Savouring South American Flavours At Las Iguanas!

28th March 2018

Hey everyone!

I am delighted to be writing about another event I attended recently and am hoping to be writing many more of these in months to come! Is there anything more fun than getting to mingle with people who have the same passion as you whilst getting to eat, drink and go home with some fabulous content? I don’t think so! But anyway, Las Iguanas on Bristol Harbourside has recently had a refurbishment and this night was a launch of the new and improved interiors and menu!

Upon entering we were greeted by two ladies in glittery head dresses and bikinis who unfortunately left before I managed to get a picture. Props to them, it was bloody freezing! We then spoke to the lovely Olivia from Pam Lloyd who invited us to the event and were given a quick breakdown of the evenings offerings. She then introduced us to Katrina, the marketing lady at Las Iguanas who took us over to grab our first cocktails of the night (we chose Golden Passionfruit Martinis) and wait for the Caipirinha masterclass! Our cocktail tasted the perfect balance of fruity and sweet, I’m a sucker for anything Passionfruit.

We then got taught how to create the perfect Caipirinha featuring the third most consumed spirit in the world, Caçhaca. The Caipirinha only consists of this, lime, sugar and ice making it quite a strong drink with a mix of sweet and sour flavours. Getting the chance to make our own afterwards was a brilliant experience (although mine definitely didn’t taste as great as Jakes – perks of being a barman). I thought it was a really lovely addition to the evening and got us mingling with a few other people aswell as seeing how friendly and experienced the staff were!

With the smell of heavenly food filling the air, we headed on over to get seated and choose 2 courses each to indulge in. Jake and I have a system where if possible, we always share a starter and a dessert and have a main each so we both get a taste of all 3 courses and it doesn’t work out too expensive (although we did kindly get all the things consumed on this evening complimentary). The menu now displays different parts of South America where certain dishes and recipes come from too which I think is really interesting. It gives you a little bit of cultural background and more of a feel for the Las Iguanas vibe.

For starter we decided to have the “Pato Taquito” to share which is roast duck with caramelised onion in chargrilled tortillas and a pot of cranberry salsa. I’ve only recently started eating duck so I’m not that experienced in it but I must say it tasted absolutely gorgeous! The meat was super soft and the onion complimented it so well. It also had a slight kick to it which I wasn’t expecting but it really gave it that extra edge. Jake’s opinion was that the duck was perfectly cooked and he thought the cranberry salsa was a perfect substitute for the more traditional hoisin sauce.

I can’t be too adventurous with foods unfortunately because of my IBD, so I went for the classic old chicken fajitas from the Mexican section of the menu. Firstly, it was served adorably in stacked decorative wooden bowls. The bottom one containing the usual little pots of cheese, guacamole, tomato salsa, sour cream and jalapeños. The middle, warm tortillas and a big old hot plate of chicken, onions and peppers sat on top. The chicken and vegetables were seasoned really subtly to go with the mild vibe of the dish and I thoroughly enjoyed every bite! I was pretty devastated that I couldn’t finish the meal as it was so tasty but it was super filling and I wanted to leave some room for dessert.

Jake chose the “Gaucho Steak” from the Argentine Grill section which is a 10oz sirloin topped with a fresh herb chimichurri, roasted sweetcorn purée and chips. He asked for it rare and it in his opinion was cooked to perfection. It was the first rare steak he’s ever ordered where they haven’t served it overdone. The sweetcorn purée was really well seasoned with perfectly balancing flavours and a lovely creamy texture, it personally reminded me of a really thick and tasty vegetable curry. I personally hate sweetcorn but I could’ve stolen the entire pot of this off of Jake’s plate… The chips were also fabulous with a crispy outside and a super fluffy and light centre.

A breather and a raspberry cooler/beer or two later, we ordered the “Aztec Chocolate Fudge Brownie“. Jake wanted to go for the “Pina Colada Mess” but the one thing I’m sure about is that if I’m having a dessert, it’s got to have some sort of chocolate in it. We definitely made the right decision, it was gorgeously chocolatey with a sharp but warming taste of orange cutting through. Jake felt that the orange was slightly too poignant in the cake but on pairing it with the ice cream, it balanced out really nicely. We are not big sweet tooth people so it was a great size for us to share and have just enough to enjoy.

As we still had a bit of time left, Jake ordered a “Cuban Old Fashioned” cocktail which was served in a conical flask making it aesthetically awesome. This cocktail consisted of 7 year old rum, sugar, bitters and an applewood smoke. This really isn’t my sort of thing so I didn’t try it. Jake said he was expecting it to have a bit more of an alcoholic kick to it due to the rum being aged. He felt it had a sweet orange taste and therefore was quite a nice, warming drink. It was really enjoyable and he loved how it was served differently! A very pleasing drink.

A huge thank you to everyone at Las Iguanas for such a lovely night, also a special shout out to our waitress Leah who was a massive babe and Olivia at Pam Lloyd for the invitation. We had such a brilliant time at Las Iguanas and will be back asap for more fabulous food and a few too many cocktails!

Have you eaten anywhere with Latin inspirations?

’Til Next Time,

25 responses to “Savouring South American Flavours At Las Iguanas!”

  1. Gabrielle says:

    Ahh all of the food looks and sounds like it was delicious!! You can’t go too wrong with fajitas either and I probably would have opted for the same, but I do love a bit of spice! Glad you had a great time! ❤️

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      It really was!! The fajitas were gorgeous, I’m always up for a mix of meat, veg and bread – the best!! Thank you lovely! X

  2. Angela says:

    Being in a bikini at this time of the year sounds absolutely freezing. I’m not even ready to transition to my spring jackets. I’ve never eaten anywhere with Latin Inspirations before. But after seeing these pictures I think I should try! The food looks so delicious ~

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      I know right?! They must’ve been getting paid a fair bit haha! You definitely should, we tasted such gorgeous food! X

  3. Oh my god, you two are actually adorable and I’m so glad that you were well enough to attend this event! The Las Iguanas in Oxford recently shut down, so I’ll never get to experience this unless I travel which makes me super sad after reading this – the starter looks delicious, and I am definitely a chocolate girl when it comes to dessert as well. I love that you two share your starters and desserts, such a good way to get to taste more of the menu.. ? I don’t drink, but the cocktails all look and sound delicious as well – I wonder if they do mocktails?! Excited to read more posts like this in the future.. ?

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      Aww thank you Andi, I’m so glad I was too!! Nooo that’s a shame ? hopefully you can try it somewhere if you travel anywhere?! Chocolate is the absolute best! I only had one cocktail and had mocktails and coolers the rest of the night and they were delicious!! Especially the raspberry and elderflower one ? thanks girl!! Xx

  4. I4d never heard of this restaurant, but the cocktails and food looks amazing! I mean that chocolate cake, wow! yes please! haha


    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      I can’t believe you haven’t heard of Las Iguanas! It’s super yummy and they have lots of choice, the choc cake was gorgeous! X

  5. ooooh sounds like such a lovely event! i love latin food! it’s one of my fav and latin cocktails are amazing! and feel like having nachos now ahah! xx corinne

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      It was fab! I don’t eat it a lot but I will definitely be back when I can, it was all so tasty! Xx

  6. Nikki says:

    Looks like an amazing place and the food looks to die for! Definitely very tasty looking food.

  7. Lena Dee says:

    I just LOVE food ? I love sampling food and trying different cultural foods. I’m from the Caribbean so we basically have a mix pot. It’s always a variety of food and I adore dining out. This place reminds me of one home called Cafe Sol. Their Mexican dishes are fun and I like their brownie dish. Beautiful pictures lovely. Glad you had fun and I’m totes craving that Aztec brownie now ♥️?

    xx Lena |

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      I feel ya there girl!! Oh wow that’s cool, brownies are always an amazing dish in my eyes! Thank you so much, it’s deffo worth lusting after haha! Xx

  8. Lily says:

    this looks AMAZING!!!! And them cocktails omg, if I ever come and visit you, take me here 😛 xx

  9. ashton says:

    The food and drinks looks so amazing. You two also look so happy and cute together

  10. I loove food posts!! I think I’ve eaten at Las Iguana’s once, so I need to give it another go again cos the food sounds amazing xo

    Char |

  11. Meg says:

    I got so excited when i first saw this post, I automatically thought it was my local LG!

    Great post. I love their food and the Mango Collins cocktails!! YUMMM

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      Haha, love a good Las Iguanas!! They are a great chain and omg the Mango Collins used to be mine and Jakes all time favourite! X

  12. Alice says:

    I’ve only been to Las Iguanas once but I really enjoyed it! I had chips and dip for a starter and I honestly could’ve sat eating it forever, it tasted so good. I had the same thing as you for my main, how good are them fajitas?! Your cocktails at the start look yummy, I absolutely love passion fruit x

    Alice |

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      Jake had some cassava chips with his steak and they were soo nice so I can imagine they were lush. They are incredible, I love how much dip/cheese etc you get aswell! Passion fruit is the best! X

  13. […] yet read my post from last week about the fabulous Las Iguanas event I attended, you can find it here! The event I’m writing about today was held at The Cuban in Bristol and arranged by Heather […]

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