The Body Shop Almond Milk and Honey Range!

5th February 2017

Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts recently, I’ve been super busy at work and off doing fun things. I’m actually on my way to Plymouth to visit one of my friends for a few days as I write this!

Another review today but on a range that has JUST been released (it hasn’t officially launched yet but if you ask very nicely in store, they MIGHT let you buy it early).

the body shop almond milk and honey giftThe “Almond Milk and Honey” range from The Body Shop! It’s a gorgeous and luxurious body care range that will be released for Mothers Day as singular products – Including a bath milk, a body butter, a shower cream, a hand cream, a body lotion, a cleansing soap bar and a scrub. It’ll also be released in a few different sized gifts ranging from £6 – £30 to suit all budgets.

Also quite an exciting fact for any ladies or gents with sensitive skin, it’s the first scented body care range The Body Shop have made that is catered around dry, irritated and sensitive skin! The fragrance in it is quite subtle but it is also hypoallergenic meaning it is suitable for anyone who struggles with sensitivity.

outside of boxI bought the large gift to try out that contains the bath milk, the shower cream, the hand cream and the large body butter. Being someone who has suffered with sensitive skin and eczema ridden hands their whole life, I can’t say it has irritated my skin at all!
full view of the body shop almond milk and honey giftThe hand cream is super softening and sinks straight in to the skin but leaves a lasting light scent and effect of smooth and supple hands.

The body butters consistency isn’t super thick like Shea but isn’t a thin, gloopy consistency like Fuji Green Tea either, it’s a brilliant inbetween for anyone who needs the extra moisture but doesn’t want anything that will feel like you’re wearing a lot of product. The scent lasts a good 8 hours I’d say, it is one of the must subtle scents The Body Shop have released which is why I don’t think it lasts as long as their other body butters but if you’re going for a subtle smell, you probably don’t want it to smell for overly long anyway.

The shower cream is luscious and creamy, it cleanses thoroughly, thankfully without containing any soap as of course it will worsen the problem of dry skin. It also doesn’t contain any colourants, mineral oils or petrolatum.

And lastly, my absolute favourite product of the range so far, the calming and caring bath milk! Contrary to the name, making you think it’s just a silky bath melt, it bubbles up a hell of a lot with minimal product but also makes the bath super silky and moisturising making it a treat for the body and the mind. This is definitely my must-have product out of them all!

The range contains Community Fairtrade nourishing Honey and sweet Almond Oil along with super softening Almond Milk whipped up together to create this gorgeous range of products, I’ve no doubt that The Body Shop Almond Milk & Honey range will be a huge success! What does everyone think so far? Are you a fan of creamier smelling ranges or more fruity?
If anyone has any questions about the range, feel free to drop me a message!

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  1. Wow this looks amazing I love almond! So good for the skin! I’m doing a blog share over on my blog if your interested check it out at ??

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