Products I Regret Buying And Trying!

21st February 2019

Hey everyone!

As I mentioned in my recent “Fashion Trends I’ve Never Understood” post, I don’t actually tend to give that much air time to things I dislike on my blog. Sticking to my statement that that was indeed going to change, I thought I’d write a post on products I regret spending my time and money on. Funnily enough with the amount of beauty bits that I’ve tried, there aren’t actually all that many products I regret buying, that I can strongly remember anyway. I no longer have a few of the products for obvious reasons so I wasn’t able to photograph them. Here are the products I regret buying!

Products I Regret Buying And Trying

Kat Von D Lock It Foundation

When I first bought this, I thought it was brilliant. A post about some Kat Von D products including this was one of my first uploads on this blog actually! I will admit that it applied beautifully on my skin and gave great coverage. I do think I was slightly blinded by the brand owner, though as I loved Kat Von D at this stage. The first thing that annoyed me was that there wasn’t actually a shade that matched my skin tone properly. The yellow toned one closest to my skin colour was a bit too dark and the next lightest in the range was far too pinky. I was desperate to try the foundation though so I just went with the more yellow-toned one.

Despite the coverage being great, it feels extremely heavy on the skin and is a hefty job to take off at the end of the day. I’ve only actually used it possibly twice, maximum three times and just couldn’t imagine myself wearing it anymore. I much prefer to use lighter alternatives now as looking after my skin and letting it breathe is definitely more important to me. Also, I’m not going to lie, as someone who has spent a fair amount of time in a vulnerable state with their health and on immunosuppressants, the anti-vax news definitely put me off using or buying from her company again!

Urban Decay Naked Palettes

See, these palettes are bittersweet for me as they remind me of first getting into makeup. They’re one of the products I regret buying because they also make me think of the money I WASTED when I could’ve spent less on better quality and palettes with more shades. I have all the originals and the smoky palette and honestly do not use any of them anymore. The only thing I occasionally use them for is to take on holiday as I’m not afraid of them smashing in my suitcase but even then, I have Makeup Revolution palettes that I could easily take and replace for under £10.

I will admit, I still love the shades in Naked 3 but the pigment just really isn’t up to standard. I am totally in love with how the Cherry palette looks, too but I don’t want to spend that much money to probably be disappointed. I still love Urban Decay though, there are just other brands that are killing the eyeshadow palette game at a much more affordable price. Morphe do double the shades with much better pigment for half the price.

Glamglow Supermud Clearing Mask

This is at the very top for products I regret buying. I gave this product away as I didn’t want it to go to waste, hence the absence of a photograph. I honestly wanted to try this product for the LONGEST time and was so excited when I found it on offer in a set after last Christmas. From people I know, I’d heard nothing but great reviews about how it was worth the high price tag and how it saved their skin. At the time I was suffering with awful skin which you can see in my review post here so I was willing to try anything, really. After testing the mask out 3 times a week for a month, I saw no improvement. I was extremely disappointed and also had the same uneventful result when trying out their Thirstymud mask, too.

The Ordinary High Coverage Foundation & High-Advance Silicone Primer

Products I regret buying: The ordinary primer

These were a colossal waste of time and money, especially the foundation. I’d heard such amazing things about The Ordinary in general and at the time I was looking for a new cruelty-free foundation that I could call my new holy grail. I don’t think I could’ve picked a worse one to try out, I’m actually still kind of appalled at the performance of it. The primer wasn’t as bad but it definitely didn’t help and I haven’t used it at ALL since I uploaded my review post. I can’t fully slate the brand though as the skincare wasn’t a complete fail.

Cheap Makeup Brushes

Products I regret buying: cheap makeup brushes

When I say cheap, I mean cheap as in clearly awfully made, not price-wise. When I first got into makeup, I wanted to have loads of brushes but couldn’t afford big nice sets so I bought a load of cheap and tacky brushes online that honestly just turned out to be awful. The bristles have come out, they’re scratchy, some of them were so weirdly shaped I’m intrigued to know what they were supposed to be used for. I’ve been gifted two sets of Spectrum brushes in the last few months and I absolutely adore them! They are so soft, so beautifully designed and have really put me off buying anything of a lesser quality again.

Products I regret buying: collective photo

Do you have products you truly regret wasting your time and money on?

’Til Next Time,

16 responses to “Products I Regret Buying And Trying!”

  1. helloaycan says:

    I love reading posts like these! I haven’t tried any of these products, but I was always tempted to buy the Naked palettes. Just like you though, I love makeup revoluation and the quality is so good for the cost. I always feel like I waste money buying skincare as its trial and error, and my skin changed monthly and seasonally it’s hard to keep up!

    Aycan //

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      Yeah I honestly just regret spending my money on them now, I used another Urban Decay palette I have recently and the pigment honestly disappointed me beyond belief! MR are the bloody best, I feel the same actually! I buy products for combination skin in Summer and then super dry in Winter!

  2. Nancy says:

    I can relate to you about products I regret buying @___@… It sucks where you can’t really get your money back often times! Ugh, it is a bummer that the foundation didn’t match your skin color. I have that same issue until I get a consultation for a live demo. I feel the same about certain blemish removers, they don’t work sometimes (and they’re expensive). Thanks for sharing your thoughts on these products!

    Nancy ♥

  3. Melina Elisa says:

    I have never tried the kat von d foundation, but I have heard on more than one occasion that her foundation is super heavy and even a bit drying for people with dry skin! I’m glad I didn’t end up getting. I actually do own some of the Naked palettes, and I honestly have to say that I love the cherry palette I own. I use it all the time, and the pigment and the way it blends is so seemless, I’m sorry to hear that you regret buying yours! Great post xxx

    Melina |

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      It is unbelievably thick! It’s great for some things but on the whole I just can’t use it anymore. Really!? Maybe they’ve improved their pigment but I just can’t get on with their eyeshadows anymore after using Morphe! Thank you ☺️ xxx

  4. It’s been a while since I did my ‘products I regret buying’ post but I think I included the Kat Von D foundation as well – it’s just honestly crap haha. I’m so glad that someone else agrees with me as SO many people hype it up, but at this point it doesn’t even matter how good it might be as I’m never ever paying money into her brand again. I’m glad someone’s said it about the Naked palettes as well, the pigment is just so crappy compared to other brands and when Naked palettes are like £40 compared to amazing quality £20 palettes, I don’t see how anyone would want to pay double for less. The Glamglow mask is the one you passed onto me and although I do really like it, the price of it is absolutely insane! I mean it does make my skin soft but so do products under a fiver haha. I agree with you on make-up brushes too, you really do get what you pay for usually and although it might be quite a lot to spend on brushes to begin with, it’s worth it for them to last way longer and give better results in my opinion. Loved this post!

    Alice xx

  5. Oh god that hideous foundation from The Ordinary 😂😂 I agree that their skincare is amazing, but that foundation just was…not?! I also agree about the Lock It foundation – oh so cakey, although the colour matched me pretty well (yellow tones tend to work well for me) and I did use it more than 3 times lol. I regret the Estée Lauder Doublewear Light – majorly over rated and the colour match they gave me washed me out so much! ❤️❤️

  6. Michelle Blackadar says:

    I love reading posts like this! it’s so interesting to see what products work for people and which don’t. I went through that phase of needing all the naked palette’s and I thought they were good but then i realized better quality palettes now i only use like one MAYBE two shades from each palette and it’s always a matte. I have a Mac palette that I regret buying because it has absolutely no pigment at all! great post alice xxx

    mich /

  7. Bexa says:

    Even though you regretting buying these products, everything here is so very photogenic and you have taken such gorgeous pictures! 🙂 I’m especially loving those purple makeup brushes, but ouch I don’t fancy a scratchy weird shaped brush on my face, lol. Maybe they are just designed for photos and not for actual use, he he. I’ve seen so much about Naked palettes around the blogging world and I agree, they do look quite small and pricey compared to some of the huge colourful palettes out there! Thanks for sharing your thoughts Alice, really enjoyed reading this! <3 xxx

    Bexa |

  8. I love this post, I think everyone has make up products they regret purchasing! Cheap make up brushes are definitely one I regret, it’s better to save and see if you can get decent brushes on offer as they really do make such a difference with applying make up. Your photos are absolutely amazing!

  9. My friend bought the kat von d foundation and she loved it at first but then as she used it more she grew to hate it! I also have naked original and naked 2, i absolutely adore the original so much it’s a must have for me but when i bought naked 2 from the airport because it was a lot cheaper i was honestly SO disappointed in the quality of it x

  10. Ashley Firth says:

    I love this really honest post! My friend raves about Urban Decay pallets, but I don’t really think the colours show up on my skin. We tried to use them in a make-over once and the results were really disappointing – I’m glad someone else isn’t raving about them like everyone else. And I’ve also been a sucker for cheap make – up brushes too! xxx

  11. glowsteady says:

    I love posts like this! I never reach for my Naked 2 these days but I keep it around because there’s one shade in there that I absolutely love. I haven’t tried many of the products mentioned here but I think my biggest purchase regret is the Fenty foundation. It looks awful. The bit about your shade made me laugh, I think in 20+ foundations I have one that actually matches my skin. One. They never do pale shades well 😭 x


  12. I agree with on the Urban Decary pallettes – it reminds me of getting my first make up products and makes me feel like it’s wasted money – yet I just can’t live without it! xx

    Love Rebecca

  13. I actually love post’s like this! It’s much easier to talk about things you love, but I love seeing the other side too. I feel like I should write one of these post’s soon. I always find it interesting to hear both sides, good and bad, to products – especially highly hyped up ones xo

    Char |

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