The Sweetest Scent-sations From Scent Circus!

1st August 2018

Hey everyone!

I’ve been wanting to do some more home-related posts for a while but have been struggling on what to write about. I am ALL about home fragrance – candles, oils, wax melts, incense, diffusers, you name it and I’ve more than likely got it stashed in my room. A routine I swear by when stressed is a long soak in the bath followed by watching some Friends in a candlelit and aroma-full bedroom. Scent Circus sent over a box of their sweetest smelling wax melts for me to try and review. This has been the perfect opportunity (or excuse) to have some delightful pamper evenings recently!

A Bit About Scent Circus

In the box I received, I can’t actually decide whether the scents or the designs are sweeter! Their aim is to make their products as fun to look at as they are to use and boy are they adorable. Their wax melts are cruelty-free and vegan aswell as using a non-toxic and environmentally friendly EcoSoy wax to make them by hand! Could they sound any better? Oh and did I mention their melts are priced as low as £1 and are wrapped singularly making them perfect gifts, favours or honestly I’d just pop one in my handbag to make it smell nice…

On picking up the pile of post one morning, I could tell my box had arrived as I could already smell something sweet and lovely! The box was well packed with pink bubble wrap and white, green and pink branded tissue paper. All the products were perfectly intact and it also contained a Scent Circus loyalty ticket – if you collect 10 of these you get a free box, how fabulous! There was also some paper confetti, sequins and little stars to finish off the cute and colourful vibe of the box. Here are the melts I received and a little bit about them…

Cherry’sh The Love // £1.60

Every time I see or think about this melt, the song is just stuck in my head… Cherry has been one of my favourite scents and flavours since I can remember. This is described as a tangy cherry slushie which is a perfect description of the scent. It’s top notes are sweet cherry with an underlying tang.

Takes The Biscuit // £1.60

LOOK at this design!? This caught my eye as soon as I saw it on the website and even more so when opening the box for the first time. It’s part of their “Mad Hatters Tea Party” range and is much sweeter smelling than your average Jammy Dodger. With an almond and macaroon scent, I fell for it straight away as almond is an all time favourite ingredient in anything for me.

Violet Kisses // £1.60

Definitely one of my absolute favourite designs, everything about it is so intricate and adorable! It really reminds me of a creamier version of parma violets with a floral hint to it, too.

Cheesy Grin // £1.60

Who doesn’t love a bit of Alice In Wonderland? This little fella is also part of the Scent Circus “Mad Hatters Tea Party” range! The scent of this one is cheese cake which goes perfectly with the name of it and of course the cheeky Cheshire Cat!

Rainbow Sherbert // £1.60

Another unicorn inspired design and an absolutely gorgeous scent to go with it! It’s a super sweet citrus scent with some zesty undertones. This one would definitely be a good one to burn when you’re looking to be refreshed and uplifted.

There’s Something Sweet… // £1.60

I am a sucker for anything Belle as she is one of my all time favourite Disney characters. The colour of it reminds me of her big ball dress in the movie too. The scent of it is a winning combination of floral and sweetness with the merging of freshly-cut roses and marshmallow.

Unicorn For Life // £2.25

Last but definitely not least, this one is SUCH good value for money. The scent lasts forever and as it’s pretty huge it can be broken up and used so many times. I’d also happily bite into it if I could as it smells JUST like a drumstick lolly to me. The website says its scent is love hearts (the sweets) inspired, all the sugary goodness. Makes your room smell like a retro sweet shop!

What I Thought Of Scent Circus Wax Melts

The designs are just incredible and certainly give the brand a unique selling point. The fact that they have quite a few Disney inspired melts is the absolute cutest and will make them such perfect gifts for so many people I know. I’ve had the wax melts for two weeks now and have only actually used two so far as they last so long. The website says they individually last at least 8 hours each and they’re not wrong at all! I’ve burnt each melt on 4 separate occasions of around 3 hours and I only noticed a significant decrease in strength of scent on the last occasion so I’d say they last on average from 10-12 hours.

The scent throw is also brilliant, on multiple occasions I’ve left for a little while and returned to a room full of super sweet aromas, aswell as the scent lingering for a couple of hours after the candle burns out.  For this reason I would highly recommend Scent Circus. They’d be a fabulous price for such great quality and long lasting melts even if they didn’t also have the adorable designs to back it up. There are so many bits from their site that I am absolutely dying to try such as the cutie pie brittle, fit for a princess, dare to dream and she’s a beauty! I’m already excited to try some more of their scents and will be posting some mini reviews on my Instagram of the scents from this box as I try them.

Do you have a go to scent for home fragrance?

’Til Next Time,

25 responses to “The Sweetest Scent-sations From Scent Circus!”

  1. Array says:

    HOW amazing are these! They all sound amazing and how beautifully designed, the jammy dodger is incredible! Gorgeous photos too! Clare xx |

  2. These are adorable! I wouldn’t think of having different designs for wax melts, but deffo on board with it! Some of them are so pretty I wouldn’t want to melt them 😂 I’m a boring old vanilla fan, all of our candles and plug in air fresheners are pretty much vanilla! But when it comes to winter, I do love some cinnamon scents! ❤️❤️

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      They’re adorable aren’t they!? Vanilla is so good though so I can understand why! And yes definitely, spicy scents are the BEST! X

  3. These are SO up my street it’s unreal, I remember you showing me these the other day and I absolutely fell in love with them, plus the smell coming from the box was incredible! The Jammy Dodger style one is the cutest thing ever. I reckon the Cheshire Cat one would be my favourite scent-wise as well as design wise, cheesecake scent sounds so yum! I can’t believe how affordable they are as well, I’m off to check out their other designs. Also your photography is incredible as always! x

    Alice //

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      I totally agree, anything cute or disney reminds me of you! Mmm yes the cheesecake scent is incredible, I can’t put my finger on what kind of cheesecake exactly but either way it’s good! Hehe thanks Al X

  4. These look incredible I will definitely be putting this on my birthday wish list as it’s only a month to my birthday & I’d love these for at my flat😍 The jammie dodger one is already a must have just from it’s apperance and I love how unique these are and the prices are so affordable!
    Brooke x

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      Oooh girl I hope you get some, they’re the loveliest things! They are super affordable i can’t believe it! X

  5. beffshuff says:

    I love a brand that really take attention to detail seriously! this looks like such a fun and funky brand – I love the look of the jammy dodger and the unicorn ones! gorgeous pictures as always too al!

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      I totally agree, the presentation is so important too! Hehe aren’t they the cutest?! Thanks Beth! X

  6. Melts for as little as £1?! These are so well priced and they all look like candy ahh they seem pretty perfect, and it was lovely of Scent Circus to send them to you 🙂

    Jas xx

  7. Okay these designs top ANY othe wax melt designs I’ve ever seen. I bloody love the biscuit and the unicorn one – so cute!!! xxx

  8. These are SO pretty!! I want them for the designs alone <3

  9. The designs of these are absolutely stunning! I’ve never had a wax melt before but I’ve always wanted to get one. It’s so awesome to hear that they last so long!

  10. I love wax melts so much… I think I might need to place an order ASAP 🙂 Xoxo

  11. Adels says:

    They look so pretty, they are meant to be swept burn am not sure I will have the heart to burn them

  12. Charlotte says:

    These sound amazing! Love that they are environmentally friendly too x

  13. Nancy says:

    Home fragrances are the best! Nothing like smelling scented candles – especially when it is being burned. It is cool that there’s a sub box for home scents. These wax melts are SUPER CUTE!!! I like that they’re super affordable as well. I am a total sucker for the unicorn one – those colors!!! Glad you enjoyed your experience with Scent Circus. Thanks for sharing ♥

    Nancy ♥

  14. Your photos are stunning here Alice wow 😍

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