My Fourth Tattoo: Medusa!

19th February 2017
Hey everyone! Bit of a different post today and way overdue. I have been super busy and super tired as of recent and now after over a year of managing to avoid getting ill, it’s hit me so i’ve had time to write this today whilst curled up in bed attempting to get better.
So, I got my most recent tattoo last Thursday and it’s been healing super well but is definitely still clinging onto the itchy stage which isn’t great but no pain, no gain. It’s my fourth so far and has filled quite a sizeable gap on my soon-to-be arm sleeve which I’m SO excited to hopefully get finished by the end of the year.
ANYWAY, for anyone who hasn’t had/wants to get a tattoo, it’s so important to pick an artist that you like the style of as everyone interprets things totally differently and tattoo artists like to put their own twist on things rather than just straight up copy someone else’s design. Which is completely understandable as why would you want the exact same tattoo as someone else?! For me, tattoos are all about expressing your individual self so it’s always better to have your own individual design 🙂
I’ve wanted a Medusa on me for quite a few years now as I think she’s a pretty badass character, having snakes as hair and being able to turn men she locked eyes with into stone is a pretty unique skill… Although many people may interpret her differently, I see her as a symbol of power and basically a woman that no one could mess with whether they liked it or not (until she got beheaded of course but we’ll ignore that bit).
So going back to choosing an artists style that you love, I chose Iain Sellar from The Black Lodge, Portishead to do mine. He also designed and tattooed my shoulder piece (it’s a floral mandala) which was an awesome experience and tattoo at a great price which you can’t really beat! I’ll definitely be going back to him to finish off my sleeve ASAP.
I went to him with a few reference pictures of designs I’d seen that I liked so he had something to go off of when designing it and after asking for a few minor tweaks, we had a design that was perfect for me!
Here is the stencilled design printed on my arm prior to starting:
Then the finished product!:
And this is it now, 10 days later, healing well and looking awesome if i do say so myself!
This one took about 4 and a half hours so it’s the longest sitting I’ve had so far but probably the least painful as it was on such a fleshy area so it was easy to handle!
Hope you enjoyed reading this mini post about my fourth tattoo and if you have any questions please feel free to ask.
What are your favourite tattoos and where have been the most painful for you?
‘Til next time

3 responses to “My Fourth Tattoo: Medusa!”

  1. jade says:

    The longest I have been on the chair is for an hour, I don’t know if I could do any longer! I am in love with this tattoo, I love the way you think about Medusa! She is pretty bad ass xo

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