How I’d Style An Embellished Dress!

3rd March 2019

*This post contains gifted items for the purpose of promotion but all views are my own.

Hey everyone!

Boy has it been a little while since I uploaded a fashion styling post! My most recent one was a collaboration with Boohoo at Christmas which was a really fun one to shoot. If I’m honest, I’ve been waiting to have my hair done to shoot any more proper fashion content as I detested it. Which is exactly why I’m so excited to be uploading todays post as my hair has FINALLY been sorted!

I’ll be styling an embellished dress or two from Angeleye today. One of my new years resolutions was to bring back more of my alternative flair into my online presence as I feel like I always pick my more ‘normal’ outfits to shoot in, which I will be trying not to do anymore. I want to show a more authentic me in the fashion I showcase! I’ll be showing how I’d style these embellished dresses in my own funky and alternative way, enjoy!

Embellished Dress #1 – Black Embroidered Floral Midi Dress*

I have honestly been looking for a dress like this for AGES. I keep seeing similar ones pop up on my Instagram feed but by the time I try and buy them, they’re never in stock. I am such a huge fan of sheer material, I have quite a few sheer t-shirts that I love tucking into funky jeans. I’m also a massive fan of embroidery, too so both of these dresses are a dream for me!

I think pairing this dress with tights might be blocking a bit too much black together (I can’t believe I actually just said ‘too much black’) so I went for bare legs. The boots are one of my all time favourite pairs and they’re from UNIF. Chunky boots are my absolute favourite thing to wear, the first reason being because I’m pretty damn short and the second because they’re cute as hell. If you’re not a heels kind of person, you can never go wrong with a classic pair of black boots, whether you opt for chunky or not.

As for jewellery, I decided to go all out with some alternative pieces as I felt like the outfit needed some accessories. The heart choker is from eBay and the small blue heart crystal necklace is from Crystals (you may have noticed I never take this one off, it’s from Jake). The earrings are black crosses with purple roses on from Lovisa. I also have them in gold and black too which are super cute! The bracelet is from Thomas Sabo with 2 skull beads, a snake bead, a rose bead and a cluster of skulls bead. They’ve recently released some new skull beads including one called ’skull queen’ which I NEED. My rings are all either gifts from family/friends or bought in little witchy/boutique shops dotted around so I can’t really help with where they’re from, sorry! Although if you need any recommendations for gothic places to shop, hit me up as I have a lot of great recommendations.

As for makeup, I wanted to go with a gothic princess vibe so I went for a subtle bronze eye look and a dark purple lipstick.

Embellished Dress #2 – Black Embroidered Floral Mini Dress*

To start with, I just want to say the online photos of this dress do not do it justice at all. If I’m being honest, it looks a bit thin and fragile but when it arrived I was gobsmacked. The material is thick and sturdy, the colours are vibrant and the embroidery is so, so beautiful.

I was nervous about pairing this with fishnets as there is already SO much going on with the dress but I think they go together quite well. I think it’d go lovely with black tights or bare legs, too. As red is quite a vibrant colour in the flowers on the dress, I thought it’d be suitable to pair it with my burgundy double soled Dr Martens to give it that extra edge.

As the outfit as a whole is already quite eye-catching, I found most jewellery just didn’t sit too well as it clashed in a bad way. I ended up going with some red tortoise shell styled hoops that I grabbed in Primark for £1. They looked perfect with the outfit and added even more colour and flair to it along with the red lip!

As this is more of an embellished dress for occasions but too beautiful to not wear a lot, I also thought of a way I’d style it as more of an every day look. The red jumper is from New Look and I simply tied it in a knot at the waist so the bottom half of the dress looks like a skirt and swapped my red lip for a nude. This is definitely something I’d wear on a normal day if I wanted to feel pretty and colourful! Have a browse of their embellished dresses online here.

How do you think you would style an embellished dress?

All photographs by Rebeca Elen: Blog/Facebook/Insta & Charlotte Lane Blog/Facebook/Insta

’Til Next Time,

35 responses to “How I’d Style An Embellished Dress!”

  1. Your photos are gorgeous, I love those outfits, and your hair is beautiful! Great post!

    Lainy x

  2. Annie says:

    Wow, you look stunning in these dresses! I absolutely love the second one! What a pretty pattern! I wish I could pull off chunky boots. I think they’re so cool and fashionable.

  3. educatinghayley says:

    Your photos are stunning! Love what you have done to your hair, it really suits you!

    Hayley x

  4. Miranda says:

    You look fabulous love this post and love you!

  5. glowsteady says:

    You look AMAZING. I love both of the dresses. I think that style of dress is gorgeous and suits you so much. I have a dress like that in a lighter colour that I’ve had for a while and never been able to style. I might have to pull it out. These photos are gorgeous! x


    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      Aww thank you so much Sophie ☺️ You definitely should, I absolutely love dresses like this, they can be dressed up or down so easily! X

  6. Stef says:

    Ok you are so beautiful! Your style is also very cool and I am loving that dress! Great photos and post <3

  7. I always love these kind of styling posts, it gives me so much fashion inspo! I’m really loving wearing dresses at the moment but I’m yet to add an embelished one to my wardrobe, definitely on my wishlist for my next splurge! Great post as always lovely xx

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      Aww I’m so glad!! Ooh you totally should, I love embroidered patterns so much! Thank you ☺️ Xx

  8. You’re photos are amazing! Woow, these embellished dresses are also amazing. You’ve styled it amazingly as well. Great post lovely, thank-you for sharing!

    Gemma |

  9. Embellished dresses like this are lovely, your style is fab, love your hair too!

  10. sophhearts says:

    That first dress is my absolute favourite- you look gorgeous, as does your new hair! I love the way you’ve styled the second with the red jumper too- what a great way of wearing it over different seasons.
    Soph – x

    • blacktulipbeauty says:

      Aaah thank you so much Soph!! ❤️ I’m a big fan of wearing all clothes in all seasons! X

  11. All the outfits you picked are so pretty! I love how you styled them, espechially the way the red really pops on the mini dress! So pretty!!

  12. love love love love this post! Lovely photos x

  13. Wow stunning! Thank you for sharing 🙂💜

  14. Louisa says:

    I may have already said this on Instagram but I’m saying it again: this dress was made for you! You look incredible.

    Louisa |

  15. Anna says:

    I´m a fan of chunky boots snd dress combination – love how you styled this look! By the way, same story here – by the time I try and decide to buy my perfect dress it´s never in stock lol

    Have a great week!

  16. hanmorris97 says:

    You look gorgeous! I love both of these dresses, and they suit you so much. The jumper is a great addition too, the red is stunning! I love your hair too xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  17. I am in LOVE with all of these outfits – I’d deffo pair them with chunky boots too, probably have huge hair (I love big hair lol) and a smokey eye – which basically sounds like what you’ve done 😂
    Loving the fashion posts as always and can’t wait to see more from you – bloody obsessed with your style ❤️❤️

  18. Rebeca’s photography in this is amazing! But I honestly love how you’ve styled both the dresses and how well you pull it off!

  19. I honestly think you’re the perfect person for these dresses, I can’t imagine ever being able to pull these off but they look incredible on you! I love how you’ve styled them too, chunky boots go so well with dresses like these as I feel like it weighs out the fanciness of them if that makes any sense, haha. I think my favourite dress would have to be the second one, I love the little pops of colour and how the red boots match with some of the floral parts. I’m definitely going to check out what other dresses Angeleye do as I’d never heard of them before this post!

    Alice xx

  20. These photos turned out amazing!! If I do say so myself.. I need to post some on my photography Instagram page! Both of the dresses are absolutely gorgeous and you styled them both SO well! You gorgeous thing 🙂 xo

    Char |

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