doesn’t mean they do with bleaching and I learned the hard way. When I was 15 I decided I wanted to switch from a full head of highlights to bleaching straight onto my roots and having platinum all over. As my mobile hairdresser always did my highlights gorgeously, I trusted her with doing a full head of bleach, too. Bearing in mind, my hair is naturally dark blonde and I’d been having highlights for 2 years so it wasn’t like my hair was dark or THAT hard to lift. I ended up with bright yellow and orange patchy hair. The hairdresser ran out of my house without another word, never to be seen again.

What followed was me crying my eyes out at the state of myself and my hair then because I’d spent all my money on having it done the first time, my poor mum forked out for me to go to a proper salon and get it fixed. Even though it was beautifully white after my salon visit, my hair was weak and brittle for the next year or two at least. Its condition and thickness was completely destroyed by that first hairdresser so pretty please, ask your hairdresser about their experience, qualifications and also some picture evidence of bleach jobs they’ve done. Here is the link to the recent transformation of my hair, the woman who did it was highly experienced and had actually taken an updated bleaching course less than a week before I was booked in. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made for my hair for sure. 

back of head

Stay Away From Blue And Copper Toned Colour Dyes, Pastels Are Your Friend

People with lighter or bleached hair are definitely much more susceptible to dying their hair funky colours as they can spend a few quid and get a semi-permanent and cool change of appearance. If your long term plan is to be blonde, though and you want your colour to fully fade out, stick to pastel tones and research the dye brands you’ll use. I’ve had no issue with pinks, warm purples, silvers or pastel dyes fading out of my hair. I wouldn’t recommend blue as it fades to a really weird shade of green and never really goes away. Dying my hair orange was also a massive mistake. I was consistently washing my hair with Head and Shoulders and stripped my hair twice and it was still clinging on. 

Definitely also research the brand of dye that you’re going to use. I’ve found brands like Crazy Color, Arctic Fox and Directions are brilliant for giving your hair a gorgeous colour but also fading out in around 2 weeks. Whereas box dyes like L’oreal Paris and brands like Manic Panic stain the hair and are terrible to try and get out (but great if you want a more long term colour).

It Will Take Time And Maintenance If Your Hair Isn’t Light

A lot of people don’t seem to understand just how hard and damaging it is to lift or strip your hair colour. If your hair isn’t already blonde, it won’t be blonde for a good while. No matter how much you want to switch from dark brown to blonde in a day, any reputable hairdresser won’t even try it. Doing it yourself will really horrendously damage your hair in the long run. If your aim is to have gorgeous and healthy looking hair, you need to be patient and do it in steps. You will be given realistic short-term and long-term options and the rest is up to you! I highly suggest you listen to the professionals though and accept your fate rather than doing a £5 drugstore job on yourself.

Have you ever had a horrendous experience with bleached hair?

’Til Next Time,


8 responses to “Lessons I’ve Learned From 10 Years Of Bleached Hair!”

  1. Ahh you’re hair looks fab! My hair just keeps getting darker and darker though, and it grows really fast, so every time I lighten it it starts to look dip-dyed in weeks! I’m too lazy to keep it up hehe

    Anne // http://www.basifpa-and-did.co.uk

  2. adventureanx says:

    I love your advice! While I haven’t ever gone blonde, I did bleach my hair to dye it purple. Yes, I did it myself. And yes, I was an absolute idiot who couldn’t wait, so when I realised it hadn’t lifted enough I bleached it again. On the same night. My hair basically all snapped off, luckily the top layer of my hair was still long (and I had thick hair to begin with) so it wasn’t hugely noticeable, but it’s meant I will never ever bleach my hair myself again haha!
    Beth x

  3. I’ve got friends that say bleached hair is so much work but it is so worth it! You look amazing with blonde hair too!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

  4. Batool says:

    Great post! I have only gotten highlights but never completely bleached my hair. The blonde looks lovely on you! xx

  5. Yes to all of these points!! Although I’ll admit I’ve always been a home bleach gal myself and have definitely learnt the hard way of how to go about it so not to damage your hair beyond repair. The only proper orange-tastic experience I remember was when I was about 13 and my auntie bought a box bleach from L’Oreal for me, next thing I know, my hair is almost illuninous orange and I’m walking around Tesco with my hood up whilst we picked out a light brown semi-permanent so I could go to school on the Monday. This was around 15 years ago and we didn’t have as much resources on the internet available 😉😂😂❤️❤️

  6. I could not agree more with the scraggly ends bit, I used to have hair almost down to my bum but it was so dry and knotty constantly. I’m so glad I made the decision to chop mine off, I didn’t realise how much more I would love it. I often get so tempted to get my hair bleached and dyed a really cool colour like a pastel pink or lilac, but I’m always so scared of the damage my hair would endure as I’ve always loved the quality and shine my hair has. I also wouldn’t want to have to keep getting it done constantly so I’ve stuck with my darker hair. One thing is for sure, if I ever did decide to go with it then I’d definitely take your advice from the last tip and get a professional to do it. I’m okay doing box dyes on myself that aren’t too much of a drastic change but no way would I trust myself to do blonde!

    Alice xx

  7. Melina Elisa says:

    I was bleaching my hair for six years. At first it started with highlights, then more highlights, until I did my full head. I actually was bleaching my own hair for a while. It was a guess and check for a while, but eventually one of my close friends became a hair stylist that specializes in bleaching hair, so I went to her for the remaining 3 years. I loved it. Like you said, I only did pastels because I wanted it to come out easily. I did do pastel blue, but it did end up green. Having bleached hair (while my hair is nearly naturally black), was super difficult and was quite a process. It was extremely time consuming, and like you said an investment. Since I’ve stopped bleaching my hair, I can definitely say that I’ve saved so much money! I sometimes miss it, but it’s just so much less work to deal with. Great post, I agree with everything you said! xxx

    Melina | http://www.melinaelisa.com

  8. lucykateburton says:

    I’ve learnt SO MUCH about bleach and hair dye… Don’t over-bleach/over-dye your hair as it can end up a sticky horrendous mess! I love the Bblonde toners! I don’t have blonde hair currently but I did and they were a life saver for brightening!

    Lucy-Kate // https://lucykateburton.co.uk

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