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20th June 2019

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Hey everyone!

So I recently uploaded a Life Update post where I spoke about how I’m now self-employed/freelance. There are a lot of pros and cons to having this sort of job of course, as with any other. However, since deciding to commit to it and put my all into freelance work, I’ve had a few people come to me and say they wish they could do the same and ask if I have any recommendations for how to get into this line of work.

It’s a really hard thing to recommend people to be honest as an unbelievable amount goes into being self-employed, it’s not just bagging the job and simply turning up like you would for a corporate company. Unless you pay external people or companies to do it for you, you have to do/make all of your own: 


I’m thinking about writing some posts on all of that when I’m a little more experienced but I thought today I’d put together some side-hustle or self employment ideas for those who are looking for an extra or alternative income. Don’t worry, no MLM schemes will be featured here…

My Top Simple Side-Hustle & Self Employment Ideas!

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Fashion or Accessories Shop

It’s much simpler than you’d think to start up your own fashion business nowadays. With sites like J5 Fashion around, you’re able to purchase funky and on trend items in bulk in an array of sizes meaning you can also test the waters with an item and what size it’s most popular in before deciding to properly commit to stocking it long-term. I honestly thought it’d be much more expensive to set up and purchase the products for this kind of business but you wouldn’t even need your own website unless you really wanted it. You could always buy these items and sell them on somewhere like eBay, Depop or Etsy or go to car boot sales, local markets or set up your own.

Dog Walking Service

This would honestly be such a dream job for me. From what I’ve heard, dog walkers tend to charge a minimum of £10 an hour for walks and dependent on the dog, you’d be able to walk 2-3 dogs per hour meaning you could make at least £100 a day with the right permanent clients. So many people want dogs but struggle with justifying getting one due to the nature of working life in the 21st century as they’re out of the house too much. Having a local and regular dog walker could change their minds and help to fill your pockets

Homemade Creative Products or Services

I believe everyone has a creative talent, no matter what it is. I have quite an array of creative passions and have luckily managed to turn mine into a career for myself. A friend has also recently set up her own shop called “PeachPuff Studios” selling her own handmade homeware which is adorable – so you should check it out. 

As for myself, I manage to sell my musical, photographic and writing talents/services. These are all things I’ve been passionate about and training myself in for years but I know plenty of people who have incredible new-found creative talents who have managed to monetise them, including everything from drawing and painting to singing and dancing. It doesn’t even have to necessarily be a “talent”, you could make homemade candles, skincare products, bath bombs, the list is endless. These type of things only need a bit of research to spark inspiration.

Reselling Vintage, Valuable or Second Hand Finds

One of my favourite self employment ideas. I find searching for pre-loved, fabulous things so thrilling. Whether it be clothes, jewellery, furniture or anything else, it’s just so satisfying. You never know what people are looking for online, too. You could buy something for £5 that someone on the other side of the country would pay an arm and a leg for. If you’re looking into collectables or valuables, I’d definitely recommend doing some research first as sometimes despite their appearance, things aren’t worth half as much as you’d think. 


This isn’t really one you can guarantee success in like a few of the others I have and will mention due to the nature of it. Your success in this industry most of the time depends on how large and engaged your audience is. If you’re not creating content that is interesting enough to be growing your audience, views and subscribers then it’s unlikely you’ll get any paid work. As savage as that sentence was, it’s one I have had to come to terms with when my work hasn’t been doing so well in the past.

Nobody can tell you how to grow or the best content to create to help you do so as it’s such an individual thing. What works for some, doesn’t work for others and imitating someone elses work to get yourself somewhere is never a good thing to do as authenticity is important and eventually people will see through you. It’s definitely something you need to start from scratch with and identify a USP for so you can base your general online presence around something.

Start A Podcast

Is there something you feel you could advise or educate people on? Are you funny, opinionated or do you just like talking? Would you like to interview people? There are so many types of podcasts out there and chances are, if you’re driven enough to get out there and talk about something then someone will want to listen to it. Much like blogging and starting a YouTube channel, you do have to work hard on it for a long while before reaping any substantial rewards. Monetising a podcast will the majority of the time be through advertisements.

Blonde girl in funky clothes

AirBnb Host

Obviously this is only if you have the space in your house but a surprising amount of people I know do have a spare bedroom or two that are barely ever being used and could easily bring them in a good extra couple of hundred pounds a month, especially in a busy city. If you’re lucky enough to own a second property or something similar to an out-house, that’s even more of a reason to look into it.

Independent Baker

Another of my favourite self employment ideas, mostly because I love food. With a bit of practice, baking can be quite an easy and therapeutic thing to do. It’s also something that is never going to go out of fashion. People are always going to want to celebrate with cake, whether it be a birthday, a wedding, a graduation, an anniversary, who doesn’t love a good tasty bake? Even better if you can get into fancy decorations and flavourings.

Upcycle Products

I think this is actually a really fabulous idea, especially with the ongoing and really quite frightening development of climate change. Taking old things and enhancing them to make “new” things to sell them on is something I’d personally be really interested in purchasing. The obvious one is clothes, combining different materials or patterns to make something cool and completely one of a kind. You could also find a way to do this with homeware or furniture, a re-upholster or a new lick of paint could breathe new life into something and make you money you would’ve probably put in the tip. 

Do you have any other simple self employment ideas?

’Til Next Time,


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4 responses to “Side-Hustle & Self Employment Ideas!”

  1. Nora Di Leo says:

    Such an inspiring post! Thank you for writing x

    Nora |

  2. Soph Hearts says:

    You can tell I’ve not had time to catch up with my fave bloggers recently- I had no idea you’d gone self-employed, congratulations! It’s such an exciting step and one I really hope to make sometime in the near future. Dog walker would be my dream job too- actually probably dog sitting so I get all the cuddles too!
    Soph x

  3. I love these ideas and they’re definitely looking very appealing now I don’t have an income – the only thing stopping me at the moment is a mortgage application next year as you need to have a couple of years worth of tax returns which is gutting, or I’d be all over the self-employed life! So proud of you for making a go of it! ❤️❤️

  4. Melina Elisa says:

    I actually opened up an online store recently, and I love it! It hasn’t been the easiest thing ever, a lot of planning and preparing for the actual launch, but I launch recently! It’s been a slow, but exciting journey, and I can’t see what’s going to happen next. This is a great list of side hustle ideas! If you wanna check out my shop, it’s xxx

    Melina |

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