Plump and Perfect Skin With Proto-col!

7th February 2018

Hey everyone!

You may remember a few weeks back I did a review on some of Proto-cols makeup products that they kindly sent me to try out and review. If you haven’t yet read that post, you can check it out here. They also sent two of their well-loved skincare products for me to use. I mentioned in my last post that I felt I needed a bit longer to try skincare out, hence why I’ve done the two posts separately so I could give a much more reliable and long term opinion of these products. These are the two lovely products I’ve been trying out over the last few weeks:

Proto-col Foaming Facial Wash // £8.95 for 50ml

I found this facial wash to be extremely gentle and kind to my skin and pretty much unscented. As with most foam washes, it feels really light on the skin and doesn’t have a clogging effect at all. It’s one of those products you don’t have to use a lot of either as you can spread such a small amount around the face which is super handy as you won’t have to repurchase as often. I do however feel like it might be a bit more suited for Summer personally as I tend to use lighter and less products during those months. I’d definitely recommend this wash as one for taking on holiday due to its size, ease of use and gentle and light application.

proto-col Moisturising Facial Gel // £21.95 for 50ml 

I was really excited to try out this product as I used to religiously use The Body Shop’s Seaweed gel cream which was brilliant for my skin. My skin tends to dry out a bit more towards Winter resulting in me switching over to something a bit more rich such as their Vitamin E Moisture Cream. This gel cream has the lightest texture and I found myself piling it on my face on my first use and then realising it was completely unnecessary and that I’d gotten myself into a bit of a pickle, haha! But who says your skin can be too moisturised!? It is actually fabulously nourishing for a gel cream, you get so much hydration from one thin layer so it’s absolutely perfect to apply before your makeup too as it dries quickly.

The scent of it is very light and refreshingly fruity, the website says it is kiwi and guava which I personally would have never of guessed. It’s a really nice fresh scent and not overwhelming at all. I think it goes perfectly with the facial wash too as it’s also really gentle and softening.

You may have also seen my recent post on the GlamGlow Supermad mask and how bad my skin has been recently. Since stopping using this mask and using these two gentle and more natural products, my skin has actually improved a hell of a lot. In this situation I definitely believe that less is more and these products are perfect for anyone wanting plump, fresher looking skin without the harsh ingredients.

What is your go to brand for skincare? Have you tried anything from Proto-col?

’Til Next Time,

6 responses to “Plump and Perfect Skin With Proto-col!”

  1. Alice says:

    I really love the sound of both of these products! The facial wash would be perfect for me to take to Japan with me if it’s travel-friendly like you say. The facial gel would be perfect for putting on of a morning before applying my make-up, I find that so many moisturisers can be too heavy and my make-up doesn’t apply properly but this sounds like the perfect fix! x

    Alice |

  2. Ashton says:

    These products sound so nice and like they are worth a try. I love a facial gel as i do have oily skin and find these are the only ones that work properly for

  3. Gabrielle says:

    Oooh I like the sound of the moisturiser! I’m trialling a L’Oréal face cleanser at the moment so fingers crossed it goes well! I’ve not been having a great time with my skin either so I’ll keep you posted!
    Gaby xx

  4. Both of these products sound fab! I loove that is Kiwi and Guava – YUM! I haven’t tried any products from Proto-col before, but the Moisturising Facial Gel sounds right up my street xo

    Char |

  5. Lily says:

    I really like the sound of the foaming facial wash, tbh anything that foams I’m all for! I currently don’t have a fave brand right now, as I’m testing out some new products but The Body Shop is a good safe bet x

    Lily | Covet Luxe

  6. I really want to try the face wash I need an unscented and gentle one for my super sensitive skin!

    Emily xx

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