Pastel Elixir: Pretty Prints, Postcards & More!

15th July 2018

Hey everyone!

I have been keen to write about this brand for a while. The first parcel I ordered from them were gifts so I couldn’t really upload a proper post about them. BUT today’s box is all for me, so you’re getting the low down on these adorable pieces. The brand is called Pastel Elixir and are currently having a huge sale.

They’re clearing out some old stock to make way for new items being brought into the store (exciting!). Last week, they started doing 2 types of “Mystery Box” where you pay a certain price and get much more for your money as what is picked out is a surprise! I ordered the £5 box where you get £10 worth of products and am going to share the contents with you today.

A Little About Pastel Elixir

Pastel Elixir is a bundle of fun business run by the lovely Ellis Woolley who is the creativity and talent behind the business. All designs are drawn, made and cheerfully packaged with love by herself whilst her partner James makes sure they’re all sent off promptly! Then of course there are the adorable little elves of the team. By elves I mean doggies called Vespa and Custard (that name!) who control stock and tea breaks. All of their wonderful products are sent out from a place in the UK called Leicestershire.

So, what was in my “Mystery Box“?

THE SQUIRREL. I cannot get over how cute that print is. It’s definitely my favourite of the three but not by a lot as the other two are just adorable too. The llama one really makes me giggle. I love that a lot of Ellis’ prints are animal based and she paints them in such a delicate way. Pastel Elixir promote veganism too in their products so definitely check them out if you want to pick up a few cute badges or a tote bag displaying your love for animals!

Spooky Stickers

These weren’t actually in the sale but Ellis knew that I’m a big fan of spooky things and very kindly made some especially for my box. How sweet is that!? These have got to be the most adorable stickers I’ve ever seen. Little skulls, ghosts, gothicy bits. Lotions, potions and my personal favourite, the poison apple. They’ve also got a poison apple necklace which I am DESPERATE for and keep hinting at my boyfriend for. He has not yet processed this hint but I’ll keep you all updated if it happens to arrive…

Card & Postcard

I ordered a few cards from Pastel Elixir in my last batch and they’re so carefully crafted that it makes them so much more personal to give. This is a cute little watercolour Happy Birthday one which will be perfect to keep and use sometime this Summer! The postcard is for sure something I’d put on my fridge as it’s essentially just like a smaller print! The one in the middle is a business card, I just thought it was brilliant so popped it in the photo too.


These are also spooky which pleases me greatly and that little pumpkin is my damn favourite. You know when something is so cute you just want to squish it? Those are my feelings towards it. They’re super sturdy and easy to apply to any sort of material. I’ll most likely be putting them on my leather or denim jackets to spruce them up a little!

I feel like I haven’t particularly articulated myself well in this post. Probably due to the fact that all Pastel Elixir products are so adorable that they make me a tad lost for words. If that doesn’t tell you that you at least need to go and take a look at the website, then I don’t know what does.

The website is HERE by the way, so go have a browse and support a really fabulous independent business! If you love any of these products I’d get over there quick to purchase before they’re gone. I’m so excited to see the new additions to the store and can’t wait to put in another order!

Do you have a favourite small business that you support?

’Til Next Time,

30 responses to “Pastel Elixir: Pretty Prints, Postcards & More!”

  1. andthenzen says:

    The llama print is most definitely my favourite of the three – so, so cute.. ? I’m obsessed with stickers at the moment as well, and these are adorable! I have every faith that Jake will come through with the necklace, he seems to be an excellent gift giver.. ? My little Pastel Elixir badge from you is proudly pinned to my denim jacket and I still love it, although I definitely feel like I need to place an order for some more so it’s not lonely! ?

  2. These are just soooo cute! I love the badger print and the spooky stickers! I will defiantly need to get some of these!

    Melissa ?? |

  3. I couldn’t resist not ordering one of the boxes when i love her products SO much!

  4. All this stuff is so cute! The squirrel print has to be my favourite too, and it was so nice of her to include stickers especially for you!
    Jas xx

  5. tralisty says:

    I feel like I need that llama print in my life! (my sister would probably rob it though because she loves llamas!!)
    I love badges too so they were awesome to see!

    Naomi xo

  6. ruthinrevolt says:

    I love her products and these look AMAZING!! ?

  7. Greatness Reinvented says:

    I love these and I know just that person who these would make great gifts for.

    GR |

  8. Merkitty says:

    So cute. I am loving the llama with the balloons.. the spooky stickers are pretty adorable too.

  9. Ooo everything in the box looks so adorable! The squirrel print is definitely up my street! Would make such cute gifts for someone.

    Heather | x Highland Beauty

  10. I love companies like this – you always feel more inclined to support them as they’re not mass produced and everything is made with love!! I especially love the llama print and that she popped in some spooky bits for you – very Alice! A great little find and lovely post as always ❤️❤️❤️

  11. FetchCandle says:

    All the drawings are very cute. I really like all the stickers as well. And the card they left you is super sweet.

  12. Bexa says:

    I love Pastel Elixir so much! Ellis is super talented! I have the llama and hot chocolate prints on my wall and think they are brilliant! You got such a great selection of goodies Alice, it’s so nice you got some spooky stickers made specially for you too. What a lovely touch! Love your colourful photos too ☺️? xx

    Bexa |

  13. I’ve seen so many prints from ellis’ s shop and in desperately need to get some for my own collection! I really love the stickers too x

  14. I love stationary and I love all of your picks! The stickers are super cute!

  15. Jay says:

    This is by far the cutest mystery box I have ever seen!! That shop is really talented. Might just have to grab a little something from them 🙂
    Great post!

    Jay xx

  16. Aaliyah Hunt says:

    This looks like just the perfect mistery box! Everything you received was just too cute especially the prints I really love the badger one, I also love how everything was packaged in such a cute way. Will definitely be checking out their site, these would make perfect gifts! X

  17. What an adorable selection of goodies! I love those three prints! That squirrel is so cute! I’ll definitely have to check this shop out! I think prints like those would make a great addition to my room!

  18. Kristin says:

    These are so adorable! I love the bright colors on those prints and the detail in the drawings are so beautiful. I will have to see if they ship to the states and order something for sure!

  19. Clem Loves says:

    I really love everything that you got in your mystery box so much! ???The prints are so cute and adorable, I love them.
    Clem xx

  20. jazziepickles says:

    I need the badger and squirrel prints, that’s what we nickname out cats because one is black and white, the other is ginger with a huge bushy tail. These would make such amazing gifts too <3

  21. Nancy says:

    Pastel Elixir is such a cute brand! It’s great that the box doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Those art prints are so cute!!! Hehe, I love the balloons one. Oh my goodness, those spooky stickers are perfect for you!! The badges are super adorable as well. I love small businesses! I love supporting Kieu Le’s arts. Thanks for sharing your experience!

    Nancy ♥

  22. Well this is absolutely adorable. I love the idea of a mystery box. I can’t decide which design is my favourite! Ellis is so talented x


  23. I need to start supporting cute smaller businesses like these – the prints are so cute! I also love the flatlay pictures; I really need to up my game with that!

    Meg x |

  24. Kate says:

    I love supporting small businesses and this brand looks fabulous! I love the idea of the £5 box, the products and variety you get are sooo good! Hope your boyfriend gets the hint soon as well!!
    Kate Xxx

  25. Alice says:

    I remember you giving me that lovely little adorable mirror from Pastel Elixir and ever since then I’ve been meaning to have a browse of their website! I’ve just had a look through and there’s soooo many cute designs, I feel a bit spoilt for choice. I think I might have to get myself a mystery box when I get paid! My favourite print has got to be the little llama with the balloons. I absolutely love the Alice in Wonderland print too, I’d definitely be framing that and keeping it in my room! x

    Alice //

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      I love their products so much they’re just so adorable! You really should as you get such fab stuff in them ? hehe aww the llama is adorable!! X

  26. I absolutely love the Pastel Elixir shop, I think her designs are stunning! I ordered a few festive things last year myself and was so impressed. All of these bits look so pretty, especially that Alice in Wonderland print 🙂

    Great post!

    Kate |

  27. These prints are right up my street! so so cute. I love posts like this, its so nice discovering more independent shops/artists work :)xx

  28. helloaycan says:

    I absolutely adore Ellis and Pastel Elixir. She is so talented. and is always making such beautiful things. I won a competition with her and got sent a few things, and they’re all such amazing quality too. I love a good mystery box, and these are really worth it and you’ll 100% love everything!

    Aycan //

  29. Oh how sweet is this brand! I’m definitely bookmarking this company for the future 🙂 Everything you got is soo cute! I love the sound of a mystery box too – such a fab idea xo

    Char |

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