Virgin Mojito & Pinita Colada: The Body Shop’s Summer Ranges!

4th June 2017

Hey everyone!

Hope you have all been well! This is my first post in around 3 months now, I will more than likely be explaining why somewhere in a post forthcoming but I thought I’d introduce myself back into the blogging world with something a bit more light-hearted and fun and about some products I am absolutely LOVING right now. So without further ado here is my opinion on The Body Shop’s “Virgin Mojito” and “Pinita Colada” summer ranges!
Now this is kind of cheating as they brought out “Virgin Mojito” in Summer 2015 and “Pinita Colada” in Summer 2016. From working there over those summers I do know that the Mojito shower gel was so popular that it sold out before the range was due to leave the shelves of stores! Customers and colleagues from other stores all over the place would phone in often asking if we had any in stock or knew anywhere that did and people were generally going crazy about not being able to have it, so I imagine bringing it back for a second year will serve the company well sales-wise. Both ranges also contain extracts from the Caribbean which I thought was quite an intriguing and fun thing to know about the products and of course they’re cruelty-free.

Although I am SUPER happy the Virgin Mojito is back as I am a huge sucker for citrus-y smells, especially lime, I am a little disappointed that there isn’t a new cocktail concoction to obsess over this year. There are SO many different cocktails they could have brought to life brilliantly…

Something orangey but subtle and sweet like a Tequila Sunrise?
A woo woo, with the perfect amount of sweet peach and bitter cranberry scents intertwining?
Even something Limoncello inspired as their Sicilian Lemon range was a HIT years ago!
But hey, maybe we’ll see something new and extra-exciting next year.
So I popped instore (as I no longer work there) and had a little stock-up on the Virgin Mojito range and bought..
2 shower gels – £5 each
A sorbet, which for anyone who doesn’t know is a light body moisturiser – £8.50
and the CUTEST little gift set where you get a mini shower gel, body butter and scrub – £10 (products worth £14 individually)
I also had a 40% off code so ended up getting all of it for only £17.10!
The full size body scrub and body butters both retail at £15 each.
virgin mojito gift set
They have also done a bit of re-branding and re-packaging since Summer 2015 so the whole range looks a lot more up-market and premium than it did (and is more expensive – surprise).
virgin mojito sorbet

Despite the price, I have barely any criticisms about this range. It seems to be ever so slightly stronger scented on the lime side this time round which I personally think is a good thing, it’s perfect for early mornings and summer days when you need waking up and refreshing with something fruity and zesty. The sorbet would be great for people who like to keep their skin hydrated but aren’t keen on the clogged feel the body butters can sometimes give or I’d say to go for the body butter if your skin is more on the dry side and you want a longer lasting scent!

The scrub is also lovely for people with skin more on the sensitive side as it’s very soft and the consistency is gel-like, could even possibly be used everyday. And last but not least, the shower gel is soap-free so won’t dry your skin out, the scent is incredible and the most strong out of all the products and you can pop it in when you’re running a bath to get a foamy, fresh-smelling lather.

virgin mojito range

I only have the one Pinita Colada product as I wasn’t the biggest fan of the range last year but for anyone that likes more creamy smells or coconut and pineapple, THIS would be the range for you. I bought the scrub as it’s a bit more effective than the Mojito one but I’d still say it was only light to medium for exfoliation. (If you’re looking for something more rough I’d recommend the Mediterranean Sea Salt Scrub from the Spa of the World range!).

The exfoliant particles are shredded pieces of coconut aswell which I thought was a lovely touch alongside the Caribbean extracts. It leaves a very nice, smooth feel of the skin after use and a light scent on the skin too. I tried the shower gel last year, and it is a beautifully creamy and milky one so I’d also recommend trying that if you’re into quite rich products.

Also, while I have your attention I’d like to avert it over to The Body Shops website where they’re currently asking for signatures and campaigning against animal testing! If you’ve got a few minutes please head here to have a read or even just sign!
Well, I hope you enjoyed my re-introduction to blogging and hopefully my next post shall be a bit more informative as to why I’ve been gone a while! Are there any upcoming or summer ranges you’re excited about? What is your favourite out of Virgin Moijto and Pinita Colada?
‘Til Next time

15 responses to “Virgin Mojito & Pinita Colada: The Body Shop’s Summer Ranges!”

  1. luxblush says:

    I love both of these ranges, as they’re perfect for summer! Especially Pinita Colada! So glad that you’re back to blogging, I hope everything’s okay xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  2. Sophia Leigh says:

    I love this! The body shop has such great products; especially this range i agree with you i like citrus smells as well. When i get paid i think I’m in need of some shopping! Hehe have a great day
    Leigh |

  3. I absolutely adore the body shop pinita colada one! It smells heavenly, I’ve not tried the mojito one yet but I think I will now, it sounds lovely! X

    Jordanne ||

  4. Bomb Cosmetics Haul Part 1! says:

    […] @blacktulipbeauty so give me a follow over there so you don’t miss out!! If you enjoyed my Mojito review or like citrus-y smells then I have a feeling you’ll love this one! Here is a picture of the […]

  5. Alice says:

    I really want the peach ones they do! That gift set is mega cute x

  6. Emily louise says:

    Omg I love mojitos! These sound amazing ?

  7. Taylor Faith says:

    This is such a good post. I’ve never really given The Body Shop as much attention as it deserves. I always receive gift sets for birthdays and Christmas and really like them. I just never seem to purchase the products myself. I’m definitely going to pay a visit to the body shop next pay day xx

  8. This would just want to make me get drunk in the shower! And I seriously would do that too! x
    Lola Mia //

  9. Lily says:

    This sounds delicious! I love these types of scents, literally perfect for mornings x

  10. Bri says:

    This collection looks like it would smell AMAZING! The perfect summer scents. And I suddenly feel like I could go for a mojito lol. Great post!

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