The Olympus E-PL7: Kit Lens Vs. 45mm!

3rd June 2018

Hey everyone!

Before we get into the post – being totally honest here, I’ve had a real lousy few weeks health-wise. I usually have a few posts pre-scheduled because I know I have down times and sometimes brain fog will hit me full-force but I’ve used them all up. It really sucks as I’m feeling really motivated to create content with the new lens I got for my birthday last week. People seem to be really adoring the photos and whatnot that I’ve been putting out there too which makes it more difficult. Despite my desire to do so, I just haven’t got the energy right now to be constantly churning out top-notch blog posts so you may see a bit less content in the near-future as I’d rather there be less of it and it be really good than half-bothered write-ups and average photos.

Now I love taking photos and I did do an A level in Photography but this post is going to be extremely amateur. I’ve owned the Olympus E-PL7 for around 7 months now but it does take a little while to properly get used to a camera and know what works best. If you’re expecting technical jargon to do with ISO, aperture etc this will not be the post for you. I am definitely going to put a lot more time and effort into learning all the technical and manual things when I have less of a medication brain but right now I can barely retain the memory of what I had for breakfast so here we go!

Olympus Lens Comparison #1


Kit Lens

As soon as I clicked the 45mm lens into place on the body, the first thing I noticed was just how incredible the bokeh is. If you read reviews anywhere on this lens, they will 9/10 times say the exact same thing. I really didn’t realise just how much I would fall in love with the effect though. It continues to baffle me every time I pick up my camera now and if I’m honest it kind of makes me want to sack off the kit lens for good

The camera does have a few settings that help give the images a bit of the bokeh effect if you’re using the kit lens. The images turn out nicely but if I’m being honest they just don’t compare. I used the kit lens in the food photos on this post here where I think the images show quite a nice, subtle bokeh effect – I think it’s also dependant on the placement of the focal point in the photo. So the 45mm lens definitely wins on this occasion.

Olympus Lens Comparison #2


Kit Lens

Another thing with the 45mm lens I noticed was just how naturally sharp and crisp the images were without any editing or changed settings, especially in the centre. The incredible quality does fade off ever so slightly in the outer corners of the images but it’s nothing too noticeable. The kit lens produces lovely sharp images too and the quality stays the same in the entire frame but as I’ve also said in my last point, it just doesn’t compare in my eyes. With the 45mm lens you’ll also notice it’ll often have one or two focal points and the kit lens has a more overall focus on most things in the image.

As the 45mm is a fixed lens, it’s much more wide and open which lets a lot more natural light in too. I imagine if you’re working with manual settings this would perfect! I do prefer the more textured images the 45mm lens creates but it’s all dependant on what kind of photographs you’re looking to take as to which lens would be more suitable in this case.

Olympus Lens Comparison #3


Kit Lens

Okay so the downsides – for one it is a fixed lens which means you are essentially the zoom in/out button. I didn’t actually realise just how close up it was going to be when choosing it and there have been quite a few occasions where I’ve taken my camera out to capture a shot and realised I need to be standing about 7 metres back to actually get everything in. For this reason, I’d probably only recommend this lens if you’re looking to do things like product shots. A lot of people say it’s good for portraiture but you’d have to make sure you have plenty of space to be shooting in as otherwise you’re just going to get some lovely close-ups of their nose.

The kit lens is pretty useful and standard for all sorts of shots as the zoom range is pretty decent. It’s great for getting family photos and ones of pretty landscapes and sunsets. It’s completely fine to use for product shots too, I’ve been using it in all my blog posts since November! I just personally feel they need a bit of adjusting, cropping and editing to get them to their full potential.

Overall, I don’t think I could pick which I prefer between the two as I use both for completely different things despite only having them for a week. For product or more professional photos I’d definitely say the 45mm but for every day use the kit lens is a lot more diverse and beginner-friendly. I feel like I’ve got a bit of a bug for this photography thing now and am currently saving up for some wider angled lenses so I can still get some beautiful textured shots but on a bigger scale. If you want to see more of the shots I’ve been taking, I’m quite active over on Instagram here. Alternatively, if you’d like to take a look at or purchase the 45mm lens, you can find it here*.

If you have any questions to do with the lens or my camera please don’t hesitate to ask. What camera do you take your photos on? Are there any Olympus lenses you’d recommend me investing in?

’Til Next Time,


*Disclosure: Some of the links used in this post are affiliate links meaning at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

37 responses to “The Olympus E-PL7: Kit Lens Vs. 45mm!”

  1. I’d love to invest in a camera like this! I currently just use my phone for taking blog pictures, its not the best but it will do for the time being! X

    Ashleigh |

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      I used my phone at first and it did me just fine until I could save up for a camera! ☺️ x

  2. Radi says:

    I also took photography class and enjoy taking photos!
    Love the sharpness and clarity of the photos with this camera.

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      It can be a really therapeutic hobby but it doesn’t half take hard work to nail it! It’s fabulous isn’t it?!

  3. This camera is my dream blogging camera – it’s easy to carry around and it shoots such amazing quality photos! I definitely agree with you that the kit lens is perfectly fine for initial beginners, but the 45mm does have a more professional look! This was so helpful in seeing the comparisons!

    Florence |

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      I feel that, I was so thrilled when I got it! The kit lens really helped me get to grips with photography, angles, lighting etc in general but the 45mm has upped my game so much! Thank you, glad you enjoyed ☺️ X

  4. Jade Marie says:

    When I was buying my camera, I really considered getting this one and seeing your photos- I’m wishing I did!! Your photos are absolutely gorgeous and this is a really informative review ☺️ Xx

    Jade |

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      Thank you very much Jade ☺️ It’s a fabulous little camera although the more I learn about them, the more I think the lenses are the most important part so don’t despair! X

  5. Sara says:

    I’ve recently just got myself an Olympus Pen camera and I hadn’t thought about other lenses but I’ll be sure to check this one out.


    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      You definitely should, I’ve been lusting after it for so long, it was such a breath of fresh air and inspiration when getting it! X

  6. chloemetzger says:

    Wow! What a difference!

    Great post 🙂

  7. It’s so helpful to see the side by side comparisons, I didn’t take photography and have only recently started to learn about camara technicalities and jargon. Although I do have a DSLR camara, I still use my phone to take all my photo’s whether that be for the blog or Instagram while I play with my DSLR and get more confident in using it.

    Emma x

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      It can really take a while to get to grips with a camera with so many different settings and options so I understand that! The jargon does get confusing and I’ve honestly forgotten a lot of it since the class I took anyway, haha! Excited to see what you produce when you put some stuff out ☺️ x

      • Thank you Alice. I’ve been going through some old photo’s from my DSLR, getting them edited, now that I’m taking more photo’s and getting to grips with focal points, layouts and settings I really want to start using it for my blog photography, right at the start I just found using my phone so much easier. x

  8. I’ve heard good things about Olympus camera but i;ve already got my canon 700d so right now i dont need another camera hahah!

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      I was honestly petrified I’d regret trading in my Canon for this baby but it’s done me so much better in so many ways! X

  9. Mrs C says:

    Oh thanks for this post! I’m toying with getting myself a ‘proper’ camera but get so lost in so many blog posts full of jargon I don’t understand.

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      Haha I feel that on an emotional level, I went for this one on a whim to be honest but it was the best decision! X

  10. Kayla says:

    Great informative post! I appreciate you being thorough in your pictures because it’s the small stuff that really matters! I’ve seen so many bloggers switching to this camera, and I can see why! Your pictures always turn out the best, I love them so much!
    Also, I’m sad to hear your decline in health recently, and honestly don’t feel obligated to post certain days if you don’t have the energy. You do you girl, we’ll be waiting for you when you return! ? take care!

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      Thank you I’m so glad you enjoyed ☺️ I’ve noticed the main target audience with this camera are more amateur photographers or bloggers so it’d be useful to do more of a simple post for people who don’t want to learn all the technical stuff! Thank you very much for your kind words ☺️ it’s been tough but my health has to be my priority right now! X

  11. Nancy says:

    I’m sorry to hear about the slump. Though – it’s great that you’ve bounced back with the new lens! I REALLY like the effects of the 45mm lens. The bokeh effect is amazing and I felt the same when I moved from my kit lens to 35mm. I’m glad that the 45mm did its magic and the pictures look so much better with it. Though, it kind of sucks that you need to stand further out but it’s worth it! Thanks for sharing your thoughts :).

    Nancy ♥

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      Trust me it is nowhere near a slump, I have so much I want to write about but not the physical energy or brain power to do it due to my health! It’s gorgeous isn’t it!? I’m so, so glad I invested in it! But yes I totally agree, I’m looking into getting a further out version that will have similar amazing effects!

  12. I love all things photography so I really enjoyed reading this! I’ve been wanting to invest in a camera like this for ages now! I think both lens take really effective photos. Great post!

  13. I have wanted to invest in an olympus pen for ages bout would have had no idea what to go for lens wise. both lenses do sound amazing but i think i’d prefer photos with the kit lens!

  14. aimsysantics says:

    You can definitley tell the difference in the lens on those shots, although all pictures look great.
    Would you recommend the Olympus E-PL7? I would love to get into more manual photography and have eyed this camera up a few times. Just need to get saving now, although I would be sad to give up my everyday point and shoot! lol

    Aimsy xoxo

  15. I’ve been loving all of your amazing shots lately and the comparisons are insane! Your new lens is incredible!! Have fun playing with your new toy. I kinda want a new camera now….x


  16. anaslilblog says:

    As others have said, I only use my phone for blog photos and would love to invest in a camera. I will for sure get a 45mm lens when doing so because the photos are unreal! (P.s. the skulls are so up my street!) ♡

  17. Absolutely love your photos! I definitely prefer the imagery from the 45mm though. The Olympus Pen is what I’m currently saving up for!

    Heather | x Highland Beauty

  18. Jesica says:

    Photography is one of my hobbies as well so reading this has been really interesting! I’ve currently only used my phone mostly, but this has been real informative! :)x

  19. I’ve been eyeing this camera up for a while and would love to invest – I’ve predominantly been using my phone and occasionally my
    Nikon 1 J5 which is okay for videos but not so much for photos! I might see if I can find some alternative lenses for it as it definitely makes a huge difference!! I love the shots you’ve captured for both, but deffo like the 45mm lens for the product shots – it really focuses on the centre and I love the blurred effect you get around it! ❤️❤️

  20. I’ve wanted this camera for a while now, although I do love my Canon DSLR it can be a bit bulky to travel around with and the size of this Olympus one is perfect for carrying around. I love your new lens so much, I need it! It’s so perfect for the style of photos I do, like close-ups of products as the depth of field is so amazing! I really love the photos you’ve captured with it, fab work as always x

    Alice |

  21. Ashton says:

    Wow these pictures are amazing. I am so jealous of your new kit. I cant wait too see your new photos

  22. jazziepickles says:

    I still use my phone camera because I’m too poor for a better camera 🙁 but your pictures are always amazing

  23. I absolutely adore the 45mm Olympus lens! It’s soo good! It is annoying how far back you have to get though, I always feel a right knob being 1,000 miles away from the things I’m taking a photo of haha!xo

    Char |

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      It’s fabulous isn’t it!? It upped my photography game by an insane amount and made me fall in love with taking photos again ☺️ but yes I totally understand that haha! X

  24. […] mean I’d have to have decent images to back up my writing. Around two months ago when receiving a new lens for my birthday, all the love for it came flooding back and I’ve been really excited to go full […]

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