Second Hand Steals And How I Style Them!

16th May 2019

Hey everyone!

As I promised myself in a recent post, I’ve been actively trying to be much more sustainable in every way, and specifically in my fashion and clothing purchase choices. I’ll be honest, I always used to think charity shops only had things suitable for older people or that everything was unclean. I’m not sure where I got this idea from but I couldn’t be more wrong. I thought I’d show some gorgeous bits I have purchased second hand recently and how I’ve been wearing them. 

Floral Printed Pink Shirt (H&M) // £4 From A Charity Shop

I spotted this a few weeks back when I was wandering past St Peters Hospice in Southmead. It was on a mannequin in the window and I couldn’t help but wander in and ask for the size. Luckily it was a perfect size 14 although once I saw it was from H&M I was slightly skeptical that it’d be too small as the last thing I bought from H&M was a size 20 (I talk about my hatred for womens sizing – especially H&M – in this post if you’d like a read). Much to my surprise, it actually fits perfectly and I think it’s the most adorable addition to my Spring/Summer wardrobe. It goes perfectly with some black skinny jeans or under a pinafore and it’s the perfect smart/casual but funky and cute piece of clothing. 

Agate Inspired Earrings (Unsure Of Brand) // £1.95 From A Charity Shop

I’ve been obsessed with any jewellery embellished with agate, crystal or gemstone recently but every genuine piece of jewellery I see is a tad out of my budget. I know these earrings aren’t real but I thought the style of them looked quite agate-like and for such a tiny price I had to pick them up. As long as you clean things like earrings with antiseptic wipes or soak them in boiling water (if they’re a suitable material), I deem them as perfectly clean to wear. 

Black And White Second Hand Heart Jumper (George, Asda) // 99p From eBay 

I’ve had a bit of an obsession with heart print clothes recently so when I found this on eBay with no bidders and at only 99p, I knew I had to have it. It’s a bit too big on me but It’s really comfy and for that price I couldn’t resist. I love that this jumper has a cute print but is also black and white so you can easily wear it with coloured bottoms and with quite a few other prints, too. It can be easily dressed up smarter with black skinny jeans and more formal boots or dressed funkier with tights, a tartan skirt and some Dr Martens. I know my mums got her eye on it, too!

Rose Brooch And Earrings (Unsure Of Brand) // £3 From Charity Shop

When Jake and I stayed in Paignton for a few nights last year, we set off on a day where there was a heatwave so we packed all Summery clothes. Come the second day it was drizzling and breezy so we had to make our way to a charity shop to find a jumper or two. A baggy black one took my fancy which I took the till. Once I got there, this beautiful rose set caught my eye through the glass counter. It was in a H Samuels box so I assumed it was going to be a bit pricey. Upon asking, we got the very surprising answer of £3! Jake said he’d buy me it and I really treasure it and save these bits for special occasions as I think they’re such adorable pieces. I’ve no idea if they are actually from H Samuels, though!

Green Floral Silk Style Top (New Look) // £4 From Charity Shop

This is a bit of an odd piece, I was originally unsure of what exactly it was supposed to be due to the style of it. I love the print though and I don’t actually own anything dark green so it was nice to pick up something a bit different. I’ve just been wearing it as a floaty top with all different types of jeans and boots. I’m unsure if it would work with a skirt due to the style and length of it but it’s definitely been a super cute addition for Spring! It’s a pain in the backside to iron, though.

So altogether that’s come to around £14 for a top, a shirt, a jumper, two pairs of earrings and a brooch. My next quest is to find some funky second hand and fabulous trousers and shoes. I’m tempted to turn this into a little series of possible seasonal updates of second hand pieces I’ve found and styled. Would you guys be interested in something like that?

What’s the beste thing you’ve found second hand?

’Til Next Time,


5 responses to “Second Hand Steals And How I Style Them!”

  1. £14 for all of these is an absolute bargain, this is exactly why I love charity shops and apps like Vinted. I always say this but I wish we had more charity shops in Birmingham City Centre, we will definitely have to walk around some in Bristol some day. I absolutely love both pairs of earrings, I would definitely wear them myself. Both of the shirts are super cute and so ideal for Spring/Summer, my fave outfit is how you’ve styled the pink shirt under the pinafore – would definitely wear that whole outfit! My favourite thing I’ve found second hand so far is my floral midi Vero Moda dress, it only cost me £6 and it’s such incredible quality, I feel like a princess in it honestly.

    Alice xx

  2. loooove a bargain! I’ve recently learnt loads about sustainability within the fashion industry (and written a few blog posts about it too!) And now I basically buy all my clothes from Depop! Need to get into charity shop shopping as well because it’s soooo cheap, but I’m literally too lazy 🙃

  3. I love the items you found. The brooch and floral top look lovely together.

  4. elenxmai says:

    You found such amazing items! The charity shops by me never have anything this nice (tiny Welsh town problems). I love how you styled these – especially that adorable H&M shirt.
    El xx

  5. One of the things I love most about shopping second hand is the savings you make – £14 for all of that is a steal! I love both sets of earrings and the jumper is deffo a bit of me! Like Al has said, you need to get yourself on Vinted girl – I’ve found some great things on there and always get compliments on them (but I’ll admit I feel bad when I’m not sure where something originated from so can’t point people in the right direction!)
    Fave outfit has got to be the jumper with the tartan skirt 😍❤️❤️

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