The Tartan Trio: Presentably Punky!

14th October 2018

Hey everyone!

The third and final instalment of my little series is upon us and it’s probably my favourite outfit of the three. It includes a skull and Dr Martens so is it really a surprise? With the unpredictable British weather and also the fact I just generally love them, I feel it’s important to have some funky trousers in your wardrobe. I’m not saying you have to go all out and get firetruck red tartan ones but even some subtle stripes or a floral pair can really make you feel fabulous.

Although I’m certain that autumnal fashion is my favourite, I know some people feel it’s a restrictive season because they struggle with pairing prints and darker colours. I can’t say that I have a foolproof way to combat these difficulties yet but hopefully my posts can show you it doesn’t have to be a boring season.

Presentably Punky

I’ve been wanting a pair of decent tartan trousers since I was about 14. I remember seeing Hayley Williams, the original emo queen in a pair and falling in love. Always being a chunkier girl I was never sure as to whether I could really pull them off as sometimes I feel like certain prints can make me look a lot larger than I am. Then I realised that I don’t really care how large I looked because I LOVED them and thought they looked rad as hell.

These trousers are from Love Too True, an independent UK clothing brand. All their clothes are handmade which is super cool but I would say their sizes come up a little small next to general high street sizing and they only go up to a size 16 which is a shame. They do quite a few different tartan styles in all different colours and clothes and I’ve got a mini collection of their clothes now which I love! I’m hoping to showcase a few more of their pieces on here soon so keep your eyes peeled.

As for the t-shirt, the whole lace-up thing was such a trend about a year ago. There were a few months where goth was this huge thing and everyone was wearing PVC, fishnets and lace-up clothing. As annoying as it is when something you were made fun of for comes into fashion, it made it much easier and cheaper for me to stock up on a few cool items that I’d wear forever and that others would only wear for a week. I grabbed this for £8 in a Missguided sale a few months back and wear it all the time! It’s such a great fit, isn’t too revealing despite the front and I think the design is super cool.

The shoes make me emotional. So. Damn. Emotional. As soon as I saw these babies I KNEW I had to have them. An email dropped in my inbox around two months ago from Dr Martens showcasing their brand new range and I cursed the day I signed up for their newsletter. I was as poor as the day is long but these shoes genuinely made me want to cry. Luckily I have the best boyfriend in the entire world who made a sizeable donation towards my happiness and the shoes turned up within a few days. The original laces were black but I thought they looked much better with the tartan ones.

The thing about this outfit I love is that it is exactly what I’ve called it, presentably punky. I love that it contains the punky elements of tattoos, tartan and a bit of terror but is still presentable enough to wear as a day to day or even an occasion outfit. Saying that, I think it would look equally as good less smart casual with some rips, studs and black lipstick, too!

Well that concludes my trio of tartan goodness. I hope you enjoyed this little series and do let me know if it’s something you’d like to see more of in the future. Will tartan be one of your go to prints this season?

All photographs by Rebeca Elen: Blog/Facebook/Insta

‘Til Next Time,

15 responses to “The Tartan Trio: Presentably Punky!”

  1. This outfit looks so well paired! But loved this little trio series you did, i really hope you do more with a different print or style of fashion!

  2. I’m living for this outfit!! I need everything you’re wearing and especially the Doc’s – they’re GORGEOUS! Loved the tartan series – you’ve got some amazing fashion content and I’m always buzzing when you’ve got a new one up! Definitely going to check out the place you got your trousers from – I’ve got some darker tartan leggings that I’ve had for years and can’t fathom throwing out, glad I didn’t now they’re back in fashion 😂❤️❤️

  3. This is such a great look! I especially love the details on the shoes!!

  4. lifeofshar says:

    I love tartan trousers, Primark went through a stage of selling loads of different kinds in different colours. I have got 2 pairs of tartan trousers and I hardly wear them, I don’t think I have even wore one of the pairs before. I never know what to wear with them:( I feel you about the “goth” fashion. When I was at school people used to laugh at my band tees, and then fast forward years later and they are wearing “fake band tees”. The tartan laces look amazing in the docs! You look absolutely amazing in this outfit! xx

  5. Your style is awesome and omg those Doc Martins are gorgeous! Great post

  6. This is such a bold outfit! I don’t think I have ever worn tartan! I love the print though! Such a grungy look, love it! The doc martins go so well with the trousers!

  7. Batool says:

    i am in love with this outfit! i also loved this little series and how you put it together! i don’t think i have ever worn tartan but after reading this i will definitely be doing a little shopping ahah!

  8. glowsteady says:

    This looks amazing! The pairing is so good, you’ve made the styling look totally effortless. I love it when staples become trend pieces for a season and ‘essentials’ become more affordable x


  9. Kim says:

    I adore this outfit! Especially your Doc Martins – I’ve had my eye on a black pair with roses on them for a while but they don’t fit my feet.😥 I’ve been covering tartan trousers for a while but don’t know how to style them! This has given me some ideas.

  10. Sophie Hearts says:

    You literally look so cool in this outfit! I used to love Hayley Williams’ style too haha! This tartan is perfect, I wish I could pull it off as well as you and your boyfriend is such a sweetie for getting you those shoes!

    Soph – x

  11. Nancy says:

    You’re so cute with your outfits! I’ve heard Dr Martens being super comfy. Love the weather you’re having out there. Meanwhile, the heat is still blasting LA even though it’s supposed to be autumn. I think you pulled off the look no problem. Wear what you want to wear, you still look gorgeous! The shoes are perfect!!! Love that it algins with your taste :)!

    Nancy ♥

  12. Chloe Chats says:

    These trousers look absolutely amazing! I have to get some! I have bought so many trousers recently I’m sure my boyfriend will kill me if I buy anymore but I think I may have to..

    Lovely post!
    Chloe x

  13. jazziepickles says:

    I absolutely adore your style, so edgy but fresh! Looking amazing as always girly <3

  14. Loved reading this series Alice! You do pull of tartan so SO well! Those shoes are amazing too! How cool is that cobbled location in Clifton?! I shot there with my friend and it creates some wonderful photos, doesn’t it 🙂 xo

    Char |

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