Small Lifestyle Changes I’m Making Towards A Bigger Cause!

24th February 2019

Hey everyone!

With climate change updates getting scarier by the day, I promised myself that this year I would make more of an effort to improve the way that I live my life. I really applaud people that can go head first into veganism or plastic-free living but I’m not someone that can adapt to things quickly. If I can have a transition period for change then I will take it and for me it’s the best way to do it to keep it sustainable long-term. Here are the small lifestyle changes I have, am and will be making in the present!

Small Lifestyle Changes I’m Making

Cutting Down On Meat

I’ve been saying I want to go vegetarian for years but with all the gut issues I’ve had, there’s never been a right time. Instead of going head first into it, I’m going to gradually cut down on my meat consumption and see how it goes. I’ve been trying some more alternatives recently and have loved all I’ve tried so far. The Linda Mccartney sausages and burgers being a firm favourite! The only issue I’m facing is if I have too much fibre in my diet, it really messes with my stoma. If you have any recommendations for alternatives or low-fibre meat free meals, please send them my way!

Improving My Cooking Skills

As far as small lifestyle changes go, I think this is a really great one from all angles. I realised a lot of my worries to do with cooking were related to meat and food poisoning so It’s gone hand in hand with cutting down on meat. I’ve been cooking fresh, healthy and flavourful food rather than just sticking things in the oven and I’ve been buying more local and fresh produce rather than mass produced factory food. I’m definitely not a natural cook, I’m a bit clueless when it comes to pairing flavours and foods but it’s something I really want to be good at and Jake is training to be a chef so I’ll have the best teacher.

Small Lifestyle Changes Post: Girl Sat On Steps

Bringing Out, Passing On Or Refurbishing Old Clothes

I’ve lost quite a bit of weight in the past few months so my old reliable comfy outfits now make me look like I’m drowning in them a bit. As much as I’m embracing the new more petite me, It was actually getting me down as I felt a bit trampy, like I looked ridiculous and couldn’t really afford to just overhaul my wardrobe. I decided to go through my entire wardrobe and try everything on to see if I did have anything that made me feel nice. Much to my surprise I actually found a hell of a lot of items that I’d completely forgotten about that looked great.

I also found a fair amount of items that just totally weren’t me anymore and I’d never wear again so they’ll be being passed on to friends or going to charity shops. I also have a few pieces in “refurbishment” where I’m going to spruce them up a bit instead of giving up on them. You can totally do this to any item of clothing by sewing something new onto it, dying it or even making it into a different item (e.g. dress into a t-shirt).

Second-Hand Purchasing

I’ve always been a bargain hunter and I’m going to be even more so, now. If I’m being honest, I’ve never really been much of a second-hand kind of person when it comes to anything. I like things when they’re shiny and new. Upon spending more time on eBay and scouring through charity shops though, I’ve found beautiful pieces and at amazing prices. I’ll be uploading posts showcasing more quirky fashion in the coming year and I’m excited to style second-hand clothes and pieces I’ve re-vamped myself! Another alternative is vintage clothing shops but they tend to inflate the prices quite a bit.

Thinking Need Not Want When Purchasing

This is definitely something I’ve really improved at but still have a way to go with. Back when I had a fair amount of money left in my bank after bills each month, I’d be really quite impulsive with my spending habits and was kitted out in new clothes and new makeup every month. As money has gotten (a lot) tighter, so have I. This on top of realising that experiences in life are a lot more important to me than material things. I’d much rather save my money and see the world or invest in my future than buy a few new outfits! Saying that, you’ve got to treat yourself every once in a while.

If I see something that’s not necessarily a necessity (e.g. clothes, shoes etc.) and want to purchase it, it’s very rare that I do so straight away. I’ll leave it a few days and if I’m STILL thinking about it and know I’d get enough use out of it, only then will I figure out if it’s in my budget to buy it. Someone once told me that you should think if you’d use it as many times as every pound you spend on it, only then is it really worth it. Obviously not relevant in every case but I think it’s actually quite decent general advice. Despite making these small lifestyle changes, I am also an emotional shopper and I know plenty of people who can relate, so I do think there is such thing as an emotional need as well as a practical need. Sometimes that new jumper will really cheer you up so it’s okay to give into that sometimes.

Reusing, Reusing, Reusing

I never realised that 50% of the things we put in our recycling bins actually don’t get recycled, it goes into landfill. It actually upset me hearing that as if I’d known this before then I would’ve tried to do a lot more to re-use things that I thought at the time would be better to recycle. I always save boxes, packing puffs and any packaging I get sent PR stuff in to re-use and send things off in when needed. I’ll also be starting to re-use any empty candle pots for an array of things like miniature vases, craft projects or maybe even start to make my own candles! Everything I go to throw out or recycle now I will be seeing if there’s anything I can re-use it for. If anyone has any other tips or websites/youtubers they know of that focus on this and have great ideas then please let me know!

Will you be making any small lifestyle changes this year to reduce your carbon footprint?

All photographs by Rebeca Elen: Blog/Facebook/Insta & Charlotte Lane Blog/Facebook/Insta

’Til Next Time,

15 responses to “Small Lifestyle Changes I’m Making Towards A Bigger Cause!”

  1. I’ve been desperately trying to cut down meat and so far so good, although I am conscious that I am losing weight in the process so I need to find another way to do it.

    I also agree that buying secondhand clothes is the way forward – 99% of all of my Japanese branded clothes were bought secondhand and were in immaculate condition!

    One of the things I would like to focus more on is food as I am guilty of wasting a lot of food.

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      My nurses recommended that I eat high-calorie snacks or put things like cream in my coffee etc to make sure I’m getting my daily calories ☺️ secondhand clothes can be lovely and it’s actually really nice thinking they’ve got a bit of a story behind them! X

  2. Girly Gabble says:

    Need not want is definitely something I need to learn to live by! I too have been cutting down on meat and trying to cook more, oh and also decluttering my wardrobe 😊 xo

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      It can be difficult if you’re so used to not living that way but it’s definitely the way to go! I’m loving meat free alternatives ☺️ x

  3. Cee Arr @ Dora Reads says:

    Not sure about the % of what actually goes into the recycling boxes that ends up being recycled, but here in Wales over 60% of our total waste is recycled, and we’re actually second or third in the world for recycling rates! 🙂

  4. I completely agree with you on changing your lifestyle. I stopped eating beef over a year ago and ham sometime last year. Now I try to make 2-3 days a week meatless, which is a bit harder than I expected. The closest recycling center to where I live is over an hour away (unfortunately) but it makes me feel better about the endless subscription boxes piled up in a spare room that I refused to throw away x

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      It’s definitely difficult when you’ve spent your whole life eating a certain way but doing something is way better than doing nothing! Haha I feel that, I have too much stacked up sometimes!! X

  5. Eena says:

    I loved reading this! Small changes can definitely result into big things! Cutting down meat is something I’ve been aspiring to do for the longest time but it’s proven to be quite difficult. Wishing you all the luck!

    cabin twenty-four

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      Totally ☺️ trying is better than doing nothing! I know a lot of people who have said the same but it’s definitely do able! Thank you ❤️

  6. You’ve really encouraged me to cut down on meat lately just by when you mention some of the yummy veggie stuff you’ve been eating. You reminded me the other day of how good the Linda McCartney mozzarella burgers are so I’m going to put some on my next Asda order for sure. I’m trying to buy my clothes second hand as much as I can, I like browsing on sites such as Vinted and Depop as I’ve picked up some really good bargains from there. There’s only like one charity shop in my city centre though, how crap is that?! I had no idea about the 50% landfill statistic, that’s absolutely shocking – I always try to recycle whatever I can so it’s frustrating that half my efforts just go to waste. What’s the point of the recycling bin?! I’ll definitely be trying to reuse things instead, making your own candles sounds like a cute idea.

    Alice xx

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      Hehe I’m so glad! I just finished my burgers so I’m a bit gutted but I’ve bought some of the Iceland no bull ones to try, I’ll keep you updated on what they’re like! I really need to get on Vinted, I keep saying that! That is awful haha, you’ll have to come shop in Bristol xo yeah it’s awful isn’t it, apparently companies have to buy the plastic to use for it to be recycled and half of it just gets thrown into landfill cos they don’t buy it! Xx

  7. I’ll be doing pretty much everything the same as you here 😂 I’ve noticed that I’ve started cutting down on my meat consumption, but not consciously. I got really poorly a couple of years ago after eating pork (hepatitis E – 8 weeks off work!) so it’s made me wary of eating meat when I’m out. I’m all about that cost per wear and love an upcycle!! Can’t wait to see all of your new revamped bits! ❤️❤️

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      Yeah I can be a bit weird about meat too, I’ll ALWAYS check that my meat is cooked and looks okay before eating it no matter what it is or where it is I’m eating it! Yay hehe I knew you’d like it! X

  8. These are all such great changes to make Alice! I definitely agree that it’s all about the small changes to begin with, especially if it’s something that you want to keep up long-term. It honestly upsets me so much that 50% of our recycling, doesn’t actually get recycled.. It’s so frustrating! I use reusable shopping bags when I go food shopping and I also make sure that I don’t use the plastic fruit and veg bags. It feels so good feeling like you’re making a small change to the world/environment xo

    Char |

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