My Top 10 The Body Shop Products!

15th January 2017

Hey everyone!

Hope you’ve all had a good weekend 🙂
Seeing as I work in The Body Shop and my bedroom/bathroom may aswell be a haven for their products, I thought i’d do my first product post on my top 10 The Body Shop products that I cannot live without! The Body Shop was founded in 1976 by Dame Anita Roddick, an incredible lady who believed in ethical consumerism. Lots of The Body Shops products contain Community Fair-trade ingredients from all around the globe helping smaller and less fortunate businesses.
All of The Body Shops products are 100% veggie friendly and cruelty free and these are in no particular order as I couldn’t decide which ones I loved more! Here are my favourites… 😀
face base powder
All In One Face Base
As someone with a super oily T-zone since I was about 13, I have tried every mattifying powder going to try and keep my makeup on those parts of my face. This is all I’ve been using for the past year and a half and I haven’t felt the need to change it so it must be doing something right for me! The formula is super creamy without being cakey and doesn’t dry your face out at all, even if you’re not wearing any product underneath.
If I’m wearing makeup, you can guarantee I am wearing this product! It’s amazing to shove on top of concealer if you’re having a “can’t be bothered” day but also just as good to put on top of any sort of foundation to set your makeup/mattify/give a bit of extra coverage. It comes in a compact case with a sponge so its super easy to carry around with you for a top up aswell (although i recommend using a brush with this product for the best finish).

himalayan charcoal mask
Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask
I’ve never been that big a fan of face masks, I’ve always thought they were super over-rated and claim to do all these things to your skin when in reality they’re just drying it out, stripping it of all its goodness and calling it ‘purifying’. I had that opinion until this mask came into my life and I can 100% say my skin would not even be half as clear and unclogged as it is without this beauty of a product.
Being a clay based mask and containing Community Fairtrade tea tree oil from Kenya, this masks aim is to remove dirt and grime from the skin and to soak up any excess or overproduced oil from the face to reveal balanced, smooth and glowing skin. It also contains broken down green tea leaves which adds a brilliant detoxing and exfoliating effect.
Personally i’d only recommend putting the mask on your T-Zone as for the majority of people those are the problem areas and it does tingle quite a bit. But i’d by far give this mask a 10/10, for the day or sometimes two after using it, I don’t feel the need to wear any foundation as my skin just seems to be glowing!

the body shop products - japanese camellia cream
Japanese Camellia Cream
I don’t have a whole lot to say about this cream other than it’s definitely one of the best smelling things in the whole world. It’s quite a sweet and light creamy smell with a floral hint and a gorgeous soufflé-like texture. Because of the texture, it just melts into the skin beautifully and it contains camellia seed oil from Japan so it keeps your skin moisturised and smelling gorgeous all day!
It’s from the most luxurious range in the bodycare section called ’Spa of the World’ and the packaging and quality of the product definitely reflect that. It’s a super soothing range and contains lots of oils, creams, scrubs and body clays to relax the mind aswell as the body.

seaweed face wash
Seaweed Face Wash & Day Cream
The Seaweed range is a well-loved range for people with combination skin (aka me). Seaweed is a brilliant ingredient for helping to restore balance in the skin and hair so this range is perfect for soaking up and balancing the excess oil on your face but will also help to hydrate any of your more dry parts too. It’s also soap free and oil free so it won’t leave your skin feeling dry or greasy.
These are my favourite bits from the range as the gel wash is something I can use everyday in the shower, it removes my makeup with ease and leaves my skin feeling clean and refreshed. The day cream is perfect for me as it gives me the light hydration my skin needs but also has mattifying technology in it which doubles up as a primer prior to putting my makeup on or if i’m having a makeup-free day it means I don’t go round looking super shiny.

lash hero the body shop products
Lash Hero
This is a BRAND NEW mascara that The Body Shop have just released and it is by far the best one they’ve ever done! It comes in Black, Amber and Waterproof and contains Shea butter so it’s suitable for sensitive eyes and amazing for conditioning the lashes, especially good for anyone who has damaged lashes from having extensions.
I personally use it as a base as its best at lengthening and separating the lashes and then pop Lash Sensational by Maybelline on top to give my lashes volume. The two are amazing together as they give all round plump and curly looking lashes and look super natural and not clumpy at all.

Waterproof Camomile Makeup Remover
As an oil based makeup remover, this product might not be for everyone but GOD does it remove makeup! I sometimes even use it to clean surfaces in my room as its such a good stain buster. The camomile in it makes it super soothing and relaxing for the skin and also makes it suitable for sensitive skin. The camomile range also includes a gentle makeup remover (not oil based), a cleansing oil and a cleansing butter, although the butter is the most luxurious, i find the waterproof easier to use and less messy.

the body shop products - shower gels
Raspberry/Honeymania Shower Gel
The Body Shop shower gels are second to none as they’re super softening and cleansing without containing soap which tends to dry your skin out massively. You can also pop them in the bath and use them as a light bath foam! They’re available in an array of sweet, floral and neutral fragrances but these two just have to be my favourite.
Raspberry is one of my favourite smells in the WORLD and this shower gel is super perfect as it isn’t sickeningly sweet but still has the lovely strong fruity raspberry notes. I actually hate honey generally, hate the smell, hate the taste and hate any food that contains it but the Honeymania range is a dream! It’s so sweet smelling but manages to still have creamy hints and moisturising properties across the whole range. I chose the shower gel as its more of an everyday product but the whole range is super luxurious (especially the honey bath melt!).
Unfortunately both of these ranges have actually been discontinued but often make an appearance in regular stores sales and are available at outlets all year round! (I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a stash of both of them under my bed to last me until the next sale.)

swietenia perfume
Swietenia Fragrance
This is one of five in a range of fragrances that have only just been released called “Elixirs of Nature” and I already can’t get enough of it. The whole range is very warm-smelling and the packaging seems to be very oriental themed. All only being released as Eau De Parfums, they’re all long lasting and come in a size perfect to pop in your handbag.
This particular one is my favourite as i’m a sucker for sweet floral smells and this ones strongest notes are Orange Blossom and Fresh Olive Flower from India. It’s definitely more of a sweet and girly smell but the range is unisex and caters for both genders with all sorts of different smells.
(Some people have said this one is very similar to Loverdose by DIESEL.)

Drops Of Light The Body Shop products
Drops of Light Essence Lotion
A question we get a hell of a lot in store is ‘what is an essence lotion and why do i need one?’. First off, it is NOT a toner or similar to a toner contrary to 90% of peoples first impressions. A toner is like a double whammy of cleansing and also helps to bring your skins pH balance back down to where it needs to be. You’d apply your essence lotion AFTER your toner and the best way I can describe it simply is saying its like a moisturiser primer. You wouldn’t expect your makeup to go on flawlessly and look the best it can without a primer, an essence lotion will activate and prepare your skin for your serum and moisturiser.
They also help to reduce the appearance of pores and provide an extra layer of moisture for the skin to soak up.
The Drops of Light range contains lots of red algae which is rich in Vitamin C and helps to improve radiance of the skin and balancing any uneven tones. I love popping this product on just before my seaweed day cream as it sinks in super fast, I feel it reduces the visibility of my pores and gives me a nice thin extra layer of hydration.

the body shop products - buffing brush
Buffing Brush
This brush is a member of The Body Shops new brush range, they’re 100% Vegan and cruelty free with synthetic bristles that contain charcoal to keep them hygienic for longer! Their original brushes are still fabulous (including an award winning foundation brush) but more everyday use and the newer range are designed for people that like to get a bit more creative and precise with their make-up! Not to mention they look a lot more professional with their FSC wood handles and they’re kinder to the environment than using plastic.
This is one of my “can’t live without” products as i use it everyday to apply my concealer and foundation, you literally need the tiniest bit of product and because of how dense the bristles are, the coverage is brilliant and the brush barely collects any product on it, therefore doesn’t clog like the majority of foundation brushes/sponges! I apply the product straight onto my face and use the brush in circular motions to get the best results.

So they are my top 10 FAVOURITE The Body Shop products! It was so hard to pick only 10 as the company are always bringing out new fabulous products for us to try and the old favourites never really get “old”, nevertheless I’m sure I shall be doing reviews and demos on more of The Body Shop’s products in the near future! If there’s any products anyone wants more information about or would like me to review then let me know 🙂
Thanks for reading my top 10 The Body Shop products and have a good week!
‘Til next time,

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  1. Love your post! TBS is one of my favourite beauty brand, their products are so amazing <3

  2. Fantastic, in-depth reviews. I used to use the Body Shop all the time back in the day but since I switched to Lush I’ve been out of touch when it comes to their products, though I do have some old body butters laying around haha. That Honey Mania shower gel sounds fantastic. Definitely going to look for that one next time i’m near a Body Shop store. Lovely blog too by the way.

    Would you be interested in sharing your work on I’m currently on a personal mission to expand the Lifestyle section of the platform, and i’m therefore looking for people with an interest in writing and who are looking to increase their readership. Let me know if you’d be up for that. Feel free to shoot me an e-mail for more information, you can find my contact details on my blog. Would love to hear from you.

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  4. peskywomen says:

    I am seriously genuinely gonna buy this brush like asap. How much does it cost?!

  5. rosieravesblog says:

    i love the body shop products! i would soooo work there if it wasn’t 7 hours away from where i live!

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