Welcome to My Blog!

10th January 2017

Hey everyone!

Welcome to my blog!
So I’m brand new to this blogging world and Maths was always my strongest subject in school rather than English so please take it easy on me for a first time blogger 🙂
I thought I’d start this up as there are so many products out there, new and old, that I would love to share my opinions on and have discussions about with pretty much anyone and everyone who cares! That might also free my poor boyfriend who unfortunately for some reason, doesn’t get as excited about a new eyeshadow palette or face cream as I do (woops, sorry Jake <3).
So, here is my blog. I’ll be talking about everything beauty related, maybe the odd life post if I’m feeling particularly expressive or have thoughts that I want to share on who knows what. I can guarantee there’ll be some posts about my dog, she’s too cute not to include and i’m not even sorry. All of what I post on here will be honest opinions of what has/hasn’t worked for me and if there is anything you’d like me to post about or if you have any questions please feel free to message me!
ANYWAY, some basic information on me to kick things off…
My name is Alice, I’m currently 20 years old and live in Bristol in the UK. I’m a big lover of music, especially Emo/Rock bands and maybe the odd Fifth Harmony song to sing along to when I’m driving… On that note, I love to sing too. I went to BIMM Bristol University studying to be a professional singer for a while which unfortunately didn’t work out for me.
Nevertheless, singing is still a huge passion of mine. I currently work for The Body Shop and started getting properly into make-up and beauty just over a year ago now and now here I am! I’m really into gothic/punky things which you can probably tell from my blog name and logo (wonderfully designed by my talented friend and graphic designer Daniel Murphy). I have a collection of over 70 (fake) human skulls and am still collecting them. Oh and I’m definitely a DOG person, best little creatures in the world. <3
Hope you enjoyed my welcome to my blog post and I’m excited to soon upload my first proper post!
‘Til next time,

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  1. tutistales says:

    Welcome gorgeous !

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