10 Small & Simple Ways To Improve Your Life!

7th August 2018

Hey everyone!

I feel like a lot of the time I upload lifestyle posts, I’m complaining. Probably because I am. For that reason and for the reason I am actually generally a pretty positive person, I thought I’d write this. Some little things I have or am trying to incorporate into my every day life to improve my happiness and that of others. Some of these are quite obvious but you’d be surprised at how many people let it slip their mind until they’re reminded. So here’s your reminder of little ways to improve your life, enjoy!

1. Be honest & consistent.

By nature I’m proud to say I’m an honest person anyway. It comes naturally to me as that’s the way I’ve been nurtured but I know it doesn’t for a lot of people. By simply being honest, you relieve yourself of the stress of keeping up with stories and false appearances. Even if you’ve already been dishonest, it’s not too late to admit that and start again. You’ll be respected a lot more in the long run. As for consistency, I can’t think of a single person who wouldn’t want consistency from the relationships in their life. Again, I know it doesn’t come naturally for a lot of people but with a little effort, you’ll reap the rewards.

2. Let the little things go.

I’m not one to hold a grudge unless someone has purposely done something to really hurt me. With every day things that p*ss me off or are a little hurtful, I tend to leave it 24 hours and if I’m still hurt or upset, then it is no longer classed as a “little thing” and obviously needs discussion. If however I’m not really bothered anymore, I just let it go. It’s not worth the hassle or the stress of carrying on an argument with someone you love. I think a big part of growing up is realising that the people you love will hurt you unintentionally because of a bad day or a bad situation but it doesn’t mean they don’t care.

3. Don’t reply to messages or post on social media when you’re angry or upset.

This kind of goes hand in hand with the last point. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve seen on Facebook a couple or friends get in a pointless argument that blows up. Suddenly every one of their secrets is plastered all over social media, then the next day it’s all deleted and they’re baking a cake together. I like to think if they’d just taken some time out to let the situation cool down before responding or posting something they quite clearly regret, then all of their friends would not know how many people so and so have slept with. Or they wouldn’t have to do the Facebook “walk of shame” when they re-instate their relationship status on there for the fifth time that month.

4. Donate to a cause you care about.

One of my favourites! This won’t directly improve your life but it will improve someone or something elses. This will indirectly improve yours if you feel good about it. Everyone has a hobby, a love for animals, someone close to them battling an illness and the list goes on. If you’re in a position where you can even donate £1 a month, it DOES make a difference for the charity and the work they do. E.g. for a dogs shelter, that’s probably a days food for one of their little furry pals. It’s nice to be nice and it’ll make you feel good!

5. Check up on people that are important to you and make an effort.

Life can get hectic and we can forget sometimes to drop the people we care about a simple “how are you?”. We can even talk to them daily and still not think to ask because we just assume that they’d tell us if something was wrong. This is totally not the case a lot of the time, especially if they’re struggling. Showing a bit of effort and care goes a long way, especially if they’re not doing so well. Ask to meet up or send them a little encouragement card in the post if you’re able to.

6. Do a bit more exercise.

A lot of people probably read this one and sighed. As someone who has suffered quite badly with their mental health, I can 100% confirm this has really helped me. It doesn’t have to be a 10km run or an hour long gym session, I find around a half an hour dog walk daily is good for me. It gets the endorphins flowing, allows for some thinking time to myself and gets me some fresh air, too. If i’m having a super anxious day but feel like I need to get out, I shove my earphones in too to help combat it. I genuinely usually have the best ideas and inspiration come to me whilst on walks, too.

7. Improve your life by trying new things, even if they scare you.

I’m not gonna drone on with the phrase “do something that scares you everyday” because if we’re being honest, that’s just not do-able for the majority of people. I’d just say if the opportunity arises and you can take it then SAY YES. Life begins when you step outside of your comfort zone, as they say. Starting this blog and sharing it with people made me absolutely terrified but look where I am now! I can honestly say it’s one of the best things I have ever done. Join a club, pick up a new hobby or go skydiving, why the hell not.

8. Stay out of other peoples arguments if they do not involve you.

This is pretty self-explanatory. Why get involved? Why cause yourself unnecessary stress? Avoid the drama. Let the people actually involved sort it out. Just stroll past it.

9. If you think something nice about someone, tell them.

This is something I’ve been specifically trying to do, especially on social media. I feel like sometimes people feel embarrassed paying others compliments because for some reason it’s become weird to be nice without a motive. I know how amazing it makes me feel receiving a random compliment and what does it cost you? Absolutely nothing other than the 10 seconds it takes to say/type it. Also, if you open up to other people about the nice things you think about them, they might just do it back. Yay friendship.

10. “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothin’ at all” – Thumper, Bambi.

Relating to the last one but the complete opposite. If you have a negative comment or opinion, why say it out loud? Don’t cause unneccessary hurt to someone. If you really have to let it out, write it on a piece of paper and throw it in the bin. Or maybe just put yourself in the other persons shoes and think about how it’d make you feel if you had something similar said to you. Not everyone has a thick skin and not everyone is happy in theirselves. When you’re already lacking confidence, one rude comment can push you into isolation. Unless you’re a very odd/cruel person, putting someone else down will not make you feel good.

Well, there are my 10 things to improve your life! Gradually incorporating these small things have really helped me to be more positive in my life and myself. Generally doing more kind things for other people makes me feel good, which is what this was based on. I hope you found this useful in any way. Try one of them, or a few, or them all and let me know how you get on!

’Til Next Time,

24 responses to “10 Small & Simple Ways To Improve Your Life!”

  1. Miranda says:

    Love this post xxx

  2. beffshuff says:

    This is so important. The recent blogging drama could take some serious advise from you. like not getting involved! my dad always says ‘not your circus, not your monkeys’ in other words, if it doesnt involve you it’s not your problem/concern!

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      Haha I feel that girl! That’s a really funny saying, I’ve never heard that!! I never get involved in things that aren’t to do with me anymore, causes so much unnecessary stress! ❤️

  3. I love this post and am happy to say I do a lot (except exercise lol) of these already – I can’t help but compliment people IRL more than online, I probably tell several people I see at work a day how I like their outfit, hair, makeup, shoes – whatever! Deffo going to try to make more of an effort when it comes to compliments online! A lovely motivational post!! 🙌🏻❤️❤️

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      Aww well that makes me happy too then! I’m probably a bit more shy in real life actually as I’ve had instances where I’ve complimented people and they’ve looked at me like I’m a weirdo, haha! Aww thanks Gaby, I’m glad you enjoyed ❤️

  4. Lovely post! These are all such simple things that have such an impact on everyday life. Working in retail I have noticed that it makes me feel better about myself when I actually tell my customer that I like their nail polish instead of just thinking it. Making others feel good, feels good!

    -Mich // simplymich.com

  5. Miss Blogs-A-Bit says:

    Great post and I agree with so many of your points. I need to adhere to point number 2 more as I struggle at times to just let stuff go – and I know it’ll be better for the soul if I just do it! Just subscribed as well, looking forward to reading more posts 😀

  6. CarlyBloggs says:

    Love this post and your dog is ADORABLE!!

  7. Brilliant post! Such simple things yet they make an impact. Agree with the social media comments one, why do people post nasty comments? I just don’t get it.

  8. mellabellablog says:

    These are all great tips!!

  9. I love this! I’m the same way in that it always seems like I’m complaining…will definitely be keeping these tips in mind xx

  10. Bexa says:

    These are fabulous suggestions Alice! 💖 I definitely agree, going for a walk can really boost our mood. I’m the same and find that I can think clearly when I get some fresh air and am able to come up with new ideas. Oh yes, 100% agree that we should scroll past any arguments that don’t involve you. That’s such great advice, too many things escalate quickly as people take sides and add unnecessary opinions. Lovely post, thank you for sharing! 😍 xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

  11. Creative Nails says:

    This is such a great post – love it! I agree with all of it. I think it’s so important to be honest to people, I don’t know how people can lie about so many things and keep up with it all! I’d be stressed 24/7! I think I need to let more little things go, I’ll be taking your advice there and try and be better. Sometimes it can be difficult as I overthink stuff haha. Will definitely come back to this post to remind myself of some of these tips – thank you for sharing 🙂


  12. sophhearts says:

    Aw Alice I love this post! I definitely think that exercise helps and the tip about not posting online when you’re angry is so right! You also can’t go wrong with a Disney quote!

    Soph – https://sophiehearts.net x

  13. Louisa says:

    I think number 3 and 10 are particularly relevant in terms of blogging. I have seen so many people get caught up in the heat of the moment and say things they can’t take back. Sleep on it and if it still bothers you in the morning then it’s worth addressing.

    I also think it’s important to be bold and brave even with little things.

    I really enjoyed reading this post so thank you for writing it.

    Louisa | http://www.loubeeloublogs.co.uk

  14. glowsteady says:

    I loved this, I’m a huge believer in 1, 8 and 9. I’m awful at staying in touch with people when I get busy and it’s something I’m constantly trying to work on. So many great, easy tips here x


  15. kelyn73 says:

    Love this! Especially #2 as hard as it is. Thank you for sharing.

  16. Kat says:

    Great post! Very important to self care, give back, and reflect on yourself to live a happier life. Enjoyed reading this 🙂

    With love,
    Kat | http://www.katimalist.com

  17. I love this post so much. Living an honest life, and ensuring that I don’t do anything that I wouldn’t want a certain person finding out about, has helped bring me so much peace. I never have to worry about covering my tracks, and I always know that nothing I have said to someone will come back to bite me.

    I have also begun complimenting people a lot more, instead of keeping those thoughts to myself, as they make the other person so happy! Doing so has really helped me come out of my shell and make some awesome friends. Hooray for being nice!

  18. Dawn-Tracy says:

    I absolutely love this post! You’ve made me think about 10 ways that I can improve my life – thank you! Totally off to binge read your blog now 💖

  19. Number 3 & 5 are probably the biggest things I fail to do. I know i should check up on people more often and definitely dont reply to things when i’m angry, this was kinda quite eyeopening!

  20. Deb's Decorative Life says:

    I love all your tips. I am big on being honest and consistent. I am authentic and I don’t know how to be anything else. I also try to let go of the little stuff and practice self care along with exercise.

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