An Unbreakable Bond With bilou!

7th October 2018

Hey everyone!

Yes the title is annoying me too. But bilou’s branding is a non-capital b so that’s how I must display it! I’ve seen bilou popping up absolutely everywhere recently, on blogs, social media and in Superdrug, too! They’re an up an coming beauty brand with a current small and sweet selection of products. A couple of weeks back they kindly sent me a few of them to try out for myself. I was under no obligation to post a review or even anything about the products (how nice is that?!) but after trying them out, I thought it’d be silly not to share my experience with them.

A Little About bilou

bilous website states that they take their inspiration from all that is delicious and fun. I absolutely adore this cute concept! Who doesn’t love delicious and fun things!? To add to that aesthetic, all of their products are also 100% vegan, cruelty free and said to be made with passion and love in Germany. They’re very conscious of their packaging too so have made their cans 100% recyclable and hygienic meaning they have a 2 year life once opened. If all that wasn’t enough, their dermatest score is excellent and they use ingredients such as aloe vera, almond and avocado oil to ensure the most gentle and best treatment for your skin. You can find their site here and their products for sale on Superdrug here.

bilou Tasty Donut Creamy Shower Foam // £3.99 for 200ml

This isn’t the first shower foam that I’ve tried and it certainly won’t be the last. I’m such a huge fan of these, they’re such a fabulous change from the standard soap or shower gel. They really are such a fun novelty to use, especially when they smell this good and go such a long way due to the formula. This foam is cleansing, softening and non-drying which is all you can ask from a body wash. I’d highly recommend this product for anyone who likes to try something a bit fun and different and who is into their sweet, strawberry scents!

bilou Fizzy Berry 2-in-1 Body Spray // £3.99 for 150ml

Body spray is something I am personally a huge fan of. I went through a phase of thinking it was only for young teenage girls who doused themselves in it after PE but over the past few years it’s actually become a staple in my handbag. I buy body sprays for every day wear as I have my favourite perfumes but my god they are too expensive to wear daily. I also tend to go for quite strong, floral or fruity scents in my fragrances which are just way too strong for day time wear. Along with cinnamon and creamy scents, berry is at top of my list for favourite smells. It has a zesty undertone, too. I can’t say it lasts for the longest time but that’s one of the things I like about body sprays is that they’re so easy to top up without over-using them and you can switch them up throughout the day if you fancy a change.

bilou Cotton Candy Gentle Cream Foam // £3.99 for 150ml

I found the concept of this really damn cool. The texture of it is really similar to the shower foam and it definitely seems like it should be something that you wash off. When using it for the first time I was really unsure as to how it was supposed to soak in but as you use your hands to work it in, it just disappears! It leaves behind such smooth, hydrated skin aswell as a lovely scent. The Cotton Candy range is described as holding a sweet and caramel scent and I must say that’s a perfect description of it! I’m really surprised at how much I enjoy this, it’s just something different and quite fascinating. Definitely a product I think children would enjoy and despite being marketed at women, Jake got a lot of pleasure out of trying this out for himself, too!

Have you tried any bilou products yet? They also have coconut and melon scents and I’ll for sure be looking to buy them as gifts this Christmas!

’Til Next Time,

18 responses to “An Unbreakable Bond With bilou!”

  1. ashton says:

    This sounds that an absolute blast. I adore the names of these products. My cousin is heading to England as i will be ordering some for her to bring me back

  2. I’ve seem this brand around in Superdrug! Their products don’t seem too badly priced either. I may have to try some of their products out!

    Ashleigh |

  3. ladynotebook says:

    I’ve never seen this brand before, but I’m so excited to try it now! Especially dount shower foam, it sounds amazing!! Enjoyed this post because I’m always looking for nice products

  4. jamnesreen says:

    This sounds like a perfect christmas gift! I would love to know more of the other scents!

  5. I keep seeing these all over social media. I really really love the packaging that they use. It’s so striking and eye catching. Your photographs are absolutely gorgeous. I definitely need to try the products to see if the product is as good as the packaging!
    Thanks for sharing xx

  6. I have been seeing these everywhere! I am going to have to try them out for myself and at such great prices it would be good to stock up. The Hand cream foam sounds like such a unique and fun idea (I’ve never seen a foaming hand product) so this is definitely on the list. What a great company to send the products and not expect a positive review or give any pressure. Thanks for the recommendations.
    Kate x

  7. Sandra says:

    Love this post and the foam products have caught my eye. Also like the body spray idea as I’m always looking for new ones to try.


  8. I was sent some products from Bilou and absolutely loved their range! I didn’t know that one of the foams was a lotion until I read another review on them! I was using it in the shower like the other foam! 😂
    But great review, I love the body spray too!

  9. Bexa says:

    I absolutely adore the packaging on these! It’s so cute, fun and the font is just dreamy. I’ve tried shower foam before but a tasty donut version is taking it to the next level, right?! I love the sound of a strawberry scented foam which is also softening and cleansing too. He he, your comment about body sprays made me smile and reminded me of that essential bottle of Impulse spray every school girl had in their bag! Fizzy berry sounds super refreshing! Awesome review Alice and stunning photography <3 xx

    Bexa |

  10. jade says:

    I was going to pick up some of their products the other day in Superdrug, but all the ones I saw had coconut in them which I’m allergic to 😭 they didn’t have a huge range in (looked like they’d sold out of a lot of products) so I might have to go in again next week and see if I can find something without it in 🤞🏼 xx

    Jade |

  11. The packaging is so cute! I really like the sound of the cotton candy gentle cream foam and the price is so reasonable, going to keep my eye out for these when I’m next in shops!

  12. Whenever i see this brand review i always say the same thing in all the comments that i once saw zoella review this and have been wanting it ever since! but my skin is sensitive so im always cautious when it comes to body foams but i didnt know they had a spray!

  13. Mmmmm these products sound like such fun! Especially the donut shower foam! And i love that they are vegan and cruelty free!

  14. Oh my! The scents and descriptions of these make them sound so nice! I have never heard of this company before but I will definitely keep my eye out for them now!

  15. Emma says:

    Fab post! I’ve revently worked with bilou and love their cotton candy foam – it’s amazing 🙂

    Emma |

  16. What a lovely review! I am definitely a fan of bilou, I love everything about it from the scents to the packaging. I recently tried their watermelon shower foam and I was in love! Never tried shower foam before but loved it. Great review Alice and thank youu for sharing.

    Gemma |

  17. Ruth says:

    I’ve seen a few different reviews of these, and think I’ll have to treat myself to them (or put them on my Christmas list!) The concept seems right up my street and even the names of them make me convinced they will smell amazing. Great review and gorgeous pictures to go with it!!

  18. Alice says:

    I’m so glad it’s not just me that gets bothered when brands have lowercase letters haha, it’s so annoying in a title isn’t it?! I’ve seen these products so often in Superdrug and always thought the packaging was super cute but never actually ever picked anything up. This has definitely made me want to try some of their products now, especially the body spray. I’m like you in that I save my perfumes for special occasions and I’m well into my cheaper sprays for every day use. I definitely need the cotton candy scented foam as sweet smells are my absolute faves x

    Alice //

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