Styling Stripes For Summer With justyouroutfit!

4th July 2019
Funky trousers

AD – I have been financially compensated and gifted items for this post but all views are my own.

Hey everyone!

Let’s be fair, it isn’t often that I talk about what’s currently “in style”. Despite being a huge fan of fashion, I just don’t tend to keep up to date with the things that are supposedly on trend, let alone purchase them. If I go into a shop and see something I like, I’ll buy it. If it’s in fashion at that point in time, great! If it isn’t, I’m really not going to be losing any sleep. 

Two trends that I can’t help but notice out in full force this Summer, are stripes and spots. I’m going to be discussing spots in a separate post, though. So for today, I’ll be talking about styling stripes in my two favourite ways for Summer. In particular, these super funky and floaty striped trousers from justyouroutfit. They’re a fashion site that are really providing affordable and on-trend clothes this season. As well as the trousers, I absolutely adore this white and mustard striped blouse and I also think my boyfriend would really rock this mens red and white striped pocket front shirt.

Two Different Stylings Of Striped justyouroutfit Trousers!

Rock Chick

I’ve been a rock chick for almost half of my life. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it many a time on this blog so I won’t bore you all with the story yet again. Wearing leather, tartan, fishnets, ripped clothes, dark lipstick and Dr Martens just really makes me feel like a bad ass bitch. I don’t swear often on my blog but that was needed to get my point across. 

I think these striped trousers from justyouroutfit fit so well into this style as they do have the darker navy colour in there. That as well as it contrasting so nicely with the mustard which seems to be another big trend this season. As this is a Summer look, I didn’t want to wear anything too heavy or warm so stuck to alternative bits I know also keep me relatively cool.

I decided to pair the trousers with this oversized tiger tee I got from I Saw It First and tying it up. I think it shows off your shape more, as well as the funky justyouroutfit trousers and also prevents layering clothes in warmer weather. Then of course, I had to pair it with some Dr Martens sandals in the style Terry. For accessories, I went for my Sorayraya red heart flame dangle earrings. I’ve been really into over the top earrings recently, I think they can add so much character to an outfit. Especially if you’re someone who wears their hair up a lot or doesn’t tend to wear accessories elsewhere. 

Boho Babe

This style has been creeping more and more into my wardrobe over the past year or so. Boho for me means colourful, patterned, vintage-styled and flowing clothes but with a simple base and textured fabrics. I think these striped justyouroutfit trousers fit this style fabulously, too as they have a lot of those elements.

My first thought when it came to styling a boho outfit was something with flared or floaty sleeves but I thought I’d go for something a little more out of my comfort zone with this bralette. It’s from Primark and it’s so fitting and supportive that you don’t need to wear anything underneath it. It’s perfect for those hot Summer days and for getting a tan.

Sandals or wedges are the only way to go with a Summer outfit, really and seeing as I’m waiting on the only pair of wedges I’ve liked in years to arrive, some cute sandals will have to do. It would’ve helped if I remembered to get a photo of the ones I was wearing… but to be honest with an outfit like this, I think most sandals will go. Not forgetting the accessories, I recently picked up these WAY over the top hoops from Lovisa and I’m yet to have an opportunity to wear them so I’m going to sneak them in here. See, I told you I’ve been really into earrings recently.

A light, floral or patterned cardigan or light jacket would be perfect to pair with an outfit like this. This specific one I bought in New Look in the sale last year. There is definitely such thing as a good and a bad clash, though so be careful when picking your pattern to go with anything like these justyouroutfit trousers, as they’re quite bold alone.

What would be your go to style when wearing these trousers?

’Til Next Time,


3 responses to “Styling Stripes For Summer With justyouroutfit!”

  1. kattieh says:

    I’m similar to you – if I see something I like, I would get it, but I don’t really follow trends and fashions! However, I do love striped trousers, which is lucky because they seem to be in at the moment! I really like how you have styled them – both with the white top and the t! And also, your earrings are really cool!!

  2. Looking amazing, I’m loving the outfits. I’m not a trend follower persay either but if something grabs my fancy I snatch it up

  3. You ALWAYS look so gorgeous Alice! I think I’d go for the boho style myself but I love both! x

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