Little Bits of Life.

11th June 2017
Hey everyone!

Thought I’d do a little life update post today as I haven’t done anything like it since my first ever post at the start of the year and quite a bit has changed for me the past few months so this post is going to be like a mini diary entry! So without further ado…

Firstly, I left my job at The Body Shop!

After 1 year and just over 8 months of working for such a fabulous and ethical company, I decided seeing as it was almost a year since I’d dropped out of university, I needed to start actually making some sort of plan of what I was going to do with my life. As easy and “always there for you to fall back on” as working in retail is, long-term it isn’t what I want for many reasons. A few being the usually unsociable hours, quite poor pay and in all honesty, the general battering from select members of the public who decide to punish you for literally just doing your job the way you’re supposed to, yay! Not that I think a career in retail is bad at all, just that it personally isn’t for me.

My options to stay at The Body Shop were to either apply for the role of Makeup Expert, which I’d already been acting as a stand-in for this role for a few months whilst they were deciding whether to keep the vacancy or not – this would’ve meant permanent full time hours for me. Or to stay on my 12 hour customer consultant contract with the possibility of overtime. Being in a situation where I was uncertain as to what to do with my life, I thought it’d be the wrong decision to apply for a job that I couldn’t currently give my all to and that would restrict me from finding what I really wanted to do as I’d be tied to a full time contract. So I left for a role at Tesco which gave me more permanent contracted hours but with 6am starts. My plan alongside this was to go and do a course or two to extend my knowledge, bulk up my CV and do some volunteering to explore and gain more insight into what I’d like to pursue in the future career-wise.

I was sad to leave as working at The Body Shop truly sparked my love of beauty, makeup and skincare and I wouldn’t be half as inspired, talented or knowledgeable in these areas if it wasn’t for the training from the company, getting to work with their gorgeous products and with some great people who helped me develop!

But of course, nothing really ever goes to plan, does it? 3 or so weeks after starting my new job…

I got super ill and eventually diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis!

“What the bloody hell is that!?” I hear you think to yourself, it’s sort of similar to Crohns in the fact that it’s a form of Inflammatory Bowel Disease and has almost the same side effects and treatments. It’s not as severe as Crohns as it affects a smaller area of the body but its still a super shit invisible and chronic illness that I will live the rest of my life battling. I’ve gone through a hell of a lot of pain, sleepless nights, time off work and medication in the past few months, hence the lack of posts while I’ve been attempting to recover. I am back at work now and (hopefully) very gradually on the mend. Just waiting to find the right long-term medication to make me feel like a normal, functioning human being again.

I won’t rabbit on anymore as there is a whole load of information I could tell you that I wouldn’t even know where to start but if you’d like to know more you can visit where you can get yourself educated, do some fundraising like I really hope to do once I’m properly back on my feet or even make a donation yourself 🙂

I’ve learned so much about myself and what I want in such a short space of time because of this illness and it’s either extremely strengthened or kind of broken my bonds with important people in my life. Despite the circumstances, I surprisingly have never been as happy as I am right now and although my life and future have to be put temporarily on hold whilst finding my feet again, I’m so super grateful to just simply have a job, a roof over my head and people who love me – so a big shout out to the fabulous people who have been there for me and been so understanding these past few months. Especially my mum, Jake and my best pals. ♥♥♥♥

I’ve lost weight!

Yeah, admittedly a lot of it was a symptom of my illness but every cloud, right? I lost 18 lbs, then may or may not have put 4 lbs back on as I went on holiday for 2 weeks (oops) but have lost 3.5 lbs in my first week and a half back from calorie counting so all in all I’m 17.5 lbs lighter than I was in February! I feel so much better about myself physically and much more confident than I have in a long time which feels really great as I can honestly say it’s been years since I’ve felt this good and worn the kind of clothes that I actually want to be wearing!
Life on holiday

I’ve been to Menorca and Portugal!

I went to San Jaime in Menorca for 7 nights from the 11th – 18th May with my family, such a gorgeous island and we stayed in the super cute “Villa Magdalena” with a pool that we got for SUPER cheap for how nice and big it was. The weather was 27 degrees most of the time we were there and the beaches and sea were gorgeous, I’d 100% visit again in the near future!
Villa pool life
Then I was lucky enough to go to Albufeira in Portugal for 5 nights from the 19th – 24th May with my lovely boyfriend, Jacob. We stayed in the cutest little apartment in the complex ‘Vila do Castelo’ just outside of the main part of Albufeira and became very relieved upon arriving as our transfer coach had just dropped off two massive, chanting and already drunk (at 10am) stag parties in the main town! As much as we love socialising and a few drinks we are not party people to that extent, haha! We had a super relaxing holiday, the BEST Tapas and spent every day on the Beach. ♥
beach photo with Jake
Jake on the beach

Last but not least, I TURNED 21 and am going to Amsterdam in September!

So I can’t say my dream image of turning the big 21 included being mid flare-up of IBD and wondering whether I still had a job/a good future ahead of me but hey, life throws the most unexpected curve balls and at least I had my two favourite people by my side. My family, Jacob and I went for a lovely evening meal at Al Bacio and Jacob is taking us to Amsterdam in September for 4 nights which I am SO excited about!! I absolutely love travelling to new places and just want to go everywhere I possibly can while I’m able to, so a holiday was the best present ever 🙂
Life as a 21 year old
Life with Jake
If you want to see more holiday pics/keep more up to date with my life, my Instagram is here and Twitter is here!

Hope you enjoyed my weird, rambly life update post this week! Back to beauty next week I think. Where has been your favourite place you’ve travelled to?! I’ve got such a long list of places I want to go!

’Til next time,

11 responses to “Little Bits of Life.”

  1. luxblush says:

    I used to work in retail and it had it’s good days, but some people have no people skills at all and it can be so horrible to have to serve someone so rude! Definitely relate to that! So happy that you’re on the mend now, I hope you start to feel better soon! You must be so excited for Amsterdam too!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    • It definitely had its fun days and beauty is probably the most fun you can get in retail but yeah i totally agree 🙁 thanks so much, me too haha!! I am super excited, so much to see! ? xx

  2. Liv says:

    What a busy few months for you! Sorry to hear about how ill you were but I’m glad you’re on the mend. Those holiday pics look amazing!! I’m so jealous xx

  3. Kate says:

    I loved this post and I’m very jealous of your holidays, they both look and sound incredible! I’ve always wanted to go to Amsterdam as well so I’m sure you’ll have such a great time!
    So sorry to hear about your illness but glad to hear you’re better!
    Kate Xx

  4. Miranda says:

    Aww love this post. It shows your true strength. You’re doing amazing xxx

  5. Burning Embers, baby! says:

    […] the basis of beauty today, hope you enjoyed my last post on my life update! You can give it a read here if you missed it ? SO I bought a gorgeous new palette last week after hearing fabulous things […]

  6. […] the basis of beauty today, hope you enjoyed my last post on my life update! You can give it a read here if you missed it ? SO I bought a gorgeous new palette last week after hearing fabulous things […]

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